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English “Fly High” – 8 I-chorak

1) Independence Day in the USA is on …….. .

a)On July4 b)On September1 c)On June12

2) the word “Carol” means

a) jolly song b) king c)sad song

3) “The Guardian” is a …

a) magazine b) newspaper c) journal

4) What song do Americans and Britans sing at a New Year’s Party?

a)”Auld Lang Syne” b)”Jingle Bells” c)”Oh, Sussana”

5) What Holidays come together?

a)New Year and Bonfire Night b)New Year and Christmas c)New Year and Independence Day

6) When s “Christmas” celebrated?

a)On January 1 b)On February14 c)On December25

7) When is “Halloween” celebrated?

a)On October 31 b)On February14 c)On March17

8) What special food do English people have on “Christmas”?

a)palov b)pudding c)hot dog

9) What extra presents get children in the USA and Great Britain?

a)a bag with presents b)a basket with presents c)a stocking with presents

10) On what holiday do people burn the guy?

a)Bonfire Night b)Halloween c)April Fool

11) We’ve chosen ______ because it has lots of sports news.

a)The Guardian b)Financial Time c)Sport

12) The British newspapers are … as the American newspapers.

a)the same b)not the same c)---

13) I work ______ the school newspaper.

a)on b)from c)for

14) The Financial Time is printed on … paper

a) red b) white c) pink

15) They show celebration … channel 4

a) in b) on c) at

16) In Uzbekistan we celebrate our Independence … September 1st

a) at b) on c) in

17) Do you have TV … home?

a) at b) in c) near

18) Index is situated on …

a) the front page b) the back page c) the middle page

19) Change this sentence to the indirect speech.

This is our first visit to your country.

  1. They said that is their first visit to your country.

  2. They said that was their first visit to our country.

  3. They said that was their first visit to your country.

20) Change this sentence to the direct speech.

She said she had done her all work that day.

  1. I have done my all work that day.

  2. She had done her all work today.

  3. I have done my all work today.

Questions 21-25.

Read the text and answer the questions according to the text.

Guy Fawkes Night

November 5th is Guy Fawkes Night in Britain. People build fires called ‘bonfires’ in their gardens. On top of the fire they put a model of a man called a ‘guy.

The guy is made of paper, wood, straw and old clothes. He is called a ‘guy’ after Guy Fawkes.
Guy Fawkes tried to kill King James I on November 5th. 1605. Fie failed and British people
celebrate his failure. November 5th is not a holiday. People go to work and children go to
school. But in the evening they have ‘bonfire night’ parties. They invite their friends and
family to watch fireworks, burn the guy, and eat sausages and baked potatoes.

In the days before firework night children make guys. They show their guys in the street and collect money to pay for the guy and to buy fireworks. You can hear them call. ‘Penny for the guy, penny for the guy, please.’ For two or three weeks before Guy Fawkes Night, there are

loud ‘bangs’ in the streets, especially in the evening and at night.

Many schools, villages and towns organise community firework parties. On Bonfire Night they organise a big bonfire and a ‘best guy’ competition. All the children bring their guys and the best

one gets a prize. Then the guys arc burned and the fireworks are lit. Everyone stands a safe distance from the fireworks and enjoys the firework display.

21. When do British people celebrate ‘Guy Fawkes Night’

a) in spring b) in winter c) in autumn d) in summer

22. Find the name which is not the name of the holiday?

a) Firework party b) Guy Fawkes Night c) Bonfire Night d) Firework Night

23.what kind of competition do they organize on that day?

a) best bonfire competition b) best guy competition

c) best baked potato competition d) best dancer competition

24. find the correct sentence according to the text.

a) People celebrate the holiday all day.

b) People celebrate King James I’s failure

c) Schools are not allowed to organize Bonfire Night parties.

d) Children make the guy from wood, straw, paper and old clothes.

25. write 6 time expressions which are used in the text.


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