Service weekend

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Friday, April 12th- Sunday, April 14th
*Please use this information as a guide for what to do and where to meet while enjoying your time serving others

*Please note that the towns are listed because there are numerous towns on this 18 mile island

*Long Beach Blvd and Bay Ave are the same road depending on the town you are in

*All weekend long we ask you to wear something Kiwanis or your Service Weekend shirts! Would you like a 2nd one? We did buy a few extras!

*Contact Jen by phone or text (215)350-0454 or email for any questions

*Pick up a free Sandpaper as you come on the Island at Wawa to find other restaurants, shopping areas, mini-golf and arcades open!


  • Fellowship: Kubel’s Too

    • 8200 Long Beach Blvd, Brighton Beach

    • ½ price drinks 4-8 PM, $6 appetizer 4-7 PM

    • Move to the dining room for dinner as interested


  • Continental Breakfast hosted by Jen Vare & Paul Hollinger

    • 10 E 48th St, Brant Beach

    • 7 AM - 8 AM

  • Alliance for the Living Ocean Beach/Bay Clean Up

    • 8 AM

    • Meeting Place to be determined 4/10 by ALO-email to follow

    • TO BRING: sunscreen, hat, Work/Plastic gloves, weather appropriate clothing and shoes, if able trash or contractor bags

  • Sprint for Life

    • If preregistered you should be getting information directly from them for meeting times and locations

  • Lunch on your own

  • Operation Cupcake

  • Fellowship: Nardi’s Tavern (family friendly)

    • 11801 Long Beach Blvd, Haven Beach

    • 3 PM- 9 PM ½ price drinks and appetizers

    • Full menu available for dinner


  • Breakfast on your own

  • Children’s Morale Booster

    • St. Francis Community Center (located behind the Church)

    • 4700 Long Beach Blvd, Brant Beach

    • 8:30 AM Set up for Children’s Morale Event

    • 11:00-1:00 children will be in attendance

    • TO BRING: if you have a hammer please bring it along to help assemble a wooden kit Home Depot donated for us to build with the children!


Kubels Too: Lunch or Dinner
Nardis: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
Greenhouse Café:

Breakfast or Lunch

Corner of 6th Street & Long Beach Blvd. Ship Bottom
Uncle Will’s Pancake House: Breakfast

3 S Bay Ave Beach Haven

Chicken or the Egg (also known as CHEGG):

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night! Featured on quite a few

TV shows and just reopened April 1st!

207 North Bay Avenue, Beach Haven

Dockside Diner:

Breakfast or Lunch

24th Street & the Boulevard, Spray Beach

Breakfast or Lunch

307 N. Long Beach Blvd Surf City


1) 902 Central Ave, Ship Bottom

2) 13115 Long Beach Blvd, Beach Haven

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