Zimbabwe : fact sheet

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Embassy of India, Harare


Official Name

Republic of Zimbabwe-Capital City-Harare


12.97 million (2012 census, provisional)


As per M/o Economic Affairs record, GDP Per capita (PPP) US$520 (2011 est.), GDP-Real Growth Rate: 9.3% (2011); 4.4% (2012 est.)


US dollars and South African rand

Official Language

English. Other Languages: Shona, Ndebele

Date of Independence

18 April 1980

Form of Government

Parliamentary democracy

Head of State &


H.E. Mr. Robert Gabriel Mugabe, PM of Zimbabwe since its independence in 1980 & President since 1987 (received Nehru Award for 1989 during his State Visit to India in 1991)

Vice Presidents

(i) Hon’ble Mrs. J.T.R. Mujuru

(ii)Post lying vacant after the death of Mr. John Landa Nkomo on 17 January 2013

Prime Minister

H.E. Mr. Morgan R. Tsvangirai (appointed on 11.2.09)

Foreign Affairs Minister

Hon’ble Mr. Simbarashe S. Mumbengegwi

Main political parties

Zimbabwe African National Union (Patriotic Front) [ZANU(PF)] led by President Mugabe, has been ruling the country since 1980. In harmonized elections for the President, Senate, House of Assembly and local bodies held on 29.3.2008, ZANU-PF won 99 seats while the major faction of opposition Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T) won 100 seats; the small faction led by Prof. Arthur Mutambara (MDC-M) won 10 seats and one seat was won by an independent. (The MDC was formed in Sept 1999 and split in anti-Senate and pro-Senate factions in 2006 led by Morgan Tswangirai and Arthur Mutumbara, respectively). Now, smaller MDC is led by Prof. Welshman Ncube, Minister of Industry and Commerce.
After much delay and many rounds of negotiations facilitated by SADC-appointed and AU endorsed facilitator, a Global Political Agreement on power-sharing was signed on 15th September 2008, an all-inclusive ‘government of national unity’ was finally formed with the swearing in of Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister and his two Deputies on 11th February 2009.


Present annual inflation rate is estimated to be 3.5%

Mineral potential

Coal, chrome, asbestos, gold, diamonds, nickel, Copper, iron ore, vanadium, lithium, tin, platinum (2nd largest reserves in the world) and uranium.

India's exports to Zimbabwe

US$ 171.72 (2011-12) - small scale equipment, transport equipment and motor vehicles, organic and agro-chemicals, bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals.

Imports from Zimbabwe to India

US$ 6.89 (2011-12) - crude minerals, precious stones, dyeing, non-ferrous metals.

Major Import Partners

South Africa, United Kingdom, China and United States. (India at 7th position)

Major Export Destinations

South Africa, UAE, Mozambique, Zambia (India at 16th position)

Bilateral Relations

India shares cordial and friendly relations with Zimbabwe. From 1980-1996, the relationship was marked by high-level visits from both sides. During the last couple of years, the interaction has been revived with Ministerial-level visits, and by the visit of Hon. Ms. J.T.R. Mujuru to participate in the CII-EXIM Bank Conclave held in March 2012. Zimbabwe is generally supportive of India in UN and other International fora. India has also reciprocated the gesture and is engaged in capacity building and human resource development. In 2012-13, India is likely to extend around 225 ITEC/ICCR/IAFS-II scholarships to Zimbabwe. India has set up an India-Zimbabwe Technology Centre in HIT at a cost of US$5 million. Recently, India has set up 3 Hole-in-the-Wall children computer learning stations and is in the process of setting up a Food Testing Laboratory, a Rural Technology Park and an Incubation Centre in Zimbabwe under IAFS-II. Lately, India has also approved a Line of Credit worth US$28.6 million to Zimbabwe for Upgradation of the Deka Pumping Station and the River Water Intake System in Zimbabwe. India continues to participate in Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) and Zimbabwe International Film Festival(ZIFF). In May 2012, a Bhangra dance troupe participated in HIFA. A Gujarati dance troupe gave performances in Zimbabwe in November 2012.


Around 10,000 Person of Indian Origin. Approximately 500 NRI

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