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Tabiiy yo’nalishlar bo’yicha

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G.A.Rahimova _________

Name________________________ Faculty_______________________

  1. Reading comprehension

Hi Lucia

How are you? It was so nice to meet you last week in Sydney at the sales meeting. How was the rest of your trip? Did you see any kangaroos? I hope you got home to Mexico City OK.

Anyway, I have the documents about the new Berlin offices. We're going to be open in three months. I moved here from London just last week. They are very nice offices, and the location is perfect. There are lots of restaurants, cafés and banks in the area. There's also public transport; we are next to an U-Bahn (that is the name for the metro here). Maybe you can come and see them one day? I would love to show you Berlin, especially in the winter. You said you have never seen snow – you will see lots here!

Here's a photo of you and me at the restaurant in Sydney. That was a very fun night! Remember the singing Englishman? Crazy! Please send me any other photos you have of that night. Good memories.

Please give me your email address and I will send you the documents.

Bye for now


Match the place to the sentence.

Berlin London Mexico City Sydney

  1. Mikel and Lucia met here. ______________

  2. Mikel's new offices are here. _______________

  3. Mikel used to live here. ______________

  4. Lucia lives here. ______________

Decide if the sentences are true or false.

5. Mikel and Lucia were friends from school. T / F

Начало формы

Конец формы

6. They work for a company that sells things. T / F Начало формы

7. Конец формы

The new offices are in a very good location. T / F

Начало формы

8. Конец формы

There is a metro next to the offices. T / F Начало формы

9. Конец формы

Mikel has never seen snow before. T / F

10. Конец формы

Mikel and Lucia had dinner together. T / F

0.5 point for each answer: ____/ 5

2. Grammar checking. Write the correct answer using: many...much...a few...a little.

1-How _________cups of coffee do you drink in the morning?

2-He has ________ dishes to wash. His house is very dirty.
3-How _______ rice do you want?
4-I don't have ________ money today.
5-I have ________ dollars to go shopping.
6-You are wasting _________ water. Save it.
7-She doesn't have _________work to do today.
8-They are young, they have _________ to learn.
9-The soup needs ________ salt.
10-I want _________ cream for my coffee please.

0.5 point for each answer: ____/ 5 Начало формы

  1. Listening. Do this exercise while you listen.

At the library (Lucy and school librarian)

School librarian: And what`s your 1……………, Lucy?

Lucy: Moore

School librarian: Can you 2 …………… that?

Lucy: M-O-O-R-E.

School librarian: Thank you. What 3 …………….. are you in?

Lucy: Class B1.

School librarian: Class B1. And how 4 ……….. are you, Lucy?

Lucy: I`m 13

School librarian: Have you got a 5 …………… ?

Lucy: Yes, here you are.

School librarian: Thank you.

School librarian: Ok, thank you, Lucy. Here`s your school library

Lucy: Thanks, Bye.

1point for each answer: ____/ 5

  1. Writing. Choose one of the picture, give a title and describe it.


5 point/___

Total mark: ____ /20

Tuzuvchi: Irsaliyeva M.A

Конец формы

Конец формы
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