Student Universal Support Ireland Complaint Form

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Student Universal Support Ireland Complaint Form

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is committed to providing an efficient and courteous service to all of our applicants.
If you are dissatisfied with the quality of service you received, please complete this form and send to or alternatively print it out and return it to:
Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI), Complaints Department, PO Box 869, Togher, Cork.
Formal Complaint Form
Section A: Contact Details

SUSI Applicant Name (if different from complainant)

SUSI Application No. (If applicable)

Name of Complainant

Address of Complainant

Complainant’s Contact Details

Home Telephone No.

Mobile No.

Email Address

Section B: Nature of Complaint

We did not deliver a service within a reasonable period of time

We gave you the incorrect information

The service you received was not up to the highest expected standards

You have a complaint about a member of staff

You have a complaint about how we implement our policies

You have an issue with how the final decision was determined by SUSI


Please provide additional/other details of your complaint below (if applicable). If necessary please use a separate sheet of paper and attach securely to this form. Please write your application reference number on any additional pages submitted.

Additional Details




Download 44.4 Kb.

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