!! Welcome to 5 th Grade !!

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!! WELCOME to 5th Grade !!

Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach Community School

201 182nd Drive

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl 33160

(305) 933-6161
Dear Parents/Guardians,
As the school year begins, I would like to introduce myself and welcome you and your child to my class. My name is Ms. Francisquini, and a good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort among parents, child, and teacher. I look forward to the work and growth we will all accomplish this year. My expectations for conduct and academic standards are high. With your participation both in and out of the classroom, we can look forward to a productive, creative, and enjoyable year together.
Again, welcome! Please feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns you may have. I can always be reached via the email at nfrancisquini@dadeschools.net. My classroom door is always open, and messages can be left for me through e-mail or a note, to which I will respond as soon as possible.
Ms. Norma Francisquini

Please turn to the back of this page to read my supply list for our classroom.

Thank you
What should my child bring to school?

The items below are materials that each student needs to bring with him/her to school. Students will need these to complete class work and learn new and important information in the learning environment. Please make sure and check your child’s materials and restock them when needed. It may not be possible, in all cases, to send these items with your child the next day; however, these items will be required in the classroom.



Composition Books


Number 2 Pencils

12 to 24



Pencil Sharpener with Cover


Glue/Glue Stick


Jump Drive (USB Flash Drive)


Rounded Scissor


Colored Pencils

1 box

PRE-CUT Tennis Balls


White Copy Paper

1 ream

Dry erase board cleaner


2-Inch Binder


8 Binder Dividers

1 pack

Clorox / Lysol Wipes

1 bottle

Also, recommended, but not required, are a small dictionary and thesaurus.

There is a possibility that the students special area teachers might ask for additional materials. Please be advised that these materials are the supplies that I request for my classroom. I appreciate your help and support. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Ms. Norma Francisquini

Behavior Plan
When students enter fifth grade, they are expected to meet the requirements set for them. This includes following all class, school, and safety rules. Specifically, all students should be RESPONSIBLE for their own actions. Students will be rewarded for their achievements and personal successes. Consequently, they will also be punished for their negative behaviors. The following is the behavior plan for Ms. Francisquini’s class.

When a student works well with others, displays improvement, and/or succeeds outside of the class, they will be rewarded. Rewards are given when earned and they are given often. Rewards may include, but are not limited to:

  • Praise! Praise! Praise!

  • Admiration from your classmates

  • Feeling good about yourself

  • No Homework Coupon

  • Phone calls/notes/ emails home

  • Other rewards that Ms. Francisquini feels are appropriate


Unfortunately, occasions occur when students break the class, school and/or safety rules. Specific consequences need to be developed. The following explains what occurs in Ms. Francisquini’s Behavior Plan.

When a student breaks a rule for the first time that day, they will receive a verbal warning. When a student breaks a rule for the second time in one day, they will receive an entry in the BLUE BOOK. The BLUE BOOK is a notebook that has a page designated for each student. When they earn an entry in the book, their infraction will be specifically noted under their name, along with the date.
When a student breaks a rule for the third time in one day, they will receive another entry in the BLUE BOOK and a note/email/phone call home.
Hopefully, a rule will not be broken four or more times in one day. If this occurs, action will be distributed on a case by case basis.
What does this mean???
At the end of every grading period, Ms. Francisquini counts how many entries each student has for that nine week period. The following shows how this is translated into a letter grade for Conduct.
0-3 entries- A in conduct
4-6 entries- B in conduct
7-9 entries- C in conduct
10-12 entries- D in conduct
13+ entries- F in conduct
** An immediate note home explaining the lowered conduct grade will be given.
There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Everyone will start fresh at the beginning of each marking period.

Sample Blue Book Entries
Audrey’s Page

  • 8/19/2013

Audrey was warned early in the class about his calling out and getting out of her seat during the lab. She continued getting out of his seat and caused her group to spill the liquid on the floor.

  • 8/30/2013

Audrey was warned about getting up in the cafeteria. She continued getting up and was reprimanded several times by the cafeteria monitors. She was then forced to eat lunch in the office.
Severe Infractions will be dealt with on an individual basis.

An immediate entry in the BLUE BOOK may be necessary!

** Please check below and return to Ms. Francisquini.

____ I have read and discussed the behavior plan with my child.

Name of Student (print) Name of Parent/Guardian (print)

Signature of Student Signature of Parent/Guardian



Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach Community K-8 Center

201 182nd Drive

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl 33160

(305) 933-6161
When are home learning assignments given?

Homework will be given when Miss Francisquini feels that an assignment needs to be finished at home and/or an assignment at home will support what we have learned in class. Home learning assignments may be given every night and even on the weekends.

Homework will be posted on the website; however, changes may be made during class, so it is important that you write down the homework from the board. Use the website for backup or for when you are absent. The homework that will be checked will be the homework given in class.
Projects may be given. Please follow the guidelines provided and treat these assignments as regular classroom assignments.

Why is homework important?

