J: Ring a piece of electronic equipment for storing data, used in computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. J: card

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IN a bus network all devices are connected to one another in a continuous loop.

J: Ring

a piece of electronic equipment for storing data, used in computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.

J: card 

Following is(are) the responsibility(ies) of the project manager.

J: All of the above

A cyber bully uses all of the following on-line methods to intimidate EXCEPT:

J: Pushing, hitting, screaming in person

     Question mark

J: ?

If the computer crashes, you can try pressing the __________ button.

J: restart 

a way of charging for sth where you pay an amount of money once every month, year, etc. to receive a service or use a product

J: subscription pricing

Which option best describes what the database keeps track of ?

J: clients and orders

hardware-a set of computers that are connected to each other so that they can share information

J: false

A type of service available on the Internet that allows you to quickly exchange written messages with people that you know

J: instant messaging

  You might want to partition the hard drive ………..use the different partitions for different purposes

J: to

to provide computing facilities and storage capacity as a service to a group of similar customers

J: supply cloud computing

Pop-up ______

J: menu

The process whereby an article, video or podcast becomes popular and is passed around from person to person, or is on the top of the social media's popularity lists

J: viral

Person who amends and produces computer program is considered as

J: programmers

fee -the amount of information that you are allowed to access through a telephone wire, computer connection, etc. in any one month

J: false

The computer was _____ and running again in a couple of hours.

J: up
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