Grade Lesson 1a basics of e-learning The aim of the lesson

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Answer key:

    1. damage 2. software 3. remove 4. receive 5. virus

6. bar graphs 7. Spent 8. understand
Activity 6 pupils answer the following questions.. With the best word from the list. Use each word only once..

  1. Do you know how to use internet?

  2. What’s internet safety?

  3. What should we know before using internet such as facebook, you tube telegram and other?

  4. Can you tell negative and benefit sides of internet?

  5. What does spam mean?

  6. What do you think how internet developing in Uzbekistan?

Activity 7 pupils match the words with their meanings:

Homework pupils make a list of vocabulary which you have learned today. Write an essay about internet safety.


Date : 16.04. 2020 10th grade Lesson 2b Internet safety

Aims of the lesson : develop pupils’ personal skills, English learning, motivational skills, to increase vocabulary related to technology and internet dangers
Activity 1 pupils check their knowledge on grammar. Check your grammar: prepositions

1. Correct the underlined prepositions.

Answer key:

1. from 2. out/for 3. Of 4. to

5. to 6. To 7. For

Activity 2 Pupils put the suitable preposition in the gaps from the box

Answer key:

4. of

8. from

1. of

5. from

9. to

2. to

6. with

10. on

3. to

7. in

11. with

Activity 3 Pupils read the information about internet.

Activity 4 pupils match the passages with the headings below.

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