Xc ski/Snowshoe/Sightseeing Old Faithful Winter Excursion

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XC Ski/Snowshoe/Sightseeing

Old Faithful Winter Excursion, Yellowstone NP

with Outdoor Recreation

19 - 21 Jan, 2013

Build some great memories on one of Outdoor Rec’s most unique trips.

Stops are frequent to offer you the chance to take pictures of the bison and elk that winter along the Madison River. You may also see coyotes or bobcats!

Snow Lodge

After arriving at Old Faithful, you’ll settle into your room in the Snow Lodge or the Western Cabin. Camping also available!

At West Yellowstone, you’ll

board a snow coach for the tour

into Old Faithful.

Western Cabin

You’ll have time to explore

the Old Faithful Geyser Basin and surrounding trails

Some trails require snowshoes or cross country skis

The main walkway to Morning Glory Spring is plowed for a leisure stroll

Lone Star Geyser trail is


Fairy Falls

Snow Lodge fireplaces and lounges are great spots to watch the snow fall

You can also take a snow coach to a trailhead and ski back to the Snow Lodge.
Fairy Falls or the Continental Divide Trail are 2 options.

Starts at $335

per person

Here’s what you get for your trip fee…

- 2 nights lodging (Western Cabin, 4 per room) (additional for Snow Lodge Hi-Range room)

- Snow coach tour from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful and return (gratuity not included)

- XC Ski and/or snowshoe equipment rental (also instruction if required)

- Transportation MAFB to/from West Yellowstone

- Park Entrance fee

Old Faithful Winter Excursion 19 – 21 Jan, 2013
After arriving at Old Faithful, you’ll settle into your Hi-Range room in the Snow Lodge or your Western Cabin. Both accommodations have 2 queen beds, hot showers, toilets and lounging room. The Snow Lodge has the advantage of not having to get bundled up to walk to the Obsidian Dining Room, Geyser Grill or the cozy lounges. Western Cabins are less expensive

You’ll have time to explore the Old Faithful Geyser basin and surrounding trails. Some trails require snowshoes or cross country skis, which will be provided as part of the trip equipment. However, the main walkway to Morning Glory Spring is plowed daily. You can also take a snow coach ride to a trailhead and ski back to the Snow Lodge (additional charge). Destinations include Fairy Falls, Mystic Falls and the Continental Divide Trail. The cross country (XC) ski trip to Lone Star Geyser is spectacular! There are too many sights to see on this trip so you’ll have to come back another year too!

Other options for your days at Old Faithful (book through Xanterra) http://www.travelyellowstone.com/winter-things-to-do-1366.html

- Have a snow coach "drop" you at a trailhead & ski back to Old Faithful

- XC Ski tour of Canyon (includes a snow coach ride to Canyon)

- Go on a snowmobile tour

- Take a snow coach tour to Canyon to see the falls in winter

Here's more on activities: http://www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com/old-faithful-snow-lodge-cabins-1700.html

You also can choose to experience Yellowstone’s winter through the window of the Snow Lodge. The Snow Lodge fireplaces and lounges are great spots to watch the snow fall, read a book and chat. Massage therapy sessions are also available to help you relax.
A note on snowshoeing and cross country skiing. You do not have to be experienced in either of these to have a great time on this trip. Instruction will be available and you’ll gain confidence as you use skis and/or snow shoes. Prior to the Old Faithful Winter Excursion, there will be ODR ski and snowshoe trips that you can begin getting comfortable before your Old Faithful trip.

Lodging Options

- Hi-Range Room: 2 Queen bed in the Snow Lodge

- Western Cabin: 2 Queen beds, Table &chairs, Full bath w/ hot showers. about 250 yd walk to the restaurant & Grill in the Snow Lodge

- Camping: Lots of fresh air! About a 1/4 mi walk to the Snow Lodge

Each amount shown is the per-person trip fee for each of those selecting the option

Western Cabin

Hi Range (Lodge)


4 per room




3 per room



2 per room



1 per room



MEALS: The Obsidian Dining Room and Geyser Grill are available. Cooking facilities and refrigeration are not available in rooms.

For more info including sample menu with prices

Obsidian Dining Room: http://www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com/Old-Faithful-Snow-Lodge-Dining:-Obsidian-Dining-Room-&-Geyser-Grill-7197.html

Geyser Grill : http://www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com/geyser-grill-7972.html

Here’s what you get for your trip fee…

- XC Ski and/or snowshoe equipment

- 2 nights lodging (except camping option)

- Yellowstone Park Entrance fee

- Transportation from MAFB to/from West Yellowstone

- Snow coach tour West Yellowstone to Old Faithful and return (gratuity not included)

Trip Schedule

Saturday, Jan 19

5:00 am

meet at Outdoor Recreation for departure

10:30 am

Arrive West Yellowstone MT

12:00 pm

Load snow coach and depart for Old Faithful

4:30 pm

Arrive at Old Faithful’s Snow Lodge

Sunday, Jan 20

All day

Ski/snowshoe Old Faithful basin or one of the backcountry trails (can be individuals or with a group)

Monday, Jan 21

(ML King holiday)


Checkout & ski/snowshoe Old Faithful basin

1:30 am

Board snow coach

4:00 pm

Arrive West Yellowstone MT

4:30 pm

Depart West Yellowstone

10:00 pm

Arrive at ODR

Minimum Deposit: $160.00 per person

Balance due NLT 5:00 14 Jan 13

TRIP CANCELLATION: This trip will be cancelled if the minimum number of participants have not paid their deposit by 4 Jan 13. If the trip is canceled, 100% of deposits are refunded to participant. Individuals cancelling prior to 4 Jan 13 may receive a full refund. Individuals cancelling after 4 Jan 13, forfeit their deposit and will owe the remainder of lodging expenses.

If you have further questions, Call Jim at Outdoor Rec, 731-4202

Download 10.04 Mb.

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