Miller lines

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Henry Miller : Henry Miller, widow, married Margery Bouleler, widow in 1593. The census for 1580 lists Henry Miller in Tiverton Manor, England and his occupation was a cloth maker.

John Miller

Michael Miller (I)— matriculated through Oxford in 1635. He remained in England.

Michael Miller (II).,born 1644,was a planter in Kent County Maryland and died 12/29/1698. The record indicates he was previously married to Alice Stevens a widow, prior to 1678. In 1680, 100 acres was surveyed to him ,named “Bachelor’s Acres.” “Covent Garden”—500 acres in Kent County was surveyed September 25, 1683 and “Miller’s Satisfaction” –78 acres on Kent Island was surveyed September 4, 1694. He married Ann Blakiston daughter of William (died 1736) of Kent County.

Michael Miller died August 26, 1699 and is buried in Old St. Paul's Churchyard, his will is recorded Liber 3, Folio 2700 is in Annapolis Maryland. This church was built on a part of Arcadia and the 2000 pounds of tobacco paid him by the church was returned as a gift from him. Arcadia, consisting of 1500 acres, was surveyed May 18, 1860 and was a grant of land from Lord Baltimore to Michael Miller." His tombstone says: "Doner of this sacred churchyard."

The children of Michael and Ann were:

Arthur married Sarah Janes May 23, 1705. He died in 1739.

Alice Wickes

Michael (III) b. 1675, d. 1739

Michael Miller(III) married Martha Wickes. They bought land from Colonel Nathan Hynson, a merchant, who married Mary Beck, daughter of Hannah Bekker of Kent County. Nathan bought his land from Edward Beck Jr. In his will dated January 17, 1738, he bequeathed "to sons Michael and Samuel and their heirs go 350 acres of Miller's Purchase, being land west of an old road leading from Swam Creek Bridge to a plantation formerly belonging to Colonel Nathan Hynson, which he bought from Edward Beck, Jr known as the Robinson Plantation and Cooper's Freehold on Kent Island. Should either son die without issue, the said lands go to Arthur. Son Nathaniel inherited 200 acres of Miller's Purchase. Grandson William Dun inherited 100 acres of Bagley's Forest and grandson Michael Dun inherited 78 acres of Miller's Satisfaction and 100 acres of the Common Garden. Mary Beck, poor widow, inherited 50 pounds. Daughter Martha, wife of Predeaux inherited 10 pounds. Daughter Mary, wife of Stephen Glamwell inherited 15 pounds.

Michael III and Martha’s children were:

Michael(IV) married Elizabeth Tolley, daughter of Thomas (died 1732) and Mary (died 1733) Tolley of Baltimore

Samuel- married and moved to Ohio County, WV. Joseph Miller was his son.

Nathaniel b. 1711, d. June 1802 m. Elizabeth Beck

Sarah m. Caleb Beck


Ann Marie m.RobertDunn (2sons:William &Michael)

Martha m. Predeaux Blakeson

Mary m. Stephen Glamwell

Arthur m.Elizabeth (Children: Arthur and Sarah, who married Samuel Merritt)

Elizabeth m.Ralph Page, April 1732

Nathaniel Miller was a private in the Kent Co. Militia in 1778. He married Elizabeth Beck (date unknown). St. Paul's Parish records contain the following baptismal dates:

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Beck Miller:

Nathaniel b.7/29/1765 m. Sarah Hatcheson


William b. 1768


Rebeccah b.1762/1840 m. John W. Beck

Sarah b. 1771 m. Samuel Griffith

Elizabeth b. 2/13/1774 m. Thomas Walker, 1797

Susannah m. William Strong

John Miller, brother of Michael Miller died in January 9, 1694. He lived in Cecil County, Md. He and his wife emigrated together arriving in Maryland in 1680. He was a member of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church. He and his wife Martha had the following children:


Susanna who married Alexander Beck
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