Takeover Day Blog by Jake Scane and Jamie Tricker

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As Pegasus Takeover Day swings into gear and Gangnam Style blasts from the speakers for yet another day we roll by to observe the radio skills of Anusha and Ryan, nicknamed ‘Noel’ for the day. The pair of Oxford Academy students turn their hands at being disc jockeys as they treat us to some of today’s best new music. We asked the two questions on how Pegasus and the Takeover day has affected them;
Anusha, why did you choose radio as one of your activities?

I chose radio because I felt it was going to be both a fun and interesting opportunity to present a Radio show inside the theatre!

v:\member\'s committee\2012\takeover day 2012\jake and jamie, photos\dscf1656.jpg

Ryan, what are you hoping to gain from Takeover Day 2012?

More knowledge on how Pegasus works behind the scenes, and an opportunity to gain work experience in a fun but hard working environment!

Anusha, would you recommend Takeover Day to others?

Yes, definitely, it is fun and you gain knowledge and work experience in an interesting environment!

Ryan, are you hoping to do Takeover Day next year?

Yes, hopefully I can, I have really enjoyed the day so far and I hope to gain more knowledge and work experience next year, doing completely different tasks!

Ryan and Anusha, is Takeover Day giving you a good insight into the working life?

Yes, it is very helpful in giving me an idea of working life in a theatre!

The pair are clearly the future of Radio One, Scott Mills watch out! The two even make time for heart warming messages and a run-down of the charts! Ryan and Anusha, however, are not the only ones taking part in Takeover Day, as a range of children, teenagers and adults from the ever growing world of Pegasus take part in a wide range of activities from cafe work to radio presenting, programming to tech team, and marketing, and you can see that everyone is having fun! If you have the chance, take part in Takeover Day next year, you will not regret it!

v:\member\'s committee\2012\takeover day 2012\jake and jamie, photos\dscf1653.jpg

v:\member\'s committee\2012\takeover day 2012\jake and jamie, photos\dscf1657.jpg

As we end this article we would like to say a big well done to Jordan Richardson and Jamie Tricker who had the chance to talk to the BBC Radio Oxford, congratulations!

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