Name of the Ideas : Smart warehouse

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Section 1
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Section 1.

Name of the Ideas : Smart warehouse


Description: Our warehouse is enabled with several automated and interconnected technologies. These technologies work together to increase the productivity and efficiency of the warehouse, minimizing the number of human workers while decreasing errors. This new type of technology helps to be more profitability and increase time efficiency.

Inspiration: as you know our country is lagging behind from other countries in logistic area. Developing and applying new type of technology in this area inspired us. We want to open future doors.

Section 4

When we decided this idea we think of many pros and cons. A warehouse can contain thousands of products, it should be optimally utilized to ensure fast and accurate performance in all functions for meeting customers’ demands. Applying I&T in warehousing promises a significant impact because it can be used to eliminate manual interferences and to monitor several processes in the warehouse in real-time. I&T makes the warehouse more intelligent; it can make everything connected and hence enabling the analysis of the vast amount of data captured from these connections and turn them into insights to support decisions and improve the whole performance. Moreover, we need more IT professionals that can create our modern assistants. That mean s we are creating more job opportunities for I&T professionals and Managers that increase employment rate in our country.

Our smart warehouse has a positive impact on community.
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