Alex Cournoyer 7 Rowell Street Boston, ma

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Alex Cournoyer

7 Rowell Street

Boston, MA

Summary of Qualifications:

Multi-talented, cross-functional professional with: expertise in administrative assistance and entrepreneurial business development with business-to-customer sales. Skills include customer prospection, relationship management, and strategic marketing and community relations. Proven to meet demands of any organization, highly motivated and consistently exceeding expectations with concise attention to detail and distinct ability to proactively multitask, prioritize and meet critical deadlines with enthusiasm. Expanding knowledge and abilities and exceptional communication and problem solving skills


Boston University, Boston, MA 2011

Bachelor of Arts – International Relations

Division I Student Athlete 2007 – 2011/National Collegiate Wrestling Association Champion 2007

Professional Experience:

Nurse Consultants LLC, North Granby, CT 1998 – 2011

Administrative Assistant

  • Effectively compiled and organized informational packets on pediatric first aid for daycare employees

  • Managed electronic correspondence, creating and collating files for expedited reference

  • Continuously updated individual child health care plans (Alert Lists) and created educational literature forms

  • Performed numerous detailed phone calls regarding class schedule additions and changes; scheduled classes accordingly

  • Ordered office supplies, cleaned and maintaining office space and Manikins Mailings

Additional Experience:

Premium Detailing, North Granby, CT 2004 – Present

Sole Proprietor

  • Create, brand and market specialized automotive detailing

  • Responsible for the scheduling and detailed completion of numerous auto projects

Granby Autowash, Granby, CT Summer 2010

Cleaning Associate

  • Assisted in the cleaning of clients’ vehicles and with routine maintenance of facility

Enfield Twin Rinks Summer 2009

Maintenance Personnel

  • Responsible for refurbishing the ice rinks and repairing Zambonis

Harvard Wrestling

Volunteer Assistant Wrestling Coach
Architecture + Woodworking

2 years High school experience

American Heart Association

Certified – CPR/AED

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