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Ashgrove Home Improvements

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Helping to make your house a home!

Ashgrove Home Improvements established in 1992 has many years of experience, working with customers to deliver style, quality and value for your home. A one stop shop for bespoke, fitted furniture for your dream kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, offering both style and quality at affordable prices. We offer a completely free, no obligation plan and design service.

Ashgrove offer rigid built cabinets in bespoke sizes for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms meaning that our bespoke or unassembled fitted furniture can be customised to your taste and tailored to suit your lifestyle.

About Us

A family owned & run business!

Ashgrove Home Improvements is a genuine family run business. From our beginnings at Ashgrove Road in Kilwinning, we have expanded to much bigger premises, initially to a new showroom in Irvine and more recently to a showroom in the beachside town of Largs.

Ashgrove supply and install furniture that is designed and constructed to fit the dimensions of your living space as opposed to trying to fit standard flat packs.

Ashgrove have a variety of fully qualified tradesmen and we do not subcontract to fit kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms. We also have our own in house architectural services for those needing building warrants or planning permission for wall removals or extensions.

Creating your dream home!

Furniture is only one part of the process to create your dream living space. Equally divided attention is given to each of the components which make up each successful installation. From plastering right through to the decorating. Ashgrove ensure that your installation is as hassle free as possible for you. Over the years we have built up a positive reputation throughout Ayrshire and have received numerous thank you cards from satisfied customers which are displayed over in our Irvine showroom and also on the testimonial section of our website.

We also supply and fit less-abled wetrooms and shower rooms and have a variety of products that aim to help those with difficulties getting in to the bath or standing in the shower.

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