In history, it is obvious that there were lots of war especially during World war I and II, and these wars led to changing some countries politically

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In history, it is obvious that there were lots of war especially during World war I and II, and these wars led to changing some countries politically. I wondered how the country Korea was divided into two parts, for this I decided to write how and current situation of this country.

The division is the result of impact of two rival superpowers namely, Soviet Union and United States. This event occurred at the end of WW2, before that, Korea was annexed under Japanese colonial rule. Interestingly, this division happened without Korean’s attendance, two militarily strong countries made that. In other words, these two rival countries divided the control over Peninsula, that means, North of Korea and South of Korean peninsula supported by Soviet Army and the government of United States respectively. In North side of Korea, Soviet policies were popular with laborer and peasant population, most middle class escaped towards south. For two countries experienced huge power making people leave from there was final target. When United States called to vote for Korean peninsula future, but, North side denied to vote, and in the south they formed its own government. Owing to this, Korea was divided into two. At first, they did not resolve the regime United States suggested, after that, they did because of that damaging impact of United States, it bombed villages, towns, cites and so on, they had to leave from there. Since 1953 there has been extremely little movement across demilitarized zone between two parts. The historian describes border as «hermitically sealed» which explains the drastically different paths the two nations.

Currently, South Korea developed robust economy and becoming a fully democratic nations. As for North Korea, it dedicated to develop and create nuclear program, it is likely to rival with Korea, and it still allies United States. South Korea began welcoming people from around the world, whereas North Korea is still feeling worse behavior to those from other countries, this country only organizes militarily parade, this is an example when South Korea has well behavior to others from foreign country , but, North does not. “There are two established state organization run by Koreans, each claiming to be a legitimate leaders of the people of the whole nations, and nothing changed ” historian says.
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