Mason Athletic Booster Association (maba) Minutes: February 22, 2010 Harvard Room: 6: 30 pm President: Fred Rausch called the meeting to order. Dr. Bright/Judy Brown: Rotary Club

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Mason Athletic Booster Association (MABA)

Minutes: February 22, 2010 Harvard Room: 6:30 pm

President: Fred Rausch called the meeting to order.

Dr. Bright/Judy Brown: Rotary Club - presented Chicken Dinner as a fundraiser. They are asking for help from MABA to orchestrate a successful dinner with $2 from each dinner going to MABA.

Rotary Club is asking MABA to sell tickets only. Rotary will provide all the workers, do the ordering, set up and tear down. MABA would receive $2 per ticket sold by our athletes,families,etc. If all 1759 athletes and 1 parent bought a ticket, MABA could earn $7036.

Tickets are $8 for dinner. Date of dinner: Oct. 1st, 2010, Homecoming Night. Rotary also sells advertisements for placements. Rotary Club also goes to the fine arts community /middle and high school. They will provide the entertainment. Nelson’s provides the dinners. The dinner is from 4:00 – 730.

2009 there were 700 dinners sold.

Largest year was 1000 dinners sold. This was done in conjunction with youth music performances.

Discussion: Fred opened the discussion. Softball has worked in conjunction with Rotary but then Softball had to provide the volunteers while MABA only sells the tickets.

A suggestion was made as to embracing the Chicken Dinner due to not having to provide volunteers.

Homecoming Night draws a lot of attention. More people come to the game early on Homecoming.

Question: Will each MBC be required to sell a certain number of tickets? Each club will be encouraged to sell tickets.

Motion: MABA will participate with Rotary in selling tickets for the chicken dinner to be held in the Middle School Commons on 10/1/10. MABA will receive$2 per ticket sold by MABA with all proceeds going to MABA.
All in attendance approved the motion. No official vote taken tonight due to the lack of a quorum. Evote to follow.

Athletic Director: Scott Stemple

A.D. partnering with Chick-Fil-A. Some groups use Chick-Fil-A in concession areas. Scott would like to bring in the marketing director to the March MABA meeting to present their opportunities. They will feed all MABA members at the next March MABA meeting. (March 2010) Denise DeLotell to reserve High School Kiva for the March meeting. (Chick-Fil-A will need 20 – 30 minutes)

April MABA Meeting, Scott would like to request 30 – 45 minutes for the Hall of Fame Committee representative to share ideas in terms of bringing what they do to the school community. (Sharing our history). The Hall of Famers would like to be embraced by the school district community. The AD would like to pull together the Hall of Famers on the Hall of Famers Night in conjunction with a fundraiser.

Mason also has an Alumni Committee which is new and will be more active in the future.

Scott is encouraged by MABA’s efforts and asks that members not be discouraged by attendance at fundraisers and negative PR within the athletic community. We are a new organization with the good of the athletic community at our forefront. It takes time and we are on the right track.

Question: Is the Athletic Dept. going to uniform the green color and our logo? The coaches have done this. They understand the necessity of the uniformity of the color and the logo. Trademark is being pursued. Athletic Council will discuss this topic in hopes of coming up with a uniformity plan.

January Minute Approval: No quorum. Minutes will be approved at the March MABA meeting.

Board Reports:

Vice President: Kelly Thomas

Product Test Fundraiser

P & G Product Test will net us $6000. Male Body Spray test to begin March 3. We need 130 male participants who use body spray. MABA has been in contact with coaches who are helping to secure enough participants. Boys will need parental permission. They bring the permission form on March 3rd and receive 2 cans of

body spray and specific directions. They are to use Can #1 for 3 days, complete a questionnaire, then use Can #2 for 3 days, and complete a questionnaire. All questionnaires are to be turned in March 11.?

MABA receives $6000.

Coach Castner is having the 60 football players participate. Kelly Michimi volunteered tennis boys.

Kelly Thomas will get them permission forms. Kelly T. will be in the weight room March 3rd from 5:30am – 7:00and 1:15 – 3:00pm (after school) to distribute products. Mary Beth Thompson will be working with baseball players. Susan Egan will work with track boys. Kelly will work with volunteers to get permission forms to boys. Kelly Thomas to email form to Kelly M (tennis), Mary Beth (baseball), and Susan Egan (track) who will distribute the forms. Kelly will email coaches with all the information.

Treasurer: Tom Lewis

The Treasurer’s report contains the detailed financial activity. It was emailed to the Sport Reps the afternoon before the meeting.

Since our last meeting

  • We received revenues of $ 4,419.01, most of which was for the Spaghetti Dinner

  • We expended $ 984.36, again, primarily for the same project

  • We have made no transfers between our school account and our WesBanco account

As of today’s meeting:

We have assets of $ 13,273.28

    • $ 11,761.28 of which is cash

    • $ 1,512.00 of which are receivables, mostly from the sports memorabilia auction at the spaghetti dinner and MABA’s portion of the football tourney game concessions

  • We have liabilities of $ 1,034.00, mostly from the sports memorabilia auction at the spaghetti dinner

  • The balance of all funds is $ 12,239.28

We project that at the end of the year we will have a balance of $ 9,311.97

  • This represents an increase of $ 4,011.11 since the first of the year

  • And an unfavorable performance to budget of $ (4,588.89)

These numbers do not include

  • A receivable from Culver’s estimated to be $50 to $60.

