Mr. Moiz Hussain Hussain Ali

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Mr. Moiz Hussain Hussain Ali

Deputy Director General (NIC) and State Informatics Officer (Maharashtra State)

He joined Government of India, National Informatics Centre in August 1986 for National computerization program under NICNET1 Project. At present, he is Deputy Director General & State Informatics officer Maharashtra. He is responsible for design, development and implementation of various e-Governance projects in State of Maharashtra as part of National e-governance program. He is providing technical consultancy to all State and Central Government departments in Maharashtra for the information and communication technology (ICT2) projects. The various ICT services such as Web designing, Hosting, Video Conferencing and Email services are provided to Government departments through a Network Operation Center at Mumbai, which also works as a hub for Network Connectivity with 35 district collector offices and allied offices in Maharashtra.
During his tenure, Computer Projects for Land Record Management, Public Distribution System for Essential Commodities, Motor Vehicle Registration, Driving License System, Police department, Sales Tax department, e-Office automation software for all departments of Maharashtra State, e-Procurement software for all departments of Maharashtra State and Central Govt. offices and websites of more than 200 Government offices are successfully implemented using the latest Information Technology.

In addition to the above, he has also introduced innovative techniques for collection and analysis of data pertaining to various schemes of Govt. The departments can design and implement the various formats using this application software product.

He is MS in EE from Univ. of Texas at El Paso USA (1984-85). Before that he did M.Sc. Physics (Electronics) in 1983 from Nagpur University. He also has a Diploma in Business Management (1983-84). He is member of Institution of Engineers, India.
He has participated in International Training Program in Unix and Data Base Management System in 1995-96 at Okinawa in Japan as part of international cooperation program of Japan Government. He was also nominated by the Government of India for attending Information Management workshop in October 2000 at Singapore, conducted by Asian Productivity organization, Japan.
He has attended training program on -Project Management for E-Governance Projects- at Stuttgart Germany in November 2009 as part of India-Germany Government Technical Cooperation.
Ile provided technical consultancy to the representatives of White House and US Consulate Mumbai and successfully arranged the Video conference for President Obama during his visit to Mumbai in November 2010. The network connectivity was established using fiber optic cable and tested in a very short time for the -Video Conference between St.Xaviers' College Mumbai and 'Kanpura' village in Rajasthan State as part of Open Govt. initiatives. International interaction has provided him an opportunity to know about the ICT initiatives in other countries of the world. He has keen interest in acquiring knowledge about the culture & lifestyle in other countries. He learnt Japanese language during his stay in Japan.
Mr. Yogesh Arvind Khadayate

Principal System Analyst (NIC)

He has done B.Sc. in Electronics and M.Sc. in Mathematics from Shivaji University in 1990.
He is associated with NIC for 24 years and developed many applications like SIMNIC, IAS3 e-Service book, CM4 Office systems, Online monitoring system for Farm Ponds etc. He is providing consultancy to State Government for Sericulture and Textile Department online systems. He was involved in setup of VC5 in Maharashtra state over NICNET. He was associated for computerization in office of Chief Secretary, Chief Minister. The first IAS Civil list with photographs was published through eService book system.
He has attended training program on Advance DB techniques at IIT Mumbai, he has completed 2 weeks MDP6 course from IIM7 Luknow.
Key areas of his activities are eGovernance consultancy, Video Conferencing, open source technology, local language computation.
He has worked on variety of systems and software development platforms and databases (Oracle, DB28, MySQL etc.)

1 NICs Computer Network (V-sat and terrestrial lines)

2 Information and communication Technology

4 Chief Minister

5 Video Conferencing – Audio Video conferencing over computer network.

6 Management Development Programme

7 Indian Institute of Management

8 International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Data Base system (DB2)

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