Eastlake montessori school

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Permission Forms

School Directory:
I, __________________________________, hereby authorize Eastlake Montessori to publish the following information in a Student Directory. (Please include only the information you wish to be published.) The Student Directory is often used by other parents to contact you for play dates and to invite other children to a birthday celebration or other party.
Parent/Guardian Name(s): _____________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________
Child’s Name: _______________________________________________
Phone number(s): ____________________________________________
E-mail Address(es): __________________________________________
Parent Signature: _____________________________ Date: _________

Photo Release Form:
I, _________________________________, hereby authorize Eastlake Montessori to take photographs of my child, ___________________. I understand that these photographs will be used for newsletters and the Parents Night presentation.
Parent Signature: _____________________________ Date: _________

I, _________________________________, hereby authorize Eastlake Montessori to use any of the works of my child, ____________________

for the school website. Works may include any drawings, illustrations, and photographs or other tangible class activities produced by my child for this

________ school year.
Parent Signature: _____________________________ Date: _________

Since our outdoor time each morning and afternoon is limited to 10 – 25 minutes and a large portion of our playground is shaded, we do not routinely apply sunscreen to the children.
If your child has special needs in this area, we will be happy to accommodate. Please bring a bottle of sunscreen to be used for your child with your child’s first and last name clearly labeled on the bottle.
I, _________________________________, would like to have sunscreen applied to my child, ________________ under the following circumstances.

Field Trip Release Form:
I, __________________________________, hereby give my permission for my child _____________________ to attend the Eastlake Montessori occasional walks and field trips away from the school site, provided that there is adequate staff supervision and all appropriate safety precautions are taken. I understand that notices will be sent home in advance of field trips and that the director of the school will provide route and destination information. I also understand written permission must be given before my child goes on a field trip requiring transportation.
Parent Signature: _____________________________ Date: _________

Download 22.5 Kb.

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