A brotherhood aimed toward education

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July 2009

Piasa-Gateway Chapter, A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois, Inc.


Working hard to preserve and protect your freedoms as a rider

whether on of off road

If you have a story or comments regarding something within the motorcycling arena, whether on or off road, please submit it to Owls4m3@yahoo.com by Sunday, July 19th for inclusion in your next chapter newsletter.

Have a Safe & Happy July 4th!

Contacting your officers

President - Dennis Kinnikin (618) 917-6243

Vice President - Tom Hooper (618) 401-1448

Secretary - Dawn Kinnikin (618) 406-4894

Products - Phrog Frasier (618) 225-9459

Treasurer - Kat Skelton (618) 885-5769

Safety and Ed - Bill Vester- (618) 971-8793
Public Relations – Carleen Grant (618) 520-1756

Membership - Linda Pickerill- (618) 377-7644

Activities – Open

Newsletter - Barb Williams- (618) 409-3152

Legislative - Open

SW Reg. Reps - Kathleen Skelton (618) 885-5769

Upcoming Events

Rodeo – Saturday, July 11th (See Flyer)

Bike Wash – Saturday, July 25th (See Flyer)

Anniversary Run – Sunday, August 9th (See Flyer)

Bike Show @ Ted’s M/C World, (See Flyer)
2009 Chapter Meetings

No July Mtg (Rodeo)

August 8th, 2009

September 12th, 2009

October 10, 2009


President - "Skinny" Kinnikin  

Vice President - Tom Hooper

Secretary - Dawn Kinnikin

Treasurer – Kat Skelton

Membership - Linda Pickerill

Activities – OPEN

Legislative - OPEN

Products - Phrog Frasier

Public Relations – Carleen Grant

State Board REPS. X 2 Ed, 1 OPEN

State Board ALTS. X 2, both OPEN

Regional Coordinator - Kat Skelton

Newsletter - Barb Williams

Safety & Education – Bill Vester


For more information about chapter events you can

Check out the chapter’s myspace page @


We need you here

Meetings held

@ Cottage Hills VFW

7 PM

Hope to see you there!

Bring your friends!

If your membership is expired, or about to expire, please use the application below and renew your membership!

Don’t leave it up to the next guy, cause he may be leaving it up to you! Do you want to risk your rights like that??

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Website: www.abate-il Chapter Website: www.abate-il.org/piasa

* MUST BE 18 TO JOIN * 311 E. Main St., Galesburg, IL 61401, Phone: 309-343-6588 or 800-87-ABATE, Fax: 309-343-6387


Here we go... Summer is here and it is still raining; but hey, my bike needs a bath anyway, so let's get out there and ride.

The chapter still needs an Activities Coordinator and a Legislative Coordinator. At the last officer's meeting, much time was spent lining out the Rodeo, Bike Wash, and our Poker Run. We will need workers for ALL of these events. I would like to see some NEW FACES out there helping out. We have over 400 members and the same few are working hard at supporting the chapter – and after a while they get tired and need a break. The Rodeo is the next event on July 11th, so come on out and lend a helping hand. We have the Bike Wash with a Hot Guy and Hot Gal Contest afterward. Spider needs his annual bath, so come prepared to have fun and get a little wet.
Our Poker Run is August 2nd and it starts at the Runway Lounge in Bethalto. There is a mistake on the flyer; it reads that sign-up is from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM. The Runway CAN'T OPEN UNTIL NOON! So, that means sign-up will be from 12:00 until 2:00 PM. A new flyer will be going out with the changed times.
It looks like a good summer of riding when the weather finally dries out. Now remember, the JULY regular monthly meeting will be cancelled because that is the day of our Chapter Rodeo. Come out and have a good time and bring a friend or two. I hope to see you there. If you have not been able to make a meeting all year, put this one on your calendar and plan to be there. Sign-up is from 4:00 PM until 5 PM and then the Rodeo starts. Make it a family event, bring your kids - we'll have fun activities and events for them, too. Come on out and have a good time.
Aloha, Skinny


To date our chapter has risen to the occasion and sold 223 Marble Run books. At this time I have 4 books left in my possession. If you know someone who would like one, feel free to call (885-5769) and I will make arrangements to get one to you. It is not to late to start, we have until October to complete the book… and even if you don’t, it is your ticket to the Marble Run Party. Great food, music and prizes - what more could you ask for.

