Anna karenina

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We know that, Leo Tolstoy is very popular and great writer in Russian literature. He wrote diffirent works and novels, such as "Война и мир" ..................,................,...

But one of the most interesting is "Anna Karenina" which I have read recently. If I give some information about the book, it was written in 17th april in 1877 by Leo Tolstoy. And at first this book was named "Two marriage" (Ikki nikoh). After that, it was named "Anna Karenina". The book consist of 8 parts.

When I began to read this book, I didn't interest it. Because, it seemed to me, that some events were confused. But then I started to realize that what's happening in this novel. So, it starts with incidents in the Stepan Arkadiyech Oblonskiy's family. Stepan Arkadiyech, -- was called Stiva, quarrelled with his wife. After that , Anna who Stiva's sister comes to reconcile Stiva with his wife Dolly. When Anna came to the station, she came across young and handsome officer. This was Vronskiy. And they fell in love each other at first sight. Anna has husband, who is Aliksey Karenin. Anna don't love her husband. But she respects him. They have 8-year-old son. In spite of she has a son, she was going to leave with Vronskiy. But Vronskiy's decicion is [SET IN STONE.Vronskiy told to Anna that she had to divorce with her husband. But Anna didn't, even if she was expecting a baby from Vronskiy. After that she had a baby. And then Anna and her girl left with Vronskiy.

And also there are heroes in the novel. Such as Levin, whose Stiva's friend. He COMPLETELY IN LOVE Stiva's sister-in-law, Kity. She is 18years old. But Kity loved Vronskiy. However, Vronskiy HEAD OVER HEELS Anna.

At the end of novel Levin and Kity were engaged. And because of jelaous Anna, quarrelled with Vronskiy. After that, Vronskiy had to go to his mother. Anna followed to him. Novel finishs so sorrowful. When Anna arrived to the station, she threw herself to the bottom of train.


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