East Butler Invitational – Sep

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East Butler Invitational – Sept. 10

A near-perfect score for the boys team highlighted the Yutan performances at the East Butler Invitational. Danny Greblunas won the individual race and Jacob Schulz ran third, Tyler Ziemba was fourth and Jayden Graham placed fifth to give the Chieftains 13 team points, just three more than the minimum. John Grinvalds (6th) and Corrigan Abraham (15th) also medaled.

The hot conditions, on a hilly and challenging course, provided a solid test for competitors in the inaugural event, which replaced the Arlington Invitational on Yutan’s schedule.

Sarah Pogue won the girls title by more than two minutes, while Cassie Wade was a medalist in 15th. The girls did not complete a team score.

In the junior high race, Mason Timm, Cole Egr and Emily Pogue crossed the finish line 2-3-4.

Coach Rod Henkel – “The course is such a challenge, with its hilly terrain, but the heat and humidity made it even more difficult. The results speak for themselves – the Yutan runners are a tough bunch. It was cool to almost have a perfect 10 and even more impressive to have five of the top six boy runners. There wasn’t much competition for Sarah in the girls race so she cruised to the win. Cassie looked awful strong before struggling in the final 1000 meters, but she still toughed it out.”

High School Boys – 1st out of 5 teams


1. Danny Greblunas 18:18

3. Jacob Schulz 18:44

4. Tyler Ziemba 19:12

5. Jayden Graham 20:01

6. John Grinvalds 20:06

15. Corrigan Abraham 21:21

Junior Varsity (places overall)

17. J.T. McLaughlin 21:45

20. Ezra Effrein 22:00

23. Wyatt Roll 22:34

28. Connor Worden 23:07

35. Derek Ortmeier 24:05

40. Ethan Karloff 24:58

41. Connor Devish 24:59
High School Girls – No Team Score


1. Sarah Pogue 23:35

15. Cassie Wade 31:28
Junior High Girls – No Team Score

1. Emily Pogue 12:46

18. Lexi Coen 17:24
Junior High Boys – No Team Score

2. Mason Timm 12:01

3. Cole Egr 12:42

13. Tyler McLaughlin 14:37

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