Improving Hotel Menegement in Tourism What is The Hotel Industry?

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Improving Hotel Menegement in Tourism
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Improving Hotel Menegement in Tourism

What is The Hotel Industry?
The hotel industry deals with all types of guest accommodation. In fact, the hotel industry not only relates to luxury hotels and resorts, but it also includes overnight accommodation in guesthouses, motels, inns, and hostels as short-term types of accommodation. The main purpose of hotels is to provide guest travellers with food, drinks, services, and shelter whilst they are away from home. More information about the hotel industry you can find in the article “Hotel Industry; Everything You Need to Know About Hotels!”.
What is Hotel Management All About?
Hotel management involves the management of anything that’s related to the hotel industry. If you want to gain a foothold in this business, you will need to learn about all the techniques of managing a hotel business including marketing, hotel administration, catering management, housekeeping, and accounts. The primary goal behind learning the ins and outs of hotel management is to run a hotel successfully while managing the other aspects of the business at the same time.
What is the Difference Between Hospitality and Hotel Management?
The main difference between hotel management and hospitality management is as the name suggests, hotel management, covers all aspects of managing a hotel, whereas hospitality management is a broader term that deals with people management in sectors, such as nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, transportation, and even hotels.
A Brief History of Hotel Management
From the early 17th century, business owners across America started building and establishing inns to serve the accommodation needs of travellers. At the beginning, these inns only offered basic services, but as time went by and demand for short-term accommodation grew, the hotel owners became prepared to provide guests with more facilities. Since then, the hotel industry expanded further as people were willing to pay more for better quality services. This industry has always strove to fulfil the changing demands of the society and has developed into an essential part of the economy. Today, travellers can find different types of accommodation based on their budget, from cheap bed and breakfasts, to luxurious 5-star hotels.

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