Nominee’s role: Bedside/Staff Nurse Describe how your nominee has shown concern for humanity

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Stephanie Nusbaum
Health care setting: Inpatient Care Unit -

Nominee’s role: Bedside/Staff Nurse -
1. Describe how your nominee has shown concern for humanity.
Never a day goes by that Steph doesn't live her concern for humanity. She has an exceptional ability to work with many types of patients and families, with a sensitivity and respect for each person, their situation and their particular needs. She is open and non judgmental regardless of their race, ethnic background, cultural differences or socioeconomic situation. I know this is expected of all of us in nursing but Stephanie is the exception. She is an "artist" in dealing with a 16 year old unmarried mother, boosting her esteem and confidence at the same time she can mourn with the family of a fetal/neonatal loss, providing for them with the extra support and guidance they need at such a critical time. Her ability is indeed a gift and goes beyond that of her peers. Every birth/delivery is an exceptional event for Stephanie, regardless of the circumstances or situation. I have the opportunity to observe the work of many in our maternity services so I do know what a unique gift Stephanie has in her ability with others. As Stephanie emerges into a broader role, I see these gifts even expanded as she works with other hospital departments, physician groups, co-workers and others to help nudge them forward in growth regarding quality and safety concerns. She has been challenged, met resistance and push back, but Stephanie always keeps the patient at the center of her work. She is a relationship builder and one who can build bridges and partnerships like no one I've seen! In addition, I know Stephanie is active in her church and school along with her children's activities.
2. What do you consider your nominee’s most significant contribution to the nursing profession?
It's hard to isolate one so I'll highlight a recent situation with Stephanie. Stephanie is a 'go getter' and always willing to do what needs done. She recently had some health problems which took her out of the patient care arena. However, during this time, Steph went to management and offered some suggestions regarding projects that needed attention. She saw a need for a change in an order set that resulted in greatly enhanced patient safety. Stephanie on her own, did a literature search, researched evidence, met with physicians, the hospital quality leaders and ultimately the OB staff and OB physicians providing suggested changes, the rationale for the change and how this would impact patient care. Steph worked diligently, met with resistance and pushback, but continued on her course. In the process she worked with multiple hospital departments to implement this change. This order set has been changed, implemented and the result has been very effective, all because of the effor and suggestion of one dedicated nurse who chose to make lemonade out of lemons! This was not an easy task but one that took time, patiences and persistence that ultimately affects 5,000 new mothers per year in the Des Moines area. Indeed she makes a difference! Steph didn't stop there, she became very interested in IHS system wide quality improvement activities and became involved in TCAB (Transforming Care at the Bedside) efforts. She now leads a TCAB team at our hospital and wants to be "the first OB unit to implement TCAB principles." Continuing on, Steph was a leader in physician order revisions for multiple order sets, doing research, education and working with mutliple departments in the process.
3. Give an example of how your nominee has shown leadership through mentoring, or served as a role model for others.
In her efforts to improve care to patients, Steph is our best "salesperson" to motivate her peers. She is a champion for safety and quality, always keeping this in focus and emphasized. She teaches when she works, she reminds people of goals, she questions practice and is a leader in referencing policy, standards, etc. Recently, she attended workshops on TCAB, she did work behind the scenes to learn more about this and she corraled three of her co workers to participate with her. They are now our TCAB leaders, which focuses on enhancing care for patients by changes made that impede processes. THis is all led by staff, those closest to the patients. Stephanie also servies on service line committees, quality improvement, and functions as a team leader. The team leader is a role where she's in charge of the entire unit for a shift, assigning patients, managing staff, scheduling procedures, etc. Stephanie is a champion for professional growth, having returned to school to complete her BSN/MSN. She is a CAP (Clinical Advancement Program) nurse, a recognition at IH-DM for nurses who go above and beyond and live excellence in professional nursing. Through this program, Steph serves as a role model for her co-workers and assists them in developing their portfolio and preparations needed for CAP recognition.
4. Was there a specific event that prompted you to nominate this nurse? If so, please tell your story.
Watching Stephanie navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of practice changes has been an inspiration. She worked eloquently with physician leaders, management, staff throughout the hospital to introduce and educate about needed changes in practice. She introduced the concept, explained the rationale and was persistent in this process. Stephanie even hand delivered some articles to a particular physician who doubted her research and questioned the practice changes, spending 1:1 time with him to help him understand the why's behind these changes. Now, that's a nurse who's dedicated to the profession of nursing, who focuses on what's best for our patients and families! Stephanie is an inspiration to all those around her not to mention the energy, enthusiasm and excitement she displays whenever she's around. Steph is a perpetual bright spot to those who are fortunate enough to be in her presence.

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