Финансовый план (примерные суммы) Разовые расходы

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Компьютерный клуб

Финансовый план (примерные суммы)

Разовые расходы:

-Ремонт – 300 000р.

-Компьютер (1 штук)– примерно 100 000р.

-Софт (на 1 компьютер) – примерно 10 000р.

-Мебель – 230 000р.

-Регистрация бизнеса – 20 000р.

-Реклама – 400 000р.

-Прочее расходы – 50 000р.

Ежемесячные расходы:

-Аренда помещения –

-Реклама – 20 000р.

-Зарплата сотрудников –

-Прочее расходы – 20 000р.

Какие документы нужны:

Such establishments do not require a large number of personnel and multimillion-dollar investments, so it is possible to register individual entrepreneurs. If you plan to attract investors and develop a whole network, then it is advisable to register as an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

  • receipt of payment of state duty

  • memorandum of association

  • permission from the Ministry of Communications

  • a document from the local police department (if the institution will work oriund the clock)

  • бумаги, подтверждающие соответствие нормам санэпидемстанции(СЭС).

  • Papers confirming compliance with sanitary epidemiological standarts (санэпидемстанция - СЭС)

Those wishing to open a gaming computer club will need to select the OKVED codes 72.60, 74.84, 93.05. For accounting, you can hire an accountant or take the help of third-party specialists.

The second option means special companies that bookkeeping your business remotely. For example, “Мое дело” offers an automated service, a personal accountant and a business assistant, a full-fledged back office with legal support.

Obtaining a special license to conduct this business is not necessary. However, some papers allowing you to provide certain types of services, you still need.

Firstly, it concerns the Internet. In order to obtain the right to use it for commercial purposes, it is necessary to issue two licenses at the Ministry of Communications - for the provision of telematic services and data transfer.

Secondly, if the club will work day and night, then you will have to take permission to work around the clock at the local police station.

In addition, law enforcement agencies will require to provide the premises with an alarm system and bars on the windows.

From the standard list of regulatory organizations, special attention should be paid to the requirements of the СЭС (Sanitary and Epidemiological Service).

• According to sanitary standards, at least six square meters should be allocated for each computer place. meters square. In addition, computers should stand around the perimeter of the room, and not opposite each other.

• The room of the computer club should have windows and be well-lit, the room should have air conditioning and fresh air ventilation and a bathroom is required. Therefore, the issue of choosing a room for a future computer club should be taken quite seriously.

• Another requirement for computer clubs is a normal level of electromagnetic radiation. To be convinced of its "normality", СЭС workers must fix the emissivity of the outgoing from computers. Measurement over each machine will cost about 1000 rubles, so obtaining permission from the SES will fly into the penny.

• And another requirement of the СЭС is the availability of health books for club employees.

The requirements of firefighters are more logical and understandable:

• Availability of emergency exit and fire extinguishers (at least 2 pieces).

• The presence of a fire alarm.

• Window bars should open.

• Coordinated arrangement of computers and grounded equipment.

Of course, observing all the rules is too expensive. In general, the minimum is enough to open: grates, alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency exit, the presence of dignity. node, ventilation and windows in the room. The remaining issues are resolved through “presentations”, which will cost you significantly less than strict adherence to all required standards.

As a result, each department issues you a certificate stating that it has no complaints about the premises and allows the opening of a computer club.

Another organization with which problems may arise is the district administration, especially the youth affairs department. Its employees may accuse the computer club of distracting children from school and collecting difficult teenagers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ensure that school-age children do not arrange computer battles during school hours. And if the owners of the club will let children under 14 years old after nine in the evening, you can not only anger youth workers, but also run into a fine from the police.

One of the most significant items of expenses for a computer club is the acquisition of software.

You can buy expensive licensed software. And you can save by using illegal programs. According to statistics from the Association for the Suppression of Computer Piracy (Ассоциация по борьбе с компьютерным пиратством - АБКП), this is the way 90% of Russian clubs go. What does this threaten?

Firms that work with left-wing programs are blacklisted by the Association. ASCP monitors computer clubs on a monthly basis, and often such checks result in litigation. ASCP works closely with the police, and it can also check the club for licenses on a tip from the Association. And if the audit finds that the owner of the club violates the copyright law, the club can be sealed, and computers confiscated. Further, the exhausting litigation awaits the violator under Article 146 of the Criminal Code “On violation of copyright and related rights”, according to which the violator may be required to pay a fine of 200 to 600 minimum salaries (today it is from 20 thousand rubles to 60 thousand рублей) or sent to correctional labor for up to two years.

It may happen that the manufacturing company decides to deal with the pirate. Then the case will be heard in the Arbitration Court and the offender risks already completely different amounts. According to the law "On the legal protection of computer programs and databases," the fine for each installed unlicensed product can be determined up to 50 thousand minimum wages (5 million rubles).

If such a development of events does not appeal to you, then it makes sense to work legally. To purchase licensed versions of programs, you should contact the Russian representative offices of European manufacturing companies. Microsoft products are handled by its Russian branch, and “toys” must be bought from Russian companies that have licenses for them. Of the most famous, one can name “Soft club” (“Quake”, “Warcraft III”, “Counter strik”), “Buka” (“Truckers”, “Heroes of Might and Magic”). It is worth remembering one more important thing: in order to legally install a program in a computer club, you need a special license that allows its commercial use. Sells her distribution-company.

As a rule, the cost of such a license is calculated for each club according to an individual scheme. And this means that you have a chance to bargain. For example, the Soft Club company works according to the following principle. The owner of a computer club pays her 420 euros per year for the right to commercial use of any of the products provided to her, plus she buys boxed licensed versions of each program. Moreover, for each computer that the client of the club will play, there must be a separate boxed version. This scheme of working with clients is used by almost all distribution companies.

By the way, it is absolutely wrong to consider that working with licensed programs is unprofitable. On the contrary, it is they that make it possible to ensure the high quality of the services that the computer club provides. So, for example, if constant failures in the software damage your business, you have every right to sue the manufacturing company. There are such cases. So, for example, a few years ago the owner of a computer club seized a substantial amount from Microsoft.
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