IXth Ukrainian Poultry Conference With International Participation

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Ukrainian Branch of the World Poultry Science


PSO “Poultry industry of Ukraine”

IXth Ukrainian Poultry Conference With International Participation

Exhibition “ Poultry Industry 2008”

Alushta, September, 15-18, 2008

Dear ladies and gentlemen! We are invited you to take part in the
IX Ukrainian Poultry Conference with International Participation.

More than 500 people from Ukraine and other countries of the Europe will take part in the work of the Conference. Besides home and foreign scientists the heads and specialists of region poultry unions, breeding farms, poultry farms, reproduction farms, hatcheries, individual farms, mixed-feed plants and also representatives of the firms, supplying vitamin and veterinary preparations, equipment, breeding material will take part in the work of the conference

There will be heads and specialists of poultry enterprises of Ukraine. The leading home and foreign scientists, more than 100 firms and enterprises, working with poultry farms at the market of Ukraine , are invited for taking part in our Conference. Within the limits of the Conference the Exhibition “Poultry Industry 2008” will be organized.

Main workshops of the Conference

  • Physiology, biochemistry and nutrition of poultry

  • Protection of poultry health

  • Genetics and selection

  • Technology, reproduction, economy

Conference takes place in Alushta (Crimea) in a tourist health-improving complex "CHAYKA" (street Krasnoarmejskaya 11, tel./fax: (06560) 254-58; registry - 254-59; the secretary - 254-51; accounts department - 254-46).

Materials of conference will be published in the collection of conference. Materials for the publication direct to Ionov Igor Anatolyevich to the address of ionov.i.a@mail.ru.

Requirements to the materials of conference: in the form of a file of editor Word, format А4 through 1,0 interval, font Times New Roman in the size 14. The paragraph - 5 signs. Fields: left – 1,5 sm, right – 1,5 sm, top and bottom – on 2 sm. On the first page are underlined the code of UDC in the top left corner. The name of article - greater letters with allocation by a semibold font, (Russian and English variants) and keywords is italicized the resume. In structure of articles it is necessary to allocate such sections: Introduction, Materials and methods, Results , Conclusions, The list of the literature. The reference to article are resulted by figures in parentheses. Pages of the manuscript are not numbered. Illustrations join in the text of article in a ready kind.

Registration of participants of conference will begin on September, 12th, 2008 in the main building of "CHAYKA". Travel from a Simferopol (railway station) up to Alushta: - trolley bus N51 (Simferopol – Alushta) up to a final stop; - trolley bus N52 (Simferopol – Yalta), fixed-route taxis or bus up to road service station Alushta. Concerning settlement to address to organizers of conference.
Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Length of scientific reports – 30-40 min., advertising addresses – 10 min.

Format of posters – 1 x 1 m

Payments: Registration fee – 50$
Professor Igor Ionov

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