Stop in Florence: one way in, one way out. Bridge is out so make sure to check your maps. Hawg Mama’s in Willisville is now closed on Mondays.
Is there a way to improve the Marble Run? Are there things you don’t care for? Things you really like? Please tell us; we are open to suggestions for the 2010 season. Please send responses to Kathleen @ bobkat63@frontiernet.net
Coming in a few short months:

Swap Meet - September 27, 2009 - we will need workers to fill our time slot of 10-12. Please plan to attend and give a hand. We sell bike raffle tickets, pass out flyers for upcoming events, push membership applications, and have a great time seeing all our friends as they stop by to chat. See ya there!

Next Southwest Region meeting will be held on August 6th. If you would like to attend, feel free to join us @ Hanks Bowl in Trenton, IL at 6:00 p.m.
Ride Safe, Kat-Zilla


I’m still taking orders for shirts & hoodies. All the other orders that people put in last month are in and ready for pick up. Please call my cell (225-9459) or e-mail me (lvmyusa@yahoo.com) for a pick up time & place.

Keep the rubber side down

& the chrome side up !!

Psycho Phrog


Old Business: There was not a lot of this to discuss, except for the Brothers of Grundy Chapter's charter being pulled for lack of compliance to sanctions against them. They finally came before the board to explain their situation and asked for one more chance. The board decided they had already had their last chance when they were sanctioned and continued to blow us off for the last two years. If they want to become a chapter again they must go through the whole process of a new chapter; and for the time being they must turn over all assets to the state for 6 months, to be held until they comply.
New Business: Annual review of chapter exemptions. What this is: there are two chapters who do not file 990 tax forms with the state. They file their own to the feds. This was accepted by the board.
The next was to move the Legal Service Review from February to April. The main reason for this is that there is a lot of legislative action going on in February and bills being introduced, so we need the time to check everything out. This was also passed.
The next thing discussed was the state downed riders card you get when you renew your membership. There are a lot of names on it from people who have maybe moved or had phone numbers changed. So we are asking that if you want to be on it or no longer want to be on it… then you need to let us know so we can make the necessary changes. This is important because if you happen to break down somewhere, it would be nice to be able to call someone to help you.
Martha Kelly And Denny 'Spam' Turner are new trustees on the ABATE PAC FUND. The ABATE scholarship deadline is October 1. The guidelines should be in next month’s state newsletter. Winner will be announced at the October board meeting.

Legislative: We are getting plaques for those motorcycle friendly Senators who helped us vote down SB 1351. We want to show them our appreciation for believing in our FREEDOMS. There is a new bill (HB0007) that is a Campaign Reform Act. Not sure where this is going, but if it does pass then we can have no candidate advocacy on our Website or newsletters.

We all know about the motorcycle safety checks that the State Police are doing. As much as I hate to say it, it is LEGAL. They receive money from Grants for safety checks: motorcycles, cars and tractor-trailers. It just seems like we are the ones being singled out. So my advice is always carry your drivers license, insurance card, and watch your alcohol consumption. We must police ourselves so they can't.

Safety & Ed: So far this year there have been 222 presentations with 5708 students taught.
The only other important thing was the nominations for the State Board Officers for next year. Here is a list for the first round. The second round will be at the August meeting. NP stands for not present, so no answer.

Coordinator: Jim 'Legs' Korte - declined, Ed Dominee - NP, Jeff Marsh - NP

Asst. Coordinator: Jeff Marsh – NP,

Treasurer: Julie Bacon - accepted

Secretary: Paulette Korte - declined, Laura Mayer - declined, Martika Lancaster - NP
Safety & Ed: Laura Mayer - accepted

Products: Teri Vanhuss - accepted

Legislative: Bob 'Korg' Ward - accepted

Newsletter: RJ Scroggins - NP

Public Relations: Carleen Grant – NP

Activities: Carl & Crystal Shamart - declined, Bob Dodson - accepted

SW Region Coordinator: FU Bob Myers -accepted
Bike Raffle Coordinator: Gus Miller - declined ( NP ), Roger Larson - declined
As you can see we are need of people to step up and fill some of these positions. If you are interested, please let me know. This is it for now. Have a safe riding summer.
Fighting to Keep it Free for All of US

Since June last year in 2008 to 2009 I have given the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Class at Alton High.

