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919.762.6530 - - 753 Ancient Oaks Dr. Holly Springs, NC 27540 (SaW) is not liable for any promises, stated or implied, by our representatives that are not specifically related to this agreement. In accordance with NCAA rules, SaW in no way intends to, or constitutes any attempt to, place a STUDENTathlete at any particular college. SaW’s fees are not based on placement nor on any scholarship or financial aid awarded to a prospective STUDENTathlete. What makes us legal> NCAA Bylaw Talent Evaluation Services and Agents. A prospect may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information (e.g., high-school academic and athletics records, physical statistics) to member institutions without jeopardizing his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospect in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid. The STUDENTathlete agrees to read and follow and correspondence from SaW representatives. Duties include submitting forms and contacting SaW representatives. *Since a majority of the costs are incurred on the front end, SaW reserves the right to cancel your account with no refund on delinquent accounts. *Using a monthly payment option does not mean this is a subscription based service. *Client is responsible for any collection fees and lawyer fees on delinquent accounts. *Clients purchasing a GOLD video package agree to communicate with our staff about any schedule changes due to weather, injury, or any other conflict in a reasonable manner. *We authorize SaW to release grade/test scores to all colleges and Universities. * SaW and it’s representatives may use the athlete’s name and images in promotional materials and/or with the media. I fully consent to this use and hereby waive any claims against SaW.



  • customizable profile website

  • access to our College Match program

  • access to our College Recruiting Guide

  • access to our Recruiting 101 series

  • copy of our book College Athletic Recruiting

  • profile and video searchable on-line

  • unlimited personal consultation services

  • personal and strategic-focused approach

  • VISA/TOEFFL/Travel planning and assistance



  • video/profile evaluated by a College Coach


  • distribution of uploaded video(s)

☐ SILVER VIDEO (+$390)

  • one professional video edit

☐ GOLD VIDEO (+$790).




  • additional in-person recruiting consultation (if applicable)

We Look Forward to Serving You!
-The STUDENTathleteWorld Team-



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images -> Namangan viloyatida 2015 yilning yanvar-sentyabr oylari yakuni bilan iqtisodiy islohotlarni borishi va ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy rivojlanishning asosiy ko’rsatkichlari bo’yicha tahliliy ma’lumotnoma
images -> Namangan viloyatida 2015 yil yakuni bilan iqtisodiy islohotlarni borishi va ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy rivojlanishning asosiy ko’rsatkichlari bo’yicha tahliliy ma’lumotnoma
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