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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach Country Club was incorporated in March 1925 on 65 acres within the town limits of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, near Silver Lake. Its [then] nine-hole golf course was described as “sporty” and boasted a clubhouse that was renovated from an old farmhouse that was part of the original property.
In the 1950s with a membership close to 400 strong, the Club began its search for more property that would allow for the needed expansion of the golf course and other amenities. The current 150-acre site was found offering 1,000 feet of waterfront on the Rehoboth Bay between Bald Eagle Creek and White Oak Creek. Construction of the golf course began in 1960. It was followed by construction of a clubhouse two years later. The official grand opening event of the new Rehoboth Beach Country Club at Bald Eagle Point was held in June 1966.
By 1972 membership was nearing 600 and plans for major renovations of the clubhouse were set in motion. Reconstruction included enclosing a porch, adding two fireplaces and storage rooms and the addition of a bar on the second floor, which would be designated “Harry’s Bar” after Harry Bonk who was president of the Club at that time. In 1989, and with membership reaching 850, the clubhouse was expanded again to the approximate building layout that members are still enjoying today.
Rehoboth Beach Country Club is the premier private club on the Delmarva Peninsula. RBCC is family-friendly environment that encourages enduring friendships in an unpretentious, beach community style; it has been called the “crown jewel” for active families residing and vacationing in the surrounding coastal beach towns. Situated within easy driving distance of major east coast cities of Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York, it hosts members and guests from all over the country.
Rehoboth Beach Country Club boasts a championship 18-hole golf course renowned for its consistent quality conditioning and its Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary status, a seasonal tennis complex, a heated outdoor swimming pool with panoramic views overlooking the Rehoboth Bay, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a full-service 40,000 sq.ft. clubhouse with a large ballroom and a variety of unique dining opportunities for the enjoyment of its members and guests. The clubhouse is a highly sought after location for weddings and other functions because of its bayside location and spectacular views.
The Board of Directors at RBCC is composed of fourteen members, each serving a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. There are several standing committees, all chaired by a Board Member, including: Executive, Building, House, Budget, Greens and Grounds, Golf, Membership, Pool and Fitness, Tennis, Long Range Planning and Insurance and Benefits Committees.
Rehoboth Beach is a quaint, but growing mid-Atlantic town known for its vibrant summer season (a year round population within city limits of approximately 2,000 swelling to over 25,000 seasonal residents/vacationers), historical boardwalk, and often referred to as “the Nation’s Summer Capital!”

  • Gross operating revenues for RBCC are approximately $5.3M, with an additional $800K+ of initiation fees, golf assessment and miscellaneous revenues

  • Food and beverage revenues are approximately $1.5M

  • In the summer ‘season,’ there are approximately 100 FTE employees, with approximately 70 FTE in the off-season

  • The Club has approximately 810 member families in all categories

  • Of the total number of members, approximately 402 are Regular Golf Members and approximately 100 are Senior Regular Golf Members

  • The approximately 40,000 sq.ft. clubhouse provides multiple dining options for members, each taking advantage of the extraordinary bay views

  • The Club boasts a unique 19th hole, the only hole located on the bay front, which is used for various ‘after’ tournament events and when other holes on the course undergo maintenance

  • The Club owns the golf shop concession, which is well appointed and boasts approximately $400K in annual merchandise sales

  • The Club is formed as a 501c7, not for profit Delaware corporation

  • Initiation fees for Regular Golf is $25,000, with Social at $4,900 and Clubhouse $1,900. Various other categories exist and corresponding age appropriate levels.

  • At present, there is a $25 per month golf capital charge that is used for on-going capital improvements.

  • There are plans for a complete irrigation system replacement for the fall of 2016.

  • The club has averaged $550,000 of capital expenditures the last 3 years.

  • The Club has relatively little long-term debt (approximately $600,000), and will be working on a thoughtful strategic and master plan effort as the new GM/COO commences his/her role.

  • The Club is open year round with approximately 40% of the membership residing most of the year within the greater Rehoboth Beach, Lewes area. The remaining 60% of members typically use the club during the summer season and/or on weekends throughout the year. The vast majority of non-local residents reside in Wilmington or the greater Washington, DC area.

The Board at RBCC is looking to transition the Club to a GM/COO model of organizational leadership, it is expected that focus will be on strengthening overall strategic planning, communications with members and amongst departments, improving service delivery in several high impact, member satisfaction areas, and providing the membership with new and creative activities and programming to further engage them to use their Club. While the Club has operated under a General Manager for the past thirteen years, there is a strong desire to transition the Board and Committee focus to more strategic, policy and objectives role, with the GM/COO providing strong executive leadership and “courageous thought partnering” with the Board. Sensitivity to history and recognizing that this will be a transitional “journey” for all constituencies will be important for the new GM/COO to be successful and to make for a smooth and successful evolution.
The Board is fully committed to support a dynamic, innovative leader who is able to perform effectively under this ‘inspired’ leadership format, with the expectation that they have a true collaborative partner to the Club’s future success. The Club has huge upside potential, and provides outstanding service and amenities in many areas at present, with a strong desire to provide greater consistency throughout the entire operation and get on a path of continuous enhancement; not being ‘status quo’ and recognizing the ‘new normal’ of membership expectations is the desired standard for the future.
The new GM/COO at RBCC will inherit a senior staff with many of them being well tenured and enthused about the opportunity to be “mentored” and provided clarity in goals and objectives, operating standards, and overall expectations.
The new GM/COO will work closely with the Board in the development of a strategic plan and master plan, in addition to tying to the Club’s annual business plan, capital budget, operating budget and performance monitoring and reporting program (key performance metrics). The GM/COO is expected to develop, evaluate and update standard operation procedures, while creating annual performance evaluation plans with senior management for which all Team members will be held accountable.

