Lesson Plan for the 5th Grades

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Lesson Plan for the 6th Grades

Date: 29.10.2015

Theme: Are your animals healthy?
Skills to be developed: Reading, listening, speaking, writing

Class management: Plenary, Individual work, Group work, Pair work


Educational aim:  Talking and writing about what is good for people's and animals' health; Reading for specific information; Listening for specific information;

Upbringing aim: Healthy and unhealthy food for animals.

Developing aim: to practise talking about what is good for people's and animals' health; to practise listening for detailed information; to develop writing skills through a controlled activity;


Lesson plan:





Organizational moment, warm up

Greeting pupils, warm up




Checking H/W

Learn the text by heart



Introducing the new theme

Are your animals healthy?

Orally memorizing,


Grammar: Present indefinite

Group work, individually



Class work, doing exercises


Doing exercises

Group work, questions

Revising activity

Mini dictation


Group work


Estimating and giving homework

P 42 Ex: 1a,b,c,d,e

Individually, spelling

1. Organizational moment.

Warm up. (A short exercise)

Hello pupils. Today is the 29th of October. Who is on duty today? What’s the weather like today? What’s the temperature? Who is absent today?

2. Revising the phrases and checking homework from the last lesson.

Draw shopping places

3. Introducing new theme. “Are your animals healthy?”.

Today we will work with you on theme: “Are your animals healthy?”. We will learn with you how to use should and shouldn’t. You are going to learn new words.

4. Grammar.

Present indefinite rule

5. Doing exercises.

6. Revising activity. Remember. Questions

What is the theme for today?

What foods are good for people’s health?

Do you feed your domestic animals?

What are the new words for today?
7. Estimating and giving homework.

P 42 Ex: 1a,b,c,d,e

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