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GREAT LAKES, USA – While Port Washington residents await the body recovery of Tyler Buczek and mourn his loss, the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) announces its current drowning statistics.  Tyler is one of the eight drownings over the Labor Day Weekend, increasing 2012’s Great Lakes Drownings to 88; 249 since 2010 (74 in 2010; 87 in 2011).

Tyler Buczek, 15, an 8th grade valedictorian and incoming freshman quarterback disappeared in the waves at a Port Washington beach as his closest friends watched.  Tuesday was supposed to be his first day of high school.  One of his friends was quoted as saying, 'We're all freshmen.  It supposed to be we're all happy, we're in high school. But I don't think that's going to be how it is this year.'"

About the same time 30 miles north in Sheboygan the  Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project completed its water session of its "Water Safety Surf Rescue" class, as 61 year-old, Karl W. Schmidt was pulled out of Lake Michigan unresponsive just 350 yards north the class’ location (pictured above). Schmidt went out into the water to assist his 9-year-old grandson who went swimming too far from shore. The boy was assisted to shore by other beachgoers who moments later noticed that his grandfather had not returned to shore.

"How many more of these stories will we have to hear before water safety becomes a top priority on the Great Lakes," asked Dave Benjamin, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project? 

“These drowning numbers do not happen on the East Coast or West Coast combined, and 99% of drownings are preventable.”

“The Lakes need Open Water/Rough Water lifeguards with rescue boards, the updated rip current survival strategy "FLIP, FLOAT, and FOLLOW" [1], updated beach signage tailored for the Great Lakes [2], warning flags, etc. Although some may think summer’s almost over, we could still have a lot of warm weather and drownings continuing into the fall.”

[1] the current rip current survival strategy "Don't panic" is ineffective and "Swim Parallel" to shore may not always work because of flash rip currents, longshore currents, and structural currents]

[2] current rip current signage was designed for the oceans and not accurate for the Great Lakes

What everyone should know before they put their toes in the water:

·         Know the Michigan Sea Grants “Flip, Float, and Follow” Rip Current Survival Strategy

·         Know the Signs of Drowning

·         Know the Great Lakes Dangerous Currents

·         Drowning Terms for the Media to Discontinue

Overview of the Deadly Holiday Weekend

On Thursday 08/30, Brian Rolston, 16, became the 81st person to drown in the Great Lakes when he was swimming in shallow water but in heavy surf at Van’s Beach, MI and a rip current swept him into deep water and he slipped beneath the surface.

On Friday, 08/31 Jeremy Gerber, 36, became the 82nd person to drown in the Great Lakes – waters were turbulent with high winds causing waves almost one metre high at Sauble Beach, Canada

On Saturday Chicago area man, Paul DeTrano, went  missing while swimming north of Holland, MI.  His body is found on Tuesday and he is presumed to have drowned.

On Sunday:

--a 61 year-old male, Karl W. Schmidt, drowned at Deland Park, Sheboygan, WI, trying to rescue his grandson;

--Tyler Buczek, 15, 8th Grade valedictorian, quarterback, tomorrow was supposed to be his first day of high school, near Port Washington, WI in Lake Michigan (*missing and presumed drowned).

--Sunday (09/02) during high winds and waves on Lake Huron, two men decided to jump from their boat for a swim. The boat was far from shore and the men were not wearing life jackets. The winds pushed the boat away from the swimmers and the remaining people on board had trouble steering the vessel because the operator of the boat was one of the men who had jumped in the water. Other boat passengers manage to rescue one of the men, but the other slipped under the water. The search resumes today.

On Monday 09/03 a 29 year-old male was pulled from Lake Erie near Long Point Provincial Park, Ont.


The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, Inc. (GLSRP) is about saving lives.  It is a nonprofit corporation that is a Chapter of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) that tracks drowning statistics, teaches “Water Safety Surf Rescue” classes, and leads the “Third Coast Ocean Force” rip current awareness campaign on the Great Lakes.