He/she must have strong interpersonal communication abilities, financial acumen, organizational and administrative skills, and be able to lead effectively and efficiently in a seasonal environment. Improving the consistency of dining service and introducing new and innovative ideas to increase member “engagement” and satisfaction in the dining areas will be elements of success for the Club’s new GM/COO.

The new GM/COO is expected to be naturally engaging with leadership “gravitas” and an approachable personality. Candidates must demonstrate an executive presence and unpretentious style with high personal, professional and ethical standards.


  • “Take ownership” of the operation, communicating closely with the Club President and Board of Directors to keep them well apprised of your efforts, while at the same time transitioning them into a less operational and more strategic/evaluation/goal setting governing body.

  • Get to know the membership, staff, and history of Rehoboth Beach Country Club.

  • Evaluate club-wide standards of operation and, working collaboratively with your Senior Staff, create and implement consistent performance standards throughout the organization.

  • Working with the appropriate Board and Committee members, embark on full strategic planning process, recognizing that it needs to be the Club’s plan with necessary support and communication of all contributing constituencies.

  • Developing and communicating a strong “value” proposition, ensuring retention of existing members while also working with the Membership Committee and Marketing Director in recruiting new members and strategically developing and strengthening the Club’s offerings and services, ensuring member needs are addressed.

  • Evaluating and growing a strong culture of employee engagement, support and development leading to a strong loyalty to the Club and its membership as well as making RBCC an “employer of choice” in the greater Rehoboth Beach area.

  • Within the first ninety days, create and communicate to the Board a “State of RBCC” document outlining your observations of the Club, its amenities, team, organizational structure, processes and overall recommendations for enhancement and priority implementation.


  • Proven ability to effectively communicate, both in written and verbal forms, with all constituencies is critical, as is a desire for someone with a ‘service heart’ and naturally respectful in style.

  • As noted, strong financial acumen and strong organizational/delegatory skills are hugely important.

  • RBCC is a year-round operation, with a significant spring/summer season upswing where strong staff recruitment and training skills are necessary, as is the ability to provide annual innovations and creative member activities to keep things “fresh and vibrant.”

  • Having a “ROI” type mindset on his/her recommendations, and ensuring that the senior leadership team at the Club understands their role and requirements in the execution against plan is of critical importance; they want to be held accountable, but with clearly set and memorialized goals, objectives and evaluations installed in doing so.

  • Elevating the performance of the team, and the overall “experience” a member and/or guest has at the Club, primarily in clubhouse operations, is a critical success factor.

  • Taking a more active role in leading and managing operational activities and reporting to the Board and Committees, including proactively contributing to the meetings and directional decision-making is going to be an important style and ability of the new GM/COO. At the same time, being sensitive to the transition to a stronger form of governance and the ‘re-conditioning’ everyone needs to do to make it sustainable is a critical success factor.

  • The ideal candidate will have an understanding and appreciation for the traditions of the game of golf, as well as other traditional club recreational amenities, but who understands and appreciates the evolving nature and expectations of club members.

The ultimately successful candidate will find a fully supportive Board standing behind him/her, and one that is anxious to transition from operational decision-making, ‘managing’ Board to a more strategic and performance evaluation focused ’governing’ Board. Clearly, the Club is seeking a consummate professional with proven superior team leadership development, consensus-building and execution skills. Preferred candidates are those with 5-7 years of verifiable management experience in a progressively upward career tracking in ‘metric driven’ environments with consistent, unblemished tenures; and, the Club will consider strong AGM candidates who have mentored under top senior executives, as well as those managers who come from bottom-line driven or ‘for-profit’ club or hospitality environments. Regardless, candidates must possess the necessary “gravitas” to know how to energize, interact, and lead in an evolving, competitive club market.

The foundation for success is in place at Rehoboth Beach Country Club----vision, energy, commitment and sensitivity to the pitfalls and successes of transitioning will be keys to success. The golf course is considered “one of the best” in the vicinity and there is potential to grow Club revenues by more completely engaging members and creating a strategic plan for greater utilization of the Club’s various amenities.


A college degree and CCM designation are preferred

Rehoboth Beach Country Club will offer a competitive compensation and incentive plan, along with appropriate senior executive benefits.
Please upload your resume and cover letter (in that order) using the link below. You should have your documents fully prepared to be attached when prompted for them during the online application process.
IMPORTANT: Please note the importance of providing a thoughtful letter of interest and alignment for the position --- why you, why RBCC, why Rehoboth Beach, DE, etc. Your letter should be addressed to the RBCC Search Committee and provided to us as noted below.
IMPORTANT! Save your resume and letter in the following manner:
Last Name, First Name Resume” & “Last Name, First Name Cover Letter”

(These documents should be in Word or PDF (PREFERRED) format)

Note: Once you complete the application process for this search, you are not able to go back in and add additional documents.
For directions on how to upload your resume and cover letter visit this page.
If you have any questions please email Nan Fisher:
Click here to upload your resume and cover letter.
Lead Partner on this search:

Kurt D. Kuebler, CCM


561-747-5213 (Office) Jupiter, FL
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