Writing The core of the argument=the central part of a disagreement, or the process of disagreeing

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1.The core of the argument=the central part of a disagreement, or the process of disagreeing:

Kelishmovchilikning markazi,

The core of the argument is that the high marks may encourage students to study hard

2.incapable of doing sth(v)= C1 to be unable to do something:

Biror nima qilaolmaslik

The young are incapable competing with the elder people in terms of experience.

3.therefore(adv)= B1 for that reason:

Shu sababdan, shuning uchun

We were unable to get funding and therefore had to abandon the project.

4. side with sb(ph.v)= to support one person or group in an argument:

Biror bir tomonni qo’llab quvvatlamoq.

If ever there was any sort of argument, she'd always side with my father against me.

5.endeavour(v)= C1 to try to do something:

Biror nima qilishga harakat qilmoq.

Engineers are endeavouring to locate the source of the problem.

6. to make Great improvement (n)=to make something better in a particular field.

Katta o’sishni amalga oshirmoq.

Schools should award the students who make great improvements in their field.

7. to make significant contribution(v)=to take an important part in smth

Muhim hissa qo’shmoq,

Rewarding students make significant contribution to their study.

8. pay a compliment (v)= C2 to give a remark that expresses approval, admiration, or respect:

Maqtab gapirmoq, maqtov

Teachers should pay a compliment as the recognition of the efforts that students make during the semester.

9.the recognition of sth(n)= C2 the fact of knowing someone or something because you have seen, heard, or experienced them before:

Tanish, hurmat qilish.

When he returned to his home town after the war, he found it had changed out of all/beyond all recognition (= it had changed so much that he no longer recognized it).

10.attainment(n)=something that you achieved


the attainment of a goal

11.to excel at smth(v)=to be very good at doing something.

Biror narsaning ustasi bo’lmoq.

Rebecca always excelled in languages at school.
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