Theme: Syntax in Old English

The theme of my course work

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The theme of my course work sounds as following “Syntax in Old English". I have chosen this theme as in my opinion to know and analyze syntactic system in Old English with methods which help to improve my basic knowledge of teaching English.

Actuality of the theme: this course work discusses the findings of changes in consonant system in Middle English language. It analyses the effectiveness and significance of authentic resources in word order history of Old English period.

The tasks and aims of the work to make English teachers aware of importance of learning development of English language. The course work focuses on the use of technology to English language teaching. English language is the language that faced many changes that affects in several things. For example, some changes occur in writing system, phonological system and other changes during many centuries. English language is about four stages: Old English, Middle English, Modern English, and Early Modern English. In each era, there is an affection of other tribe’s languages on English language. In the same way, the effects of the tribes lead to have many changes in word order system. In this course work, I will discuss syntactic changes and the process of that huge change in the Old English. There given various available online tools in the Internet for the students and recommend the modern tools for English teachers.

The novelty of the work. "One of the primary reasons that this syntactic changes have known as Syntax in Old English is that it profoundly affected English language, and these changes coincided with the introduction of the printing press: William Caxton brought the first mechanized printing press to England in 1476. Prior to mechanized printing, words in the handwritten texts had been spelled pretty much, however, each particular scribe wanted to spell them, according to the scribe's own dialect.1

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