The purpose of the lesson: let`s save our green planet together! The aim of the lesson

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Class: 8 “B”

Subject: English

Theme: Our green planet.

THE PURPOSE OF THE LESSON: let`s save our green planet together!

The aim of the lesson:

a) educational: developing pupils skills and habits of learning foreign languages.

b) scientific: developing pupils skills and habits of reading, speaking, listening and getting information on the theme.

c) progressive: developing pupils skills and habits of their orall drill, accepting own decisions.

d) assigning for a profile: the knowledge of pupils must be directed in to the national independent idea.

e) practical task of the lesson: developing pupils skills estimating them.

The type of the lesson.

a) giving new knowledge

b) audience

c) estimating one skills

The method of the lesson: mixed

Style of the lesson: orally, writing, reading.

The equipment of the lesson: computer, projector, different cards, slides and pictures.

The procedure of the lesson:

1. Organizational moment:

  • Greeting: Good morning dear pupils. I am glad to see you. Take your seats.

  • Duty`s report: Who is on duty today?

Who is absent to the lesson?

What date and day is it today?

What is the weather like today?

What about nowadays news?

  • Warm up the pupils: oh, very good. Then let`s begin our lesson.

At the first, let me explain the main principles of todays lesson. Image you are not at the lesson. You are in English club. It`s a new unusual lesson and result of the lesson will clear up if this lesson is good or bad for us. It depends on your participation, of course. I ask you feel as a free, intellectual, well-minded, equally righted citizen during the lesson. Now, my lovely pupils, I am going to divide you to into two groups:

One of them is BIRDS.

One of them is FLOWERS.

And pay attention to this one. There are some flowers. If you active very well, you can receive it. One flower is for one answer and one activity. At the end of the lesson I`ll mark yo according your flowers.

Right now Iam going to check your homework by doing this wordgame. You must find out which of them are flowers, birds, trees and animals.

(Until finishing it, I check pupils notebook.)

Thank you. Oh, I forget to ask about today`s weather.

What is the weather like today?

What about season?

( Pupils speak about weather and season)

Yes, of course. Our new theme is also about our planet.

Do you know any information about our planet?

How many planets are there in our galaxy?

Can you tell them? What are they?

Ok. Thank you. And please, open your notebook and write down today’s new theme and vocabulary. Our new theme is OUR GREEN PLANET.

These are new words. Please after me repeat it loudly. And during our lesson let`s try to use them.

Very well. Let me give you some extra information our new theme. As I told we are in English club. That`s why I can ask you to travel around the world. Do you want?

(Pupils: yes, of course).

Ok. Let`s begin our expedition. These tickets are for you. Take it and Let`s go! (The slide is shown).

Dear pupil, our expedition will continue from the morning to the evening!

(During and after finishing the slide pupils and teacher speak about the earth, flora and fauna).

Thank you. The expedition is over. Do you get any new information? If so, I am very glad.

And please, look at

Rest time.

Dear pupils, I think you are tired a little. That`s why let`s play a game. Our game`s name is “mimicry”. One pupil from your group, please, come to the blackboard. I give only one minute and you should show it without speaking as you can.

(And 2 pupil came to the blackboard. They choose one word. Until they think I use some distribution cards. Pupils find out animals in hiding. I give them 2 minutes. )

Mimicry is finished. I ask to them about their distribution cards.


Dear pupils!

Before finishing our lesson I want to mark to you for your activity now.

The score of the first group “BIRDS” is 17 score.

The score of the second group “FLOWERS” is 15 score.

The winner of the lesson is birds. Please applause them.

Your homework will be next lesson: to learn by heart new words and please, look at this picture. You must explain it in English using new words. Today’s lesson is over.

Thank you for your attention!
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