Homework contributes to building responsibility, self-discipline and lifelong learning habits. It is the purpose in my class to assign relevant, challenging, and meaningful home learning assignments that strengthen classroom learning objectives. Homework should provide students with the ability to apply information they have learned, complete unfinished class assignments, and develop independence. Homework grades are modified based on students’ individual needs.


Homework assignments include:

  • Practice exercises to follow learning instruction

  • Preview assignments to plan for following lessons

  • Expansion on assignments to shift new skills or concepts to new situations

  • Inventive activities to combine many skills toward the answer of a response or product

What if I am absent for the homework?

Students who miss homework because of an excused absence will receive the opportunity to make up missed work. Students are given one calendar day for each day absent plus one extra day to turn in their work. It’s the students’ responsibility to get work missed due to illness or absence.

What happens if I don’t do my homework?

You will be expected to complete the homework when it is given. If you don’t, there will be a penalty. Every month, Ms. Francisquini will count the number of homework’s you missed and/or turned in incomplete. Written below is what happens when there are missing home learning assignments:

  • Missing 0-3 nights of homework= Praise from Ms. Francisquini and the class.

  • Missing 4 or more nights of homework= Effort and conduct grades will be affected.

I know that situations happen and you may not be able to complete an assignment. If this happens, you must have a parent note turned in the day that the assignment is due. It will not be taken after!!! Circumstances do happen, but it should not happen frequently. Please remember that it is your responsibility to complete the homework and not your parents’. Plan accordingly!!
____________________________ ____________________________

Student’s Name (print) Parent/Guardian Signature

____________________________ ____________________________

Student’s Signature Date

Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach Community K-8 Center

201 182nd Drive

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl 33160

(305) 933-6161
Student Media Release

Parent/Guardian Permission Form

Dear Parents/Guardians,

During the school year, we will post articles and/or photos of your child for release in the local newspaper (the Miami Herald), on our school website, or our classroom website.
Please be assured that we use this information for school related/educational purposes only. Any postings on our website will never include the child’s full name unless otherwise agreed upon by you.
If you wish further information, you are welcome to email me at: nfrancisquini@dadeschools.net
Thank you for your continuous support.


Ms. Norma Francisquini

_____ Yes, I give permission for my child, _________ ________________,

to be included in the media either in text and/or in photo.

_____ No, I do not give permission for my child, _________________________,

to be included in the media either in text and/or in photo.

____________________ ______ ___ _______________________

Parent/Guardian Name (please print) Parent/Guardian Signature

Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach Community K-8 Center

201 182nd Drive

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl 33160

(305) 933-6161
Comunicado de Prensa Estudiantil Padre/Tutor Forma de Permiso
Queridos padres/tutores

Durante el año escolar, publicaremos artículos y/o fotos de su hijo para la liberación en el periódico local (The Miami Herald), en nuestra página web de la escuela, o nuestra aula sitio web.

Puede estar seguro de que se utilice esta información para relacionados con la escuela/propósitos educativos solamente. Los comentarios sobre nuestro sitio web nunca incluirán el nombre completo del niño a menos que se acuerde otra cosa.

Si desea obtener más información, le invitamos a enviarme un correo electrónico a: nfrancisquini@dadeschools.net

Gracias por su apoyo constante.


Señorita Norma Francisquini

_____ , doy mi consentimiento para que mi hijo _________________, para ser incluidos en los medios de difusión, ya sea en texto y/o en la foto.
_____ No, no se la doy permiso para que mi hijo _________________, para ser incluidos en los medios de difusión, ya sea en texto y/o en la foto.
____________________ ______ ___ _______________________

Padre/Tutor Nombre (en letra de imprenta) Padre/Tutor Firma

Студенческие средства массовой информации освободить

родителей/опекунов разрешения форма

Уважаемый родителей/опекунов,

В течение учебного года, мы будет публиковать статьи и/или фото вашего ребенка для выпуска в местной газете ( "Майами геральд), по нашей школе веб-сайт, или нашей аудитории веб-сайта.

Вы можете быть уверены, что мы будем использовать эту информацию для школьных и учебных целей. Любые публикации на нашем сайте никогда не будет включать в себя на ребенка полное имя если иное не согласовано между вами.

При необходимости получения дополнительной информации, вы можете отправить мне на: nfrancisquini@dadeschools.net

Благодарю вас за вашу постоянную поддержку.

нареч. Искренне,

Señorita Norma Francisquini

_____ Да, я даю разрешение для моего ребенка, ______________________________, Для включения в средствах массовой информации либо в текст и/или на фото.

_____ Нет, я не даю разрешение для моего ребенка, ______________________________, Для включения в средствах массовой информации либо в текст и/или на фото.
______________________________ ______________________________

Родителей/опекунов имя (пожалуйста, распечатайте) Pодителей/опекунов подпись

Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach Community K-8

201 182nd Drive

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl 33160

(305) 933-6161


Dear Fifth Grade Parents/Guardians,

This year the fifth grade team will be planning field trips. Field trips are considered a reward and the Norman S. Edelcup SIBK-8 Center 5th grade team has established the following criteria for participation of fifth grade students. In order to go on the field trips, students must meet all the criteria for each marking period.

