Social to enable you to reach out to people easily, interact and stay connected wherever you're. Economical

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As a young professional, technology to me, means a world full of opportunities. It is an enabler to scale up our skills and talents. To allow us be creative and build solutions around our skills and talents. Allow us to effectively apply our talents and skills we learn every day in a more creative way.

Technology means a lot. Whether Edu-tech, business or workwise, it gives you the potential to be more productive and creative. It’s an acceleration to self-development and progress. What I mean is, technology should make life easy.

If you aren’t afraid of being creative, then technology should help you build amazing solutions for problems you, your family, friends and the entire society face daily. This applies across the three aspects of life, that is;

  • Social - to enable you to reach out to people easily, interact and stay connected wherever you're. 

  • Economical - help you to do business more conveniently. Fill the connection gap and continuity of interaction between your business and the customers. Help you build solutions that solves real problems.

  • Political - to help you stay in the same loop with government through easy information access. To help you get in touch with government channels. 

Technology is a whole package of in-demand skills that enable you to change not only your life, but the lives of people around you, making a real impact on the local and global stage through your creative interaction with it.

With billions of people connected on the internet today, technology means a whole world of opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship.

As a student, what technology means is an enabler to bridging the gap from learning to earning by empowering you to gain real world experience and skills to shape your career. How? It gives you access to information. Enables you to quest, then find answers and help prove what you believe should be a solution through making it via technology. That is, technovation.

Technology today to me, means life itself. It’s the main driving force behind it. Today people interact with it in almost everything. It’s a tool that has made people more useful, saved time and even inspired people to be more creative and innovating in applying it in all fields every single day.

Technology to me means a BLAST in human intelligence and creativity. It has allowed people to yearn for more knowledge and creativity. I mean everyday a new product is mentioned, there is always a better one cooking. Isn’t it interesting?

How has tech changed my life?

What technology has done to me is MASSIVE. It has made me more creative, productive and resourceful. There is a lot to give out there!

I have been to places where bosses of particular companies ask me, “ What can you do for us?” There is always a problem I find to pitch out and let them know that with technology, then things should be BETTER.

Technology has made me all round. This is as a result of its application in almost every aspect of life. There is always something to do with technology anywhere anytime. I mean, my current job is self-described.

Being techie and with a totally non-techiecompany has allowed me to creatively use my skills as an IT student to make life easy at the company.

I do digital marketing, online content generation, found them with some crazy website and bravely told them I could do it better, of which I do, I make them promo videos, very useful for digital marketing, turned their 32K follows Facebook page into a sales leads generation platform and much more. Technology inspires me to be a problem solver.

Every time I always ask myself , "What can I do with technology to empower others to achieve more on this planet whether through directly building solutions or rather enabling them to use technology itself?" This makes life interesting for me. The quest for creativity is overwhelming.

Honestly, technology has made me think solutions, however small they might be or even useless. There is always an inspiration to do something. To build. That single attempt is what makes technology a great enabler to being more useful human beings across all aspects of life.

What would I like to see people doing with technology?

I want to see people embracing it. Taking it as an enabler to make them more productive. Let me address this businesswise.

If sales people, and are passionate about interacting directly with customers and being on the front line to bring the magic of a product to customers and businesses,

then technology should be the dynamic tool kit to enable you to hone your sales craft and take your first steps to becoming a world-class sales professional. 

If techies, and are passionate about driving advances in technology to help your company or rather people and businesses solve big problems and remain competitive in a cloud-firstmobile-first world, then technology should be the path to follow so that as you build solutions others will build upon your existing technology skills and make you even more creative to build more sustainable software solutions. A fair competitive innovative environment is created.

If you are passionate about telling people about your products to help people and businesses throughout the world to achieve more, then technology should be your number one lead.

You will be able to capitalise on the opportunity technology presents to connect with customers in new ways, honing your communication skills and techniques to launch your marketing career

And finally learners, that is Edu-tech should embrace technology cause it makes learning fun and easy.

Technology has provided too many resources that allows a single tap access to information.

The future I personally see for the education sector is almost classroom-less schools.

What I mean is that with billions of people connected today, then information would be readily there and people will be able to learn from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Technology is inventible! Embrace it! Be more creative and productive!
Download 18.48 Kb.

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