Summer School: June 23, 2008 - 94 kids

Regular School: September 19, 2008 - 136 kids

Regular School: November 14, 2008 - 134 kids
ABATE Chapter Meeting: December 13, 2008 - 31 members and kids
Regular School: Feb 13, 2009 - 110 kids

Regular School: April 17, 2009 - 85 kids

Summer School: June 22, 2009 - 46 kids
Next Schedules Class

Regular School: October 2, 2009 – 7:00 a.m. start

What you are about to read came from Tony Shepard ABATE for MO. He would be what I call a top dog. Spends a lot of time in the MO house and pushes for Bikers Rights always. He explains the law in MO better than I can and even in a way that even us dummies can understand. THANK YOU TONY. With that said, here it is:
It has passed out of the House and Senate. The bill is now on the Governors desk for consideration. He can sign it, veto it or let it sit. Veto means dead. Signing and it will take affect August 28. Letting it sit and after 45 days it will also pass as a "Pocket Bill" and again take affect August 28.
Motorcycle operators and passengers over 21 will have the choice of helmet usage anywhere except the "Interstate" system. It will be mandatory to wear protective headgear on the Interstate with a fine of $25 if not in compliance. The insurance portion denies the insurance companies of reducing your claim due to your use of a motorcycle.
This Bill -SB202- has a Sunset Clause attached. This means in 5 years this law will expire and Missouri will again become a mandatory everywhere protective headgear/helmet state.
To remove the Sunset Clause, another Bill needs to be introduced and again pass the House, Senate and the Governor. All the work has to be done all over again. All the opponents have to do is "Filibuster" as they have done in the past 27 years and it dies.
85 to 90% of the accident/crashes and fatalities happen on highways and streets. 10 to 15% on the Interstate system. So this means we have a choice on helmet usage where most fatalities occur and mandatory use where it is deemed the safest-if there is such a place.
About 107 fatalities occurred last year. If the number of fatalities increases, do you think the safety people will be able to firmly say that helmets save lives and we will be forever stuck with a helmet law? Increases where helmet usage is optional and stays the same where usage is required will be their proof that "Helmets Save Lives" and that’s all they need to lock us out.
It is a start. You will be able to have a choice for 5 years. Then if not successful in removing the Sunset Clause, it all goes away. Missouri will be a mandatory helmet state.
Thanks, Tony

Downed Riders Fund

Piasa-Gateway A.B.A.T.E. has a separate fund, known as the Downed Riders Fund (DRF) that is set-aside for its members in the event they are injured while riding their motorcycle or ATV.

To qualify for this benefit, one must be a member in good standing, on the current roster, at the time of the accident… and have received medical attention for his/her injuries. The accident must not have occurred during a competitive event. To apply for this benefit, one must make a request to a member of the committee, who will then provide you with a “Request for Benefits” form.


“Writings from the Road”

There’s Postcards from the Edge and Tales from the Crypt…and now you have this. If you’ve never been to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, you should definitely add it to your list of places to see. We recently had the pleasure of enjoying a road trip (on two wheels, of course) to that destination with our ‘ole buddy and fellow Piasa-Gateway member David “Roscoe” Geggus and former members John & Linda Tayon. Eureka Springs is truly a biker friendly town with a lot of character and beautiful scenery. And if a good burger is what you’re craving – be sure to stop in at the Rowdy Beaver. They offer up a great burger that’s full of flavor.
If you need a place to rest from the road, a stay at the Alpen Dorf Motel is just what the doctor ordered. Jimmie, the Owner and Manager is quite a unique guy who rides a sharp red and white 1965 Harley Davidson Panhead. The rooms are nice, reasonably priced and include a microwave and small ‘frig. There’s also a pool for cooling off after a hot day in the sun, and (compliments of Jimmie) even wood on hand for nightly bonfires.
We couldn’t have asked for a more hospitable motel manager than at the Alpen Dorf. Since we traveled by motorcycle, we were cooler-less, so Jimmie loaned us a couple of his spare coolers for the weekend. We were even able to purchase warm brew from him (by the case) and ice it down right there. And on the morning we headed for home, our windshields had all been cleaned and ready for the road. What a great guy – and a nice place to rest your tired bones after a long day in the wind. To check out their website, go to www.alpendorf.com.
Until we meet again, Barbi