It has been selected to present at the 2nd International Rip Current Symposium Nov. 1st, 2012 in Sydney, Australia; the 2012 winner of the “Outstanding Service to the Great Lakes Community” award presented by the Dairyland Surf Classic; the 2011 “Lifesaver of the Year” award winner; and a presenter at the NDPA’s 11th Annual Symposium in San Diego, March 9, 2012.

2012 Great Lakes Drownings   

(88 as of September 5)

(Info provided by the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project)


1.      Sun.           01/08   John Doe                                 M-30s Chicago                      

2.      Tue.           01/24   Brittany Finley                        22-F     Oak Creek, WI           

3.      Sun.           02/05   John Doe                                 M-50s Chicago

4.      Fri.             03/02   Talmadge “Todd” Channell    35-M   Chicago                       ?

5.      Sun.           03/04   Philip Patnaude                       28-M   Chicago                       Fell in Harbor

6.      Mon.          03/05   Rasheed Mariano                    17-M   Waukegan, IL             Pier Jump

7.      Sat.            03/10   Peter Dougherty                      24-M   Port Washington, WI  Kayaking

8.      Mon.          03/26   Jane Doe                                 ?-F       Chicago                      

9.      Wed.         04/11   Willie Edward Hurse              33-M   Beverly Shores, IN    

10.  Sun.           04/22   David Dickerson                     43-M   Grand Traverse Bay    Canoe

11.  Wed.        05/19   Maurice Blandin                     21-M   North Ave. Beach, IL ?

12.  Thur.          05/24   Lexie Adu                               15-F     Chicago, Loyola Park Rip Current

13.  Sat.            05/26   Jane Doe                                 36-F     59th Street harbor       ?

14.  Mon.          05/28   Jorge Garduno                        20-M   Zion, Illinois                Swimming

15.  Sat.            06/02   Ling Lang Zou                        24-F     Ludington, MI                        ?

16.  Tues.          06/12   George Sosa                            14-M   Chicago, IL North Ave. Beach

17.  Fri.             06/15   Christian Ouding                    13-M   Grand Haven, MI

18.  Mon.          06/17   Leonel Dominguez                  31-M   Beverly Shores, IN

19.  Mon.          06/17   Joseph Hall                              58-M   Pere Marquette Park, MI

20.  Tues.          06/19   Alexander Hines                     26-M   St. Joseph, MI             Fall from pier

21.  Wed.         06/20   Maleisa Brown                        3-F       South Haven, MI

22.  Wed.         07/04   Mahlik J. Harris                       ?-M      31St Street Beach, Chicago

23.  Sun.           07/08   Corey McFry                           15-M   Portage, IN     Possible Rip Current

24.  Thur.          07/12   Romero Roundtree                 16-M   Chicago, IL

25.  Sun.           07/15   Dr. Victoria Kut                      44-F     Lake Forest, IL          

26.  Fri.             07/20   Nacere Bradley                       5-M     West Beach, Gary, IN

27.  Fri.             07/20   Craig A. Hoffman                   44-M   Eichelman Park, Kenosha, WI

28.  Sat.            07/21   Robert Moran                          18-M   Cross Village Beach, MI

29.  Fri.             07/27   Ron Washington                     60-M   Burton Place, Chicago, IL

30.  Fri.             07/27   Ayanna Patterson                    12-F     North Avenue Beach, Chicago, IL

31.  Sun.           08/05   Dr. Donald Liu                       50-M, Cherry Beach, Chickaming, MI

32.  Sun.           08/05   Anthony Kelly                                    41-M, Tiscornia Beach, St. Joseph, MI

33.  Sun.           08/05   John Doe                                40-M, Peterson Beach, Benzie County,

34.  Fri.             08/10   David Diener                          21-M Sheboygan, WI *recovery mission

35.  Fri.             08/10   Kurt K. Netzer                        37-M Sheboygan, WI

36.  Thur.          08/16   William Sorokin                      67-M Ludington, MI

37.  Thur.          08/16   Ray Finholm                           59-M Ludington, MI

38.  Tues.          08/21   John Doe                                 34-M Menominee, WI

39.  Wed.         08/22   David Patarozi                                    68-M Belmont Harbor, Chicago

40.  Thur.          08/30   Brian Rolston                          16-M Van’s Beach, MI Rip Current

41.  Sun.           09/02   Karl W. Schmidt                     61-M Deland Park, Sheboygan, WI