  1. Have a “1” or “2” in effort (home learning is included for effort and conduct)

  2. Have a “B” or higher in conduct

  3. Have 5 or less unexcused absences

  4. Have 5 or less tardies

Please be reminded that attending field trips is a privilege that must be earned. The teachers must know that students they are escorting have demonstrated good decision making and are responsible individuals. The criterion stipulated above reflects that philosophy. To ensure that every parent is aware of our plans and criteria, please sign and return the section below.

The Fifth Grade Team


_____I have reviewed the criteria for 5th grade field trips.
Student Name: 
Parent Signature: 
Home Room Teacher: Ms. Francisquini
Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach Community K-8

201 182nd Drive

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl 33160

(305) 933-6161


Queridos quinto grado los padres/tutores,

Eeste año el quinto grado equipo estarán planeando viajes sobre el terreno. Viajes de campo se consideran una recompensa y el Norman S. Edelcup SIBK-8 Centro 5to grado equipo ha establecido los siguientes criterios para la participación de quinto grado estudiantes. Con el fin de ir sobre los viajes de campo, los estudiantes deben cumplir todos los criterios para cada período marcado

  1. Tienen un " 1" o " 2" en el esfuerzo

  2. Tienen una "B" o superior en conducta

  3. Tienen 5 o menos ausenciassin documentación/notas

  4. Tiene 5 o menos tardancias

Recuerde que asisten a viajes de campo es un privilegio que se debe ganar. Los profesores deben saber que los estudiantes están escoltando han demostrado una buena toma de decisiones y son individuos responsables. Los criterios establecidos anteriormente, refleja que la filosofía. Para asegurarse de que cada uno de los padres es consciente de nuestros planes y los criterios de selección, firmar y devolver la sección a continuación.


The Fifth Grade Team


 Yo he revisado los criterios de quinto grado de las excursions.
Nombre del estudiante: 
Firma de los padres: 
Salon de clase: Señorita Francisquini


Уважаемый пятого класса родителей/опекунов, в этом году в пятый класс группа будет планирование поездок. поездок, рассматриваются как вознаграждение и Норман S. Edelcup SIBK-8 Center 5-ой класс группа учредила следующие критерии для участия в пятом классе студентов. Для того, чтобы перейти на поездки, студенты должны соответствовать всем критериям для каждого маркировка период.

  1. Иметь " 1" или " 2" в

  2. "B" или выше в проведении

  3. Имеют 5 или менее неоправданное отсутствие

  4. Есть 5 или менее tardies

Следует напомнить о том, что участие в поездки является привилегией, которая должна быть получена. Учителя должны знать, что студентов они сопровождение продемонстрировали хорошее решение, ответственным лицам. Критерий оговорено выше свидетельствует о том, что философия. Для обеспечения того, чтобы каждый родитель знает о наших планов и критерии, пожалуйста, подпишите и вернуться в раздел ниже.

нареч. искренне

С пятого класса группы


_____ Я проанализировал критерии для 5-го класса поездок.
Имя студента: 
Родителей подписи: 
Домашняя страница | Комната преподаватель: Ms. Francisquini
Student Information Sheet
Child’s Name: Nickname (optional): ______
Mother’s Name: Contact Number:
Father’s Name: Contact Number:
Family Address: ______________________________________________ ________


To School My child gets to school by…

After School My child gets home by…

_____ bus: bus number ________

_____ car
_____ walking

_____ bus: bus number ________

_____ car; picked up by _______________
_____ walking
_____ attends the school’s after care
_____ Other

Explain: _______________________


In case of bad weather my child is to go home:
____ The same way as listed above.
____ A different way. (Please Specify) _ _______________________________
Names and phone numbers of closest relative or emergency contact:

  1. _________________________________________________ _______


  1. ___________________________ ____________________________


Medical Concerns, Special Needs, or Allergies


In a non-emergency situation, who and when should I call to talk about any concerns or questions you or I may have concerning your child?


Phone #

home, work, or cell?

Time of day

(morning, noon, night)

1st Choice

2nd Choice

Is email a convenient method of communication for you? Yes No

I use email frequently to send out webpage updates and to inform parents of school activities.

It is important that I have your correct email address. Please write it clearly!

_______________________________ ___, ________________ __________

Email address Name of person(s) checking that account


You can also help by providing me with any information that will aid me better in understanding your child. Some things I am interested in include the following:

  • Important experiences that may be affecting your child’s state of mind

(death in the family, a best friend moving away, loss of pet, etc.)

  • After-school activities and special interests

  • Conflicts among the family members

  • Television viewing habits

  • Feelings toward school

  • Special medical needs

  • Study habits at home

Although I am interested in anything that could be affecting your child, it is not necessary for you to reveal personal information. Please know that anything you do say will be kept in the strictest confidence. If you would like to share any information with me, please use the next page and fill it out.

Download 46,99 Kb.

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