Well, I do not have much to write about this month except that we lost 18 members this month because they decided not to rejoin us. So again I am requesting your help in stopping this and help build our ranks up. Get out there and sign up new members every chance you get - and remember to remind the older members to rejoin, that it is all about motorcycle rights, and that it is an ongoing process everyday.

Again I am reminding members to get their membership renewals in a timely manner. Even if have been a member for years, if you fail to renew in time, you and your family miss out on any ABATE benefits (such as your name patch and $100, memorial paid to your family in event of your death, any money from our down riders fund should you get hurt on your motorcycle while out riding).
Memberships scheduled to expire in July: Jim Castelli, James Goltz, Joan Green, Jack (John) Guelzow, Jody Jakel, Michael Johnson, John Krug, Jill Ross, Jason Savage, Michael Sunderland, Mark Thomas, Donald & Tina Wallace, and Alan Werner
Memberships scheduled to expire in August: Fred Burch, Steve Burcham, Melissa Daniels, Gina Denson, Devan Grant, Rick & Cynthia Healey, Michael Kivett, Ronald Klein, Peggy Lee McCord, Kenny & Robin Rakers, Dennis & Denise Ryan, Deanna Stuart, Ricki VonHatten, Sandra Wagner, and Larry Waugh.


94 West, 1400 South State Route 94, West Alton, MO: 636-899-1616 Don and Tina Wallace

American Customs & Restorations, 2219 Vandalia, Collinsville: 618-344-0686 Johnny Foster

Bawana’s (Bar), 20861 State Hwy 100 North, Nutwood: 618-376-6666 Steve Wilson

Buffalo Brewing Company, 12731 Rolling Hills Road: 618-791-7106 Jeannie and Harold Schellenger

C & V Package Liquor, 301 W. Carpenter St., Jerseyville: 618-498-4819 Charlie & Laura Rodgers

Carleen’s Clearwater Salon, 109 B Bethalto Dr., Bethalto: 618-377-2926 Carleen Grant

Cases Custom Cycle, 4274 Hwy 162, Pontoon Beach: 618-797-5477 Mike Case & Ida Rios

Cellar Room (Bar), 2704 E. Broadway, Alton: 618-465-9874 Charlie & Nicky Wylie

Club 111 (Bar) 366 State Highway 111, Pontoon Beach: 618-931-0111 Jim Hendricks

D and T Wedge, 901 West Delmar, Alton: 618-467-0432 Don and Tina Wallace

Danny’s Lounge (Bar), 118 W 4th, Alton: 618-462-6787 Don & Tina Wallace

Dawg House (Bar), 102 S. Main, New Douglas: 217-456-7072 Ron & Gay Whiteside

Doit’s Village Inn (Bar), 4015 Pontoon Rd. Pontoon Beach: 618-931-4497 Doit Perrigan

Domino’s Dezines, 113 A Bethalto Dr., Bethalto: 618-377-9440 Rob & Sarah Simmons

Double M Cycles, Dorsey, IL 618-978-3601 Kevin and Tina Miller

Eagles Lodge FOE No. 2772, 74 E Ferguson, Wood River: 618-254-3231 Lynette Goben (Bar Manager)

Hirsch’s Tavern (Ethel’s), 620 Broadway, Highland: 618-654-9077

Imel Pest Control, Bethalto: 618-377-2242 Steve Imel

Piasa-Gateway Business List (continued)

Inn Between Tavern, 5200 Maryville, Granite City: 618-931-3960 Gerri and Larry Lowe