42.  Sun.           09/02   Tyler Buczek                           15-M Port Washington, WI

43.  Sat.            09/01   Paul DeTrano                          36-M Holland, MI


44.  Mon.          06/11   Jeffery Carlos Watson Jr.,       13-M   Duluth, MN

45.  Sun.           06/17   Robert Weitzel                        57-M   Pigeon Bay Point, MN Kayak

46.  Tues.          06/26   Derril Yerigan                         52-M   Whitefish Point, MI    Scuba Diving

47.  Thur.          07/05   William Jaksha                        54-M   Ontonagon

48.  Wed.         07/11   Rose Mary Marshall                89-F     Grand Marais

49.  Thur.          08/02   Charles Conklin                      74-M   Apostle Islands National Lakeshore


50.  Sat.            01/21   J. Doe                                      ?-?       Boulevard Club

51.  Thur.          02/09   John Doe                                 47-M   Burloak Waterfront Park

52.  Sun.           02/26   J. Doe                                      ?-?       Queen’s Quay            

53.  Wed.         02/29   Mathieu LeClair                     20-M   Kingston, Ont.                       

54.  Fri.             03/16   John Doe                                 20-M   Toronto                       Fall

55.  Fri.           04/13  Jane Doe                                  ?-F       Etobicoke Yacht Club

56.  Sat.            04/21   David Tuttle                            ?-M      Henderson, NY

57.  Sun.           06/16   Marcos A. Peralta                   27-M   Fair Haven Beach       Pier Jumping

58.  Sun.           07/08   Dennis J. Ash                          16-M   Wilson, NY     Swimming near Pier

59.  Thur.          07/19   John Doe                                 24-M   Bluffer’s Park

60.  Sat.            07/21   John Doe                                 17-M  

61.  Tues.          07/24   Timothy D. Confer                 33-M   Sandy Creek

62.  Sun.           08/05   John Doe                                 17-M   Scarborough

63.  Sun.           08/05   John Doe                                 22-M   Scarborough

64.   Sun.          08/05   Mustafa Ahmadi                     26-M   Whitby Ontario

65.  Fri.             08/10   Victor O. Woolson                  19-M   Flat Rock

66.  Fri.             08/17   Jane Doe                                 78-F     Sandbanks Provincial Park

67.  Fri.             08/31   John Doe                                 60’s-M Port Dalhousie


68.  Wed.         05/23   Gregory Gulko                        45-M   Point Pelee      Sailing

69.  Thur.          06/21   John Doe                                 22-M   Lake Erie Harbor        Pier Jumping

70.  Wed.         06/26   Laura Recco                            47-F     Huntington Beach, Ohio Rip Current

71.  Thur.          07/04   Anthony Norman                    23-M   Avon Lake, Ohio        Fishing           

72.  Fri.             07/13   David Harder                          07-M   Port Burwell, Ont.      Swimming

73.  Fri.             07/13   Lisa Harder                             10-F     Port Burwell, Ont.      Swimming

74.  Sat.            07/14   John Doe                                 12-M   Sherkston Shores, Ontario

75.  Tues.          07/17   Terry Hansard                         18-M   Euclid Beach, Cleveland

76.  Fri.             07/27   Charles D. McCarley              46-M   Ottawa County’s West Harbor

77.  Sun.           08/05   Walter Santos                          43-M   Long Point Park

78.  Sun.           08/05   Slavisa Bugarcic,                     34-M   Mentor, OH

79.  Mon.          08/13   Michael Foreman                    34-M   Avon Lake, Ohio

80.  Mon.          09/03   John Doe                                 29-M   Long Point Provincial Park, Ont


81.  Sun.           07/01   Jeno Bujtas                              27-M   Grand Bend

82.  Mon.          07/09   Mohammed Zindani               7-M     Port Huron

83.  Son.           07/22   John Doe                                 6-M     Manitoulin Island

84.  Mon.          07/23   John Doe                         21 Mos-M   Manitoulin Island

85.  Sun.           07/29   John Doe                                 43-M   Sarnia Yacht Club

86.  Sat.            08/04   John Doe                                 30-M   Lakeside Beach, Port Huron

87.  Fri.             08/31   Jeremy Gerber                         36-M Sauble Beach, Canada

88.  Sun.           09/02   Gordon Van Dyke                  53-M Bayfield, Ont.


2011 Great Lakes Drownings   

87 (23 via Rip Currents)

(Info provided by the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project)


1.      Sat.            01/01   Michael Hilling           19-M   Chicago                       Retrieving object

2.      Wed.         02/02   Peter Davis                  60-M   Chicago                       Unknown

3.      Mon.          02/14   Casey Palmer              23-M   Milwaukee                  Walk on ice

4.      Fri.             04/08   Sarah Goenne              61-M   Chicago                       Fall from dock

5.      Mon.          04/11   Jane Doe                     13-F     Kenosha                      Pier Jump

6.      Sun.           05/22   Terrell Burton              19-M   St. Joe                         Pier jump

7.      Wed.         06/08   Jorge Martinez            55-M   Chicago                       swimming

8.      Sun.           06/19   John Doe                     5-M     Chicago                       Fall from pier

9.      Fri.             06/29   Steven Link                 42-M   Sheboygan WI                        Step-off

10.  Sat.            07/02   Timothy Judge            44-M   Muskegon                   Scuba

11.  Sun.           07/03   Tyon McNeil               5-M    Covert                         Unknown

12.  Mon.          07/04   Chris Szmajlo              29-M   Chicago                       Boating

13.  Fri.             07/15   Jane Doe                    ?-F       Racine                         Unknown

14.  Fri.             07/15   Mark Tuthill                47-M   Portage                        Step off

15.  Sun.           07/17   Marche Wilburn          6-F       Gary Ind.                    Unknown

16.  Sun.           07/17   Mark Morley               51-M   Charlevoix                   Sailing

17.  Sun.           07/17   Suzanne Bickel           41-F     Charlevoix                   Sailing

18.  Wed          07/27   Sharon Walsh              69-F     Chicago                       unknown

19.  Mon.          08/01   Javier Rivera               19-M   Chicago                       Swimming

20.  Mon.          08/01   Mark Urness                53-M   Frankfort                     swim from boat

21.  Tues.          08/02   Chandra Aravind        33-M   Chicago                       Boating

22.  Wed.         08/03   Delilah Hope Perez     13-F     Pentwater                    rip current

23.  Sun.           08/07   Martin Perez                8-M     Mich. City                   rip current

24.  Tues.          08/09   Daniel Reed                46-M   Saugatuck                   rip current

25.  Tues.          08/09   Bradley Stoner            22-M   Saugatuck                   rip current

26.  Wed.         08/10    Brett Vanetten           20-M   Gary                            rip current

27.  Thur.          08/18   Dolsey Squires            41-F     Northport Beach         possible rip current

28.  Sat.            08/27   Willie Bogan               11-M   Racine                         rip current

29.  Sat.            08/27   Pawel Lesney              33-M   Gary IN                       rip current

30.  Sat.            08/27   Tristan Shambee          14-M   Wilmette, IL               rip current

31.  Sun.           08/28   Robert Klepacki          44-M   Hagar                          rip current

32.  Sun.           08/28   Rayan Sami Bokhari   22-M   Porter, IN                    rip current

33.  Fri.             09/02   Pedro Martinez           32-M   Muskegon, MI                        rip current

34.  Sun.           09/04   Wojciech Sadowski    25-M   New Buffalo, MI        rip current

35.  Wed.         09/07   Phebe Hall                   54-F     Holland                       rip current

36.  Sun.           09/11   Jane Doe                     40s-F   Chicago                       unknown

37.  Sat.            10/01   James Garcia               51-M   Chicago                       rip current

38.  Wed.         10/05   Amit Patel                   31-M   Chicago                       eluding PD

39.  Sat.            10/15   Mitchell Fajman          18-M   New Buffalo, MI        Kayaking big waves

40.  Sat.            10/15   Kevin Bruins               33-M   Holland, MI                Jet Skiing big waves

41.  Sat.            10/15   Jay Evens Farr             59-M   Traverse City, MI        Boat big waves

42.  Sun.           10/16   Mayur Patel                 45-M   Door County               canoe

43.  Sat.            10/22   Jane Doe                     40’s-F Chesterton, IN             Unknown

44.  Mon.          12/26   James A. Kerechek     55-M  Chicago, IL                  Unknown


45.  Sun.           05/22   Donald Morrow          55-M   East Harbor                 Fall from dock (etoh)

46.  Tues.          06/14   Susan Zatek                55-F     Monroe                        Fishing

47.  Tues.          06/28   Zachary Wadding       18-M   Ripley N.Y.                 rip current

48.  Tues.          06/28   Joselito Irizarry           30-M   Edgewater                   Pier Jump

49.  Sun.           07/03   Daniel Abel                 53-M   Kelley’s Isle                Boating

50.  Thur.          07/20   Herman Teichroeb       24-M   Port Burwell                Swimming

51.  Tues.          07/26   Aiden Nicoll               7-M     Presque Isle                 rip current

52.  Wed.         07/27   John Doe                     27-M   Presque Isle                 Swimming from boat

53.  Sat.            07/30   Paul Spanitz                37-M   Grosse Ile                    unknown

54.  Sun.           07/31   John Doe                     ??-M    Kelleys Island             Swimming from boat

55.  Sun.           07/31   Darylle Phoeur            17-M   Avon Lake                  rip current

56.  Tues.          08/23   Antron Davis              25-M   Cleveland                    unknown

57.  Sat.            08/27   Vincent Hermano        43-M   Euclid                          kayaking

58.  Sat.            10/22   Pam Holstein               F-51     Cedar Point                 Boat capsized

59.  Sat.            10/22   Charles Kaplan            M-58   Cedar Point                 Boat capsized

60.  Tues.          11/22   Carl G. Jennings          M-75   Morin Point                 Boat capsized/hunting


61.  Tues.          06/07   Kevin Dammen           20-M   Apostle Islands           Kayaking

62.  Mon.          07/11   Monty Lyons              42-M   Duluth                         unknown


63.  Tues.          01/04   Porter Simpson            7-M     Niagara on the Lake    Unknown

64.  Sat.            02/06   John Doe                     ?-M      Toronto                       Unknown

65.  Sat.            06/25   John Doe                     30’s-M Toronto                       Unknown

66.  Sat.            07/02   Jane Doe                     50’s-F  Toronto                       Unknown

67.  Sun.           07/17   Visu Vimalan              48-M   Trenton Ont.               rip current

68.  Sun.           07/17   John Doe                     35-M   Toronto                       Swim from boat

69.  Sun.           07/17   John Doe                     29-M   Wasaga                        Beach Ont. PWC

70.  Tues.          07/19   Uche Chuks                13-F     Hamilton Ont.             swimming from dock

71.  Tues.          07/26   Shaylean Richards      32-F     Fair Haven                  rip current

72.  Mon.          08/01   John Doe                     49-M   Sandbanks                   rip current

73.  Sat.            08/20   John Doe                     25-M   Rochester                    unknown

74.  Sun.           09/04   Alex Montgomery       14-M   Ft. Niagara                  fall (etoh)

75.  Sun.           09/06   John Doe                     14-M   Orilla, Ont.                  Unknown

76.  Mon.          10/31   Alan Shultz                 66-M   Sodus Point, NY         Boat capsized

77.  Tues.          11/22   Tracey Bango              46-M   Oswego County          Kayaking/hunting

78.  Sun.           12/04   Ashley Lynn Ganyo    24-F     Billings Park                Car accident


79.  Sat.            02/26   Robert Quesnelle        40-M   Georgian Bay              Snowmobiling

80.  Mon.          04/18   James McComb II       20-M   Port Austin                  Wash from pier

81.  Sun.           07/24   Jason McLeod             20-M   Port Franks                  Swimming

82.  Sun.           07/24   Ragna Bersenas           67-F     Georgian Bay              Swimming

83.  Sun.           07/31   Jan Raczychi               49-F     Tobermory                   Scuba

84.  Mon.          08/01   Donald Dorey             42-M   Long Point                  unknown

85.  Thurs.        08/11   Jason McDonough      36-M   Sauble Beach              unknown

86.  Fri.             09/09   Zachary Marengeur     20-M   Bruce P. Park              rip current

87.  Fri.             09/09   Gavin Marengeur        18-M   Bruce P. Park              rip current

2010 Great Lakes Drowning’s

74 (32 via Rip Currents)

Info provided by the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project

Note: An asterisk identifies a “would be rescuer”.


1.      Tues           01/26   Mauricio Guaylias                   27-M   Chicago                       Unknown

2.      Tues           03/02   Richard Wieting,                     53-M   Montrose (Chi.)           Unknown

3.      Tues           04/18   John Doe                                     -M   Zion                             Unknown

4.      Sun            04/25   Ryan Lightfoot                       28-M   Petoskey                      Canoeing   

5.      Sun            04/25   Clifford Denay                       27-M   Petoskey                      Canoeing 

6.      Thurs         05/27   Katlyn LeClaire                      13-F     Escanaba                     step -off

7.      Sat             05/29   Kelvin Motsinger                    9-M    Green Bay                    Unknown       

8.      Wed          06/09   Sofia Khan                              9-F       Holland WI                 kayaking

9.      Wed          06/09   DeVale Thompson                  16-M   Whiting                       Pier jump

10.  Sat             06/19   Vidyasagar Kapoor                 30-M   Chicago                       Unknown

11.  Tues           06/22   Antoine Miller                         21-M   Waukegan                   swimming

12.  Fri              06/25   Paris Bankhead                       20-M   Ill Beach St. Park        swimming

13.  Sun            07/04   Destiny Bahena                       9-F       Ind. Dunes                  rip current*

14.  Sun            07/04   William Lott                            25-M   Silver Lk. St. Park       rip current

15.  Sun            07/11   Perla Solis                               6-F      Covert Park                 unknown

16.  Fri              07/16   Jordy Graves                           17-M   South Haven               rip current

17.  Sat             07/17   James Savage                          55-M   Garfield Twp              swimming

18.  Fri              07/23   Mark Scheuer                          49-M   Grand Haven              rip current*

19.  Sun            07/25   Alfonso Quintero                    26-M   St. Joe                         rip current

20.  Sun            07/25   Jeremiah Green                       12-M   Racine                         unknown

21.  Sun            07/25   Lindsay Bilka                          17-F     Muskegon MI             rip current

22.  Mon           07/26   Kristopher Kane                      19-M   Sheboygan WI                        rip current

23.  Thur           08/05   Richard Drake                         67-M   Covert Park                 rip current

24.  Thur           08/05   Arther Walker                         71-M   Covert Park                 rip current

25.  Fri              08/06   Patrick Reymann                     63-M   Harbor Springs            kayaking

26.  Sun            08/08   Cody Prentiss                          15-M   Calumet Park              unknown

27.  Wed          08/11   Roman Bravo                          19-M   Ill. Beach St Park        unknown

28.  Sat             08/14   Anthony Goldsmith                44-M   Ludington MI             rip current

29.  Sun            08/15   Enrica Lorenz                          27-F     Muskegon MI             rip current

30.  Mon           08/16   Ethan Seitzer                           10-M   Berrien County           rip current

31.  Mon           08/16   Dolsey Lynn Squires               41-F     Gr. Traverse Bay         rip current

32.  Thur           08/19   Richard Habermas                  76-M   Grand haven               rip current

33.  Sun            08/22   Lorenzo Greer                         17-M   Mich. City IN             rip current

34.  Sun            08/22   Scott Hoover                           14-M   Mich. City IN             rip current

35.  Fri              09/03   Timothy Horvath                    26-M   Lincoln Twp MI          rip current

36.  Mon           09/03   Anupam Bhattacharjee           26-M   Ludington MI             pier wash-off

37.  Sun            09/13   Daniel Logsdon                      23-M   Warren Dunes             unknown

38.  Sat             09/18   Timothy Spiller                       49-M   Ludington                   fall from pier


39.  Mon           06/28   Andrew Mooney         21-M   Long Beach ONT                   rip current

40.  Tues           07/06   Louis Barba                 16-M   Sterling St. Park MI                swimming

41.  Thurs         07/08   Anthony Alexander    17-M   Mentor OH                             rip current

42.  Sun            07/11   Chris Alkerton                        18-M   Rock Point      ONT                swimming

43.  Wed          07/14   Victor Arce Jr.                        30-M   Westfield        NY                  swimming

44.  Tues           07/27   Edwin Acosta             41-M   Cleveland        OH                  swim/boat

45.  Sun            08/08   Nate Polosito              14-M   Westfield        OH                  rip current

46.  Mon           08/16   Marco Butler               18-M   Rock Point      ONT                rip current

47.  Thur           08/19   John Doe                     40s-M  Erie                  PA                   unknown

48.  Thur           08/19   John Doe                     53-M   Sherkston        ONT                rip current

49.  Mon           08/23   Cynthia Riediger         53-F     Pelee Island     ONT                rip current*

50.  Mon           09/06   Harallamb Tasi            24-M   Monroe MI                              swimming       

51.  Fri              09/11   Marshal Sharpe           58-M   Hamilton ONT                        fishing

52.  Sun            10/10   Mohammed Aljiboori 19-M   Cleveland OH                         Unknown


53.  Sat             07/03  Marvin Charette          18-M   Red Cliff                                 Unknown

54.  Wed          07/21   Rod Nilsestuen           62-M  Picnic Rocks                           rip current

55.  Thur           08/05   Elias Jenkins                15-M   Presque Isle                             rip current

56.  Thur           08/05   Alex Schuiteman         16-M   Presque Isle                             rip current

57.  Thur           08/05   Douglas Smith                        50-M   Grand Marais                          rip current

58.  Thur           08/05   Eric Smith                   16-M   Grand Marais                          rip current

59.  Fri              08/27   Devante Billups          18-M  Picnic Rocks                           swimming


60.  Mon           03/29   Jill Williams                 85-F     Sodus N.Y.                             Unknown

61.  Fri              05/28   Edward McMillon      20-M   Rochester NY                         Pier Jump

62.  Wed          06/09   John Doe                     23-M   Pt. Dalhousie                           fall from pier

63.  Fri              07/22   Justin Callahan            29-M   Brighton ONT                         kayaking

64.  Wed          07/28   Mehmet Yilmaz          22-M   Irondequoit Bay                      swim/boat

65.  Fri              08/06   Richard Woodall         77-M   Ellisburg ONT                         fishing

66.  Thur           09/02   Michael Steger            36-M   Olcott NY                               fishing


67.  Sun            04/16   Lawrence Burack        61-M   Saginaw Bay                           Fishing

68.  Tues           06/29   Douglas Rucinskas      5-M     Bayfield ONT                         rip current

69.  Tues           06/29   Andrew Rucinskas      48-M   Bayfield ONT                         rip current*

70.  Sun            07/25   George Georgion Jr     16-M   Lexington MI                          rip current

71.  Tues           07/27   Joseph Lathan             18-M   Conneaut OH                          pier jump

72.  Sun            08/15   John Doe                     10-M   Georgan Bay                           canoeing

73.  Mon           08/16   Oksana Milovanovic   16-F     Kincardine ONT                     rip current

74.  Thurs         08/19   John Doe                     24-M   Sauble Beach ONT     


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