Who are you going to be when you grow up?

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Task 2

  1. Summary

The writer strictly attempted to motivate readers. He\She is in side of active life. Let me briefly summarise what writer wrote, with my words. Hey youths, I want to tell you something important. Do not kill your time, it is never going to come again. You live a life only once, it is up to you to take advantage from your time or kill it forever. For achieving in life put goals in front of you. And follow them until you reach it. Try to make your today better than yesterday.

Task 3

  1. Who are you going to be when you grow up?

  2. Where are you going to abroad next year?

  3. Are you going to organize a retirement party for her?

  4. Are you going to apply that job as a gardener?

  5. Where is your company going to move?

Task 4

How I build My


I think the only praise – worthy thing in people is beautiful personality. If some people say “beauty”, it is going to change over time. But, personality is really hard to change. So, we should work on to make our behavior beautiful. How we can change our personality to better? It is hard to answer this question. But, I try to answer. With knowledge! If we learn the life of people who had fairy personality, and try to look like them, we might have delicate one day.It is obvious that there are a lot of significant scientific works and researches have been done for the development of trombone in recent years. In other words, as a result of these contributions the role and value of trombone has increased not only in our country but the world's symphony. It should be noted that most of these guides are oriented to improve trombone skills individually which causes to raise that to a new level.

However, playing trombone in a orchestra and act in cooperation with other orchestra instruments are considered major issues of the current symphony.

Based on the factors mentioned above, this masters thesis covers the analysis, possible and effective solutions and suggestions for the development of trombone's performance, its role in groups and orchestra.
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