Judy Inn (Bar), 3730 S. State Rt. 157, Glen Carbon: 618-288-9182 Doit Perrigan

Kates Kloset, Call for Info, Edwardsville: 618-656-0913 Kathy Best & Kevin Cook

Keeney’s Tax Service, 15395 Jeffery Ln., Brighton: 618-372-3831 Rhonda Keeney-Meisenheimer

Kopp’s Heating & Air Conditioning, 834 Union, Alton: 618-462-4293 Jim & Mary Kopp

Kopp’s Korner (Bar), 838 7th St, Alton: 618-465-9833 Jim & Mary Kopp

Kopp’s Korner Too (Bar), 1369 Edwardsville Rd, Granite City: 618-798-9152 Jim & Mary Kopp

L J Ducks (Bar), 416 Beltline Rd, Collinsville: 618-345-6320 Gary & Kayla Webb

Liberty Cab, 511 Ridge St., Alton: 618-462-6437 Bret ‘Frog’ Mills

Mandrake/Mary D.J. Service: 618-466-5997 or 618-593-6583 Jim ‘Mandrake’ Broyles

McGinley Kawasaki, Highland: 618-654-2277 Tim Ginley

Meadowbrook Palace Bar, Route 140, Meadowbrook: 618-377-8670 Ronda Cato

Mike’s Place (Bar), 111 West Locust, Fieldon: 618-376-3374 Mike Miller

Patriots Bar State Hwy 109 Jerseyville: 618-639-6362 Bryant Vancil

Philli’s Rail Shake Inn, 504 Walnut St., Highland: 618-654-5123 James Miller

Phyl’s Chet & Rose's (Bar), 204 N. Duncan St., Marine: 618-887-4067 Phyl Littleken

Pooter’s Truck Service, Bethalto: 618-377-06817 Jim and Suzanne Koen

Pub Room (Bar), 230 East Broadway, Alton: 618-463-1368 Jay and Sherry Sansome

RJ’s Place, Hartford: 618-254-4639 Rhonda Robins

Runway Lounge and Packaged Liquor, Route 140, Bethalto: 618-377-6187 Tom Williams

Sammie (Bar), 111 Carpenter, Jerseyville: 618-498-7104 Pat Sweeney

Sammie’s Prairie Inn (Bar), 8471 Renkin Rd., Dorsey: 618-888-2400 Sheila Hayes

Sandy’s Hair Design, by Appointment, Brighton: 618-372-8477 Sandy Williams

Schwarz Appliances, 198 North Main, Breese: 618-526-7823 Brian Schwarz

Scotty’s Bar and Grill, Route 157 Hamel: 618-633-2228 Jim and Pat Allen

Sew What Designs (sewing) South County MO: 314-660-7033 Judy Godar

Sunset Inn (Bar), 8819 State Rt. 162, Troy: 618-667-6600 Linda Haberer

Tag it Illinois LLC, Leather Work, Etching, (Call for more info): 618-466-5997 Jim ‘Mandrake’ Broyles

Ted’s M/C World, 4103 Humbert Rd., Alton: 618-462-3030 Bill Stewart

Terry’s General Skid Loader and Concrete Work: 618-409-1614 Terry Clendenny

Thaxton’s Midway Saloon, 16858 US Hwy. 67, Jerseyville: 618-885-2300 Dan & Janice Thaxton

The Cabin, Route 67, Alton: 618-567-3467 Mike and Sarah Millsap

The Loading Dock (Bar), 401 E. Front St, Grafton: 618-786-3494 Betsy Puent

Watsons Wheels of Madness, Alton: 618-463-1483 Mike Halworth
Please contact me at 618-377-7644 if I missed placing your business in this newsletter list or you’re no longer in business. The next printing of this list will be Fall 2009. Thank You, Linda

Piasa-Gateway Business List Information Form
___ Please add my business to your Fall newsletter.
Name of Owner Phone Number of Owner

Name of Business

Address of Business

Phone Number Business

Type of Business

Hours of operation

Mail to: Piasa-Gateway Chapter, A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois, P.O. Box 363, East Alton, IL, 62024


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