Lesson 28. It’s for charity

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Lesson 28. It’s for charity

Grammar: We use to be going to when we have decided to do smth.

For example: Today, I am going to drive my new motorcycle, then I am goingto phone my best friend and finally I am going to read my favourite novel.

Is going to happen: The situation now make us believe that. For example: Look at those black clouds! It`s going to rain.

She is pregnant. She is going to have a baby.

Real World: offers, suggestions and requests:

In English, a proposal to perform an action can be expressed by several modal verbs: shall, can, could, or might.

We use shall in interrogative sentences expressing a sentence, usually with we (see Figure 4):

- Shall we eat out tonight?

- Shall we dance?

- Shall I call for you this evening?

- Shall I wait for you?

We can use shallow with a question word to ask for advice or hear a suggestion:

Where shall we go for dinner? What shall we do with a cat while we’re on holiday?

Please note that in American English should be much more common than shall:

Should we take the kids for a baseball game tomorrow?

- Should we tell them the truth?

- Should I go without you?

We can also offer to do something in affirmative sentences with modal verbs can, could and might (with varying degrees of formality):

We can watch a movie tonight if you like.

I can stop by and help you with your homework.

You can buy your mother some flowers for her birthday.

We could meet at the weekend.

You might bring a bottle of wine to the party.

We might go see that movie you told me about.

Sometimes we can offer to do something using the phrase why don’t you / we:

Why don’t you apply for the job? I’m sure, you’ll get it.

Why don’t we go out tonight?

Why don’t we spend the weekend at the lake?


  1. Work in groups. Discuss these questions.

  2. Which is the biggest charityorganisation in your country?

  3. Have you (or someone you know) ever raised money for a charity? If yes, what did you/they do?

  4. What do you think the British charity, Children in Need, does?

  1. Write the headings to the correct places a)–d) in the table

Making suggestions

Making requests

Making offers

Responding to offers



Shall 1 make some posters?

Can 1 give you a hand?

I’ll help you, if you like.

Yes, that'd be great.

Great, thanks a lot.

Yes, why not?

No, don't worry. Thanks anyway.



Will you organize that?

Could you give me a hand?

Can you do that?

Shall we start?

Let’s decide who does what.

Why don’t we ask Steve?

  1. Fill in the gaps with the phrases in the boxes.

S Shall we, thanks, Could you, why don’t, why now, I’ll

JANET Shall we put some posters up in the library?

KIM Yes. _____?

JANET And_____we tell the local paperabout the event?

KIM That’s a good idea. _____ organise that?

JANET Yes, of course. _____ call them tomorrow.

KIM Great, _____ a lot.

C, can you, don’t worry, that’d be, Shall I, Let’s, Can I

RAY, can you play at our charity event?

STEVE, Yes of course. _____ bring some CDs too?

RAY Yes,_____ great. Thanks.

STEVE _____ give you a hand with anything else?

RAY No, _____ . Thanks anyway.

STEVE Right. _____ choose some CDs.

  1. a) (R5.12) Listen to some people planning an event for Children in Need. Which of these events are they planning?

a concert a disco a quiz night a karaoke night

b) Listen again. Tick the things they plan to do.

*make tickets *put an advert in the paper

*make posters *buy food and drink

*put up posters *write quiz questions

*have a live band *hire a karaoke machine
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