Sample Student Resume John Doe 100 Main Street Anywhere, on z2Z 6R3

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Sample Student Resume

John Doe

100 Main Street

Anywhere, ON Z2Z 6R3

Objective: Enthusiastic, respectful and hard-working student seeking a co-op placement opportunity/part-time employment while attending school

Currently completing Grade 12 at Forest Heights Collegiate Institute, Kitchener

Work Experience:

Joe’s Grocery Store

Kitchener ON

March 2014 to Present

Stock Clerk (Part-time)

  • Stocked shelves with the appropriate grocery items in an orderly fashion

  • Completed inventory of products and submit accurate weekly report to supervisor

  • Assisted customers in locating grocery products

  • Completed other duties as assigned

Summers 2013 & 2014

Grass Cutting Services

  • Cut grass and completed trimming duties meticulously on a weekly basis for three (3) neighbours

March 2012 to February 2014

Newspaper Delivery

  • Delivered daily newspapers to tenants in a seniors’ apartment building

  • Provided friendly and proficient service


June 2014

  • Successfully completed Occupational Health & Safety Basic Awareness Training

Volunteer & Extracurricular Activities:

  • Achieved 35 of the required 40 high school community service hours to date by volunteering at after school program for elementary students

  • Member of Forest Heights track & field team and senior basketball team

  • Past member of The Golden Stars rep soccer team

References available upon request.

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