I have got a big and cosy room on the first floor of our house. There is a big window with lace curtains in it, so my room is full of light

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  • I have got a big and cosy room on the first floor of our house. There is a big window with lace curtains in it, so my room is full of light. I spend a great deal of my time in this room: I do my homework, listen to music, read books and chat with my friends via the Internet. The wallpapers are white with light blue flowers. There is a poster of my favourite music band above my bed.
  • There is also a round mirror hanging on the wall and a small table under it. In the mornings I do my hair in front of it. I also have a big desk with a table lamp on it. I do my homework at it and sometimes draw small pictures with colour pencils. I keep my workbooks and exercise books on the shelf above the desk. It is very convenient, as I have everything at hand while doing my homework.
  • There is a bed, bookshelves and a writing desk with a computer on it. My bed is not big, but comfortable. I like reading in bed before going to sleep, so I have a wall bracket lamp on the wall. I have got a lot of books and there is a bookcase near my bed.
  • My room is not just a place where I can relax, it is also a place where I can work! There are many large and exotic plants. It creates a special atmosphere here.
  • I love traveling and soccer, so on the walls in my room there are a lot of pictures and posters of footballers or different countries. Also I collect model cars, so on my shelf you can see a number of beautiful and old-fashioned cars. I personally believe that precisely this collection of selected cars and posters on the walls makes my room a bit special and unique.
  • There is also a stereo system and a guitar. Sometimes when I stay home alone, I turn on the music at full volume, or play guitar with friends. No matter what anyone says, my room is great!

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