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Kiwanis Club of Wenatchee Meeting Tuesday Noon Volume 2009-10-39

State Farm Insurance
Ernie Hobbs

129 Methow Street

Wenatchee 662-9574

H. Steven Harvey DDS
Hospital & General Dentistry

211 Whitman Way

Wenatchee 663-5722

Country Insurance & Financial Services
Laurie Mooney

1 S. Chelan, Suite A

Wenatchee 663-3800

Alan L. Smith CPA
Tax & Accounting

159 S. Worthen, Ste 100

Wenatchee 663-6817

Legacy Memorial Funeral Home

Serving all NCW
Clayton Draggoo

Answering Life’s Most Difficult Calls

(800) 986-5232

Meeting of July 6, 2010

Weekly News

The words of the musical, Oklahoma, declare “Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day!” It appears that summer has finally come to the Wenatchee Valley. It is truly a gorgeous day! On that note our first meeting of the second half of the year 2010 sprang into action with the ringing of the bell by our president, Bill Dearing. Al Struble led us in the salute to our flag with his usual words, “Put your right hand over your left heart.” Jim Taylor started us on the singing of “America.” Ron Yates concluded our opening ceremony with a prayer.

Jim Conner stood in for Merle Loudon as our greeter. Merle was absent and helping another dentist. There were no guests. Russ Hart stood in for Norryce Mentzer who is attending a family reunion in Kansas. Earl Carey won the drawing of $5. Ken Buttel was our collector of Happy Bucks.


There were three announcements. (1) The Division 52 Council meeting will be held at Manson, this Thursday evening, July 8th, at 7 pm. The interclub group will carpool from the North Easy Street Park and Ride, meeting at 5 pm so that they can stop enroute and have a bite to eat. (2) The monthly club board meeting will be held on Wednesday noon, July 14th, at the Children’s Home Society. Lunch will be provided and all board members are urged to be present. (3) Doug Head is looking for additional people to purchase season tickets for the Wenatchee Wild games next season. Call Doug for additional information.
President Bill Dearing and secretary Melody Neidhart have returned from attending the Kiwanis International Convention in Las Vegas. They reported that Colin Powell was a great speaker and they enjoyed and appreciated him. One of the worldwide service projects will be supplying neo natal tetanus shots to curb the high mortality rate of newborn infants in third world countries. They reported on the election process and the election. The new president will be our own Pacific Northwest District’s Sylvester Neal. Some of the amendments and other business were also reported. Las Vegas was a great host, they declared.

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Gellatly Agency
Full Service Insurance

22 N. Chelan

Wenatchee 662-2151

Gary Erickson
Independent distributor

(509) 662-9682

Wenatchee Kiwanis Foundation
Remember the Foundation in your planning of the future


July 13th Earl Carey

July 20th Evie Preston
July 27th Ernie Hobbs.


Program of the Day

Joe Blackmore introduced the first of his July programs. Steve Bakken is the new manager of the former Purple Door Store, now known as the Greater Wenatchee Area Habitat for Humanity Store. Steve was raised at Union Town, a small town south of Pullman. Recently he has been living on the west side of the mountains but sought a slower pace and a smaller area in which to raise his two sons, 8 and 9 years old. His wife is the new Finance Officer for the Wenatchee World. They are living in Cashmere and arrived last September.

The Habitat Store, located at 619 South Wenatchee Avenue, handles used building materials, cabinets, appliances, plumbing and electrical supplies, flooring, glass and those items that cannot be used in Habitat’s building programs are sold and the money used to construct Habitat homes. Some of the materials gathered can be used by Habitat for their own building programs but the remainder is becoming a great source of income for Habitat for Humanity. Steve’s job is to help build up their inventory and so he is contacting building contractors, building supply businesses, appliance dealers and others who might have surplus materials that they will donate to Habitat’s store. The store has three employees. Items are sold for about half of their market value and purchased by those who cannot afford new materials. There were several questions asked.
Upcoming Programs and Speakers
Next Tuesday, July 13th, Stephanie Manriques, from the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, will be our speaker.
On Tuesday, July 20th, Eric Nelson, of the YMCA will give us an update on their program.
Tuesday, July 27th, Patrick Buckman will talk to us about the Columbia Valley Community Health program.

The Weekly Builder Volume 2009-10-39 Page 3

2009 – 2010

2 Years

Ernie Hobbs John Hook, Tom Irvin, Dick Ward,

1 Year:

Doug Head, Marguerite Pierce, Theresa Samuelson, Ron Stromme


August 14 Senior Dinner

2009 – 2010

Past President Laurie Mooney

President Bill Dearing

Secretary Melody Neidhart


2009 – 2010

Please contact Sharon Barker with any changes

In Closing


A house painter, more interested in money than quality, thinned his paint so that it would go further. While painting a local church he used the same tactic but a rainstorm came along and washed his thinned paint off the building. Along with the lightning and thunder of the storm came a voice that thundered, “Repaint and thin no more!”

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