May 12th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

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East Yellowstone Chapter of Trout Unlimited

P.O. Box 3008

Cody, WY 82414


May 12th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance

Dave Crowther, Lorna Anderson, Birney Holberg, Bob & Judy Capron, Elaine & Bill Tabacinski, Laura, Jason, Madison & Joshua Burckhardt, Randy & Donna Moore, Tom Reed, Dave & Cathy Sweet, Tim Wade, Tom Anderson, George Simonton, Bob Vosseller, Ray Zubik, Andy Whiteman, Tony Hartshorn, Drew Fuchs, Paul Rychener, Mark Vondersaar

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Dave Crowther followed by introductions by those in attendance.

Approval of Minutes of March & April, 2016 Meetings: -- Approval of minutes of both meetings were moved and seconded.
Treasurers Report: no Treasurer’s Report was submitted during this meeting.

Committee Updates

Conservation – Bob Capron

  1. Bob distributed information and photographs pertaining to the Sunlight Basin Stream Restoration Project and the Medicine Lodge Creek Project. (see comments 4 and 5 below)

  2. At the April EYTU Board of Directors Meeting Bob was authorized to commit $15,000 of EYTU monies to RAC (Resource Advisory Committee) projects. This money will assist the following projects that are going to receive RAC funding:

    1. Park County Weed and Pest work

    2. Two Sunlight Basin projects (includes the Sunlight Basin Stream Restoration Project)

    3. Construction of an outdoor restroom at Pilot Creek

  3. Bob’s term on the RAC is up; there are openings on the RAC

    1. Can apply

    2. Requires a 4-year commitment

    3. The RAC meets once per year in Thermopolis, plus members hold 2 teleconferences per year

  4. Laura Burckhardt is managing two Sunlight Basin Creek Projects

    1. Flood irrigation is going to be replaced by pivots; this should increase elk forage and decrease water loss from Sunlight Creek

    2. Creek restoration – will begin with an engineering study followed by a Restoration Plan; will involve channel realignment to reduce erosion.

  5. The design process has begun on the Medicine Lodge Creek Restoration Project

  6. Marathon Oil has donated about 27,000 square feet of erosion control matting rolls and 1100 bags of hydroseed mulch (around 11 acres’ worth). Bob will discuss with Marathon if Game and Fish should issue a news release regarding this contribution.

  7. Need volunteers for improvements to the fishing access trail at Corbett Dam.

    1. Friday, May 20th; meet at the Corbett Dam fishing access parking area at 9a.m.

    2. FFA members will be available to assist

    3. Bring chainsaws, pruning shears, axes, gloves, etc. if you have them.

Fundraising Committee - George Simonton & Birney Holberg:

  1. Raffle tickets were sold at start of meeting; drawing occurred at end of meeting.

Web Site Coordinator – Lorna Anderson:

  1. Nothing new on EYTU web site. If anyone wants to post something on the EYTU Facebook page, let Lorna know.

  2. If anyone is interested in taking over the EYTU web site management, contact Lorna.

Wyoming TU Council – Dave Sweet

  1. A “Tie One On” meeting of the Council will take place this weekend in Jackson

  2. Following a 6-month search, a WY TU Council Coordinator has been hired; Calvin Hazelwood, a long-time TU member, retired, starts July 18th.

Old Business:

  1. The Commissioner’s License sold on April 27th for $13,000 to a person from Macon, GA

    1. Funds have been placed in EYTU’s account

    2. Dave C will send a letter of appreciation to the Commissioner and indicate how the funds will be utilized.

New Business:

  1. Tim Wade of North Fork Anglers has signed a 2 year management agreement with Monster Lake. Daily fees will be reduced to $150 from $200, and half-days will be $100 ($90 for TU members). Tim says that the upper lake has large Brown Trout.

  2. The Casting Clinic scheduled for June 11th at the Rec Center needs volunteers.

  3. Yellowstone Lake Trout Implant Expedition update:

    1. Goal: implant 150 male Lake Trout over 20 inches long with transmitter

    2. June 13th to 17th; 22 boats volunteered to date, plus 3 surgery boats, and around 75 volunteers

  4. EYTU to host the Wyoming Council 2016 Fall Conference

    1. October 28th, 29th, & 30th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

    2. Which hotels should we have bid?

    3. The Conservation Committee will attend and will look at fish rescue efforts

    4. Attendees will go fishing, therefore will need volunteers

      1. Perhaps at Monster Lake?

    5. Event will be further discussed at our September meeting

Other Business:

  1. LL Bean has denied our request for 10 fly rod outfits to be donated to EYTU.

  2. Bill Tabacinski mentioned Kids Fishing Day, organized by the Optimist Club, scheduled for June 4th

    1. Need 4 EYTU volunteers for activities such as teaching spincasting & knot-tying instruction

    2. Birney, George, Dave C, and Bob volunteered

  3. Dave C was contacted by Sam Hochhalter regarding EYTU monetary support to replace fishing piers at the New Cody Reservoir that have been damaged by ice

    1. Dave responded that we would not contribute at this time, but opened topic up for discussion

    2. There was no further discussion on this matter

  4. A spawning operation targeting milk collection from male trout in the Yellowstone River in YNP. Collection will be on May 19th; those interested in participating should meet at the Rocky Mountain Discount Sport parking lot on May 18th at 9:30a.m.

  5. EYTU Chapter Picnic: 2nd Tuesday in July; July 14th.

    1. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to hold picnic at the Sunlight Basin Game and Fish campground with a tour of the Sunlight Creek project area (start tour at 3pm).

Adjourn Meeting: a motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn the meeting.


Dr. Tony Hartshorn, Assistant Professor, Department of Land Resources & Environmental Science, Montana State University, College of Agriculture

  1. Dr. Hartshorn provided an update on a field trip with MSU students Paul Rychener and Drew Fuchs to the old American Colloid Bentonite mine off Diamond Basin Road on BLM land to assess potential for reclamation

  2. The mine was abandoned 30 years ago.

  3. This is a 10 acre wasteland that yields sediment run-off into the Shoshone River.

  4. Hartshorn’s students have created several test environment to determine how to make the bentonite soil more permeable

    1. They looked at ways to add organic material to the clay

    2. One approach was to add wastewater treatment cake to the bentonite and then plant peas; pea plant roots were able to penetrate the resulting soil.

  5. Another approach is to change the surface topography; changing the soil contour, eg with a bulldozer or frontend loader, can create island basins that then collect water (from Sulfur Creek) and organic matter, resulting in areas of more permeable soil that will support plant growth and experience less erosion.

  6. Bottom-line: more experimentation is required, with BLM approval.

Next Meeting: Thursday, September 8th at the Sunset House.
M. Vondersaar
Note to Members: my apologies if you were at this meeting but not listed above as being in attendance – please make sure you sign the Attendance Roster when it is circulated during the meeting. Thanks! - MV

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