Dakota City City Council Meeting Minutes

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Dakota City City Council Meeting Minutes

The Dakota City City Council met in regular session on December 4, 2008, in the Dakota City City Council Chambers. Notice of the meeting was given in advance by posting of the notice at three separate locations in Dakota City. Notice of the meeting was also given to the Mayor and Council.

Mayor Cantrell called the meeting to order at 5:30 P.M. with the following members present: Cahill, Carson, Larson, and Schovanec. Following the pledge of allegiance, the mayor advised of the availability of the open meetings law.
No persons presented at the public comment portion of the meeting.
Moved by Carson, seconded by Schovanec, that the consent agenda of December 4, 2008, be approved. Said agenda included minutes of the meetings of November 7 and 24, 2008, reports from law enforcement and animal control, and approval of bills as posted. Roll call vote. Ayes - Carson, Larson, Schovanec, and Cahill. Nays-None Motion passed.
General Fund: A&M Laundry 36.78, Ameritas 439.78, Bomgaars 28.99, Boyd Law Office 630.00, BWMA 1859.88, Central Valley Ag 1,637.72, Century Business Products 715.40, Circle R 119.49, City of South Sioux City 110.00, Copple Construction 565.53, Crystal Oil 157.61, Curb Appeal 1,560.00, Dakota County Star 68.66, Dakota County Treasurer 5,708.00, DC food & fuel 395.00, Display Sales 147.00, EMC Insurance 719.01, Five Star Awards 107.00, Fibercomm 169.54, Flower Cart 34.78, Frank Abramo 450.00, Fremont Tire 29.50, Great Plains International 29.27, Guarantee Oil 256.70, Hostad Monument 1,130.00, IA-NE State Bank 2,404.76, Joe’s Dept. Store 13.14, Lincoln National 373.80, Mastercard 139.61, Menards 310.59, MidAmerican 236.35, Monster Brands 37.90, NE Municipