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English lesson 3

Activity 1. Fill in the gaps with the words “much or many”.
1. I don’t eat many oranges. 2. He eats much fish. 3. Mary mustn’t eat too much salt because she has problems with her blood pressure. 4. There is not much space in my flat. 5. There are many students in the gym. 6. Please don’t put much pepper on the meat. 7. There were many plates on the table. 8. She doesn’t eat much bread, she is on a slimming diet. 9. Many people learn English. 10. There is much light in the room, it has many windows. 11. Much of their conversation was about the university.

Activity 2. Fill in the gaps with the pronouns “little, a little, few, a few”.
1. I am busy now, I have little time. 2. Would you like little salad? – Yes, thank you. 3. Mother gave us a few apples, and we were glad. 4. He didn’t like it in the camp: he had very few friends there. 5. I have a little money, so we can go to the cinema. 6. I have little money, so we cannot go to the cinema. 7. She left and returned in a few minutes.

Activity 3. Write in the verbs in the correct form.
1. I go to the university by bus. 2. It takes me 15 minutes to get there. 3. She plays tennis on Sundays. 4. Do you cook well? 5. We have English twice a week. 6. They don`t eat meat, they are vegetarians. 7. Ann doesn`t use the dictionary while translating. 8. They study five days a week.

Activity 4. Ask general questions. Give negative answers. Work in pairs.
Model: He always gives her presents.
Does he always give her presents? - No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t give her presents.
1. They speak French very well.
Do they speak French very well?
- No, they don`t speak.
2. He goes in for sports every week.
Does he go in for sports every week?
- No, he doesn`t go.
3. She has a modern computer.
Does she have a modern computer?
- No, she doesn`t have modern computer.
4. My sister calls me Dan.
Does my sister call me Dan?
- No, my sister doesn`t call.
5. They know many English songs.
Do they know many English songs?
- No, they don`t know.
6. He likes modern art.
Does he like modern art?
- No, he doesn`t like modern art.
7. My friends often visit museums.
Do my friends often visit museums?
- No, my friends don`t visit.
8. We send letters to our friends.
Do we send letters to our friends?
- No, we don`t send letter to our friends.
9. I try to keep fit.
Do I try to keep fit?
- No, I don`t try to keep fit.
10. My dog likes cats.
Does my dog like eats?
- No, my dog doesn`t like eats.
11. This watch goes.
Does this watch go?
- No, this watch doesn`t go.
12. We have an English lesson three times a week.
Do we have an English lesson three times a week ?
- No, we don`t have an English lesson three times a week.

Activity 5. Ask special questions.
1) When does the dean comes at half past nine?
2) What does he girl asks us a lot of questions?
3) How often do we always air our classroom twice a day?
4) Who do they tell us about their studies?
5) What book do I read an English book every day?
6) What kind of does my father drives a new car?
7) How does he speaks English very well?
8) Where does my sister goes to her office on week-days?
9) How many do we have three classes on Monday?
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