  • $6,000 anticipated revenue from the wear test, which was confirmed in the meeting to be in addition to the two sniff tests that are in the budget and still expected to be held.

WesBanco lowered MABA and MBC’s interest rate in December from 1.5% to .1%. I spoke to their representative and as of February 11, WesBanco raised everyone’s interest rate to 1.25% and will return it to 1.5%, but we are not sure exactly when.

Section 501 (c) (3) status: We have received letters from every MBC indicating that they are aware that they cannot use personal accounts for players and indicating that they have acted to prohibit the use of such accounts. We still need some financial data in the next couple of days but, by the 24th, plan to submit all additional information requested by the IRS.

No MBC should have a “MABA payment” as a line item in their budget. All payment amounts were set by the school, negotiated between the school and each MBC, and will be paid to directly to the school. MABA is not involved at all. Historically, MABA was going to pay the annual $50,000 payment for the FAST projects. This payment would come from proceeds from fundraisers, with any short fall being shared among the MBCs based on the number of participants in their respective programs. However, when MABA tried to do that, some MBCs chose to raise their portion by assessing the students. The administration did not want the booster clubs to assess a fee on students. Since MABA chose not to assess the fees arbitrarily and could not control how MBCs chose to raise the funds, we moved away from MABA collecting the moneys to the administration assessing and collecting it directly from each MBC, with a separate request to MABA that it make its own contribution.

Board Member: Susan Egan

Spaghetti Dinner
Tickets turned in at the door: 299 and 24 kids – 64 tickets unused.

Sold 387 tickets (last year – 686)

  • Pre-sold – 204 (last year – 484)

  • Door – 183 (last year – 202)

Preliminary financial report:

Made approximately $2,830.83 excluding any amount we receive from Culver’s ($50 - $60 expected) and assuming our estimates for cafeteria help and supplies are accurate. This was only $140 more than last year despite the fact that we raised ticket prices by $2 and added 4 ancillary revenue sources.

Net Earnings from:

  • Ticket sales – $1882.64

  • Placemat sponsors - $920

  • Memorabilia auction / sales - $171

  • Cookies - $15.50

  • Guitar man – donated tips - $12

  • Other Donations

    • $25 cash

    • Minuteman Press donated 1000 numbered tickets.

    • Athletic Department donated all soft drinks.

Did not get all unsold tickets back from the MBCs. From the perspective of good business practices and school policy, this is a problem.

Larosa's said they wanted to have the next one in the store, not at the school. We would get 20% of sales for a day.

Potential improvements under consideration for next year

  • Advertise Carry Out option

  • Reduce ticket cost by $1 if it is a presale

  • Simpler pricing. Restrict tickets offered to dinner only tickets - dissociate dinner from the gate but provide a method to for ticket holders to get in the gate for $4

  • Have no ticket sales with the Athletic Dept.


  • A suggestion was made that MABA needs to publicize its purpose and how the funds raised are being used. Parents are looking for the benefit of MABA to the athletes. There is misinformation in the community.

  • MABA exists for the athletes of the Mason School District.

  • MABA has completed paperwork for the 501(c)3 process. This will directly benefit all booster groups.

  • MABA will publicize benefits the athletic community of Mason.

  • Corporate Sponsorship Committee: Gary Porter

Nine letters have been sent out to food service establishments in the local area. They have heard back from 1 establishment who is taking it to their board. Gary asks for contacts from MABA reps. Susan Egan suggests contact the Chamber of Commerce who should have all addresses, etc. for local businesses.
Data Base

Susan Egan, suggests MABA develop a data base where we would have all Booster family emails so we could do mass emailing of fundraising events.

Mason Comet WebPage has a link to an alumni data base.

If MABA has a data base and emails all athletic families, what is the purpose of the reps?

We want the reps to be responsible in communicating what is going on to their respective groups.

Should a MABA Board member(s)be included on every distribution list of each Booster Club?

Suggestion: MABA needs to do something – show parents what MABA has done for the athletic community. How has MABA benefited the entire athletic community?

Suggestion: MABA can help the small groups with their FAST contribution.

Communicate to parents – what MABA has done, what MABA has spent money on: Development of 501c3, etc.

Suggestion: Handout to each parent regarding why 501c3 is important and why we MUST have it.

Suggestion: Each group needs to formally ask parents what they feel MABA can do .
Question for Athletic Director: What do coaches receive in terms of coaching gear?
Tom Lewis suggested that unofficial treasurer reports be sent to each Booster Club Officer each month.
Meeting Adjourned. Next Meeting: Monday: 3/15/2010 , High School Kiva: 6:30 pm. Chick-Fil-A to be providing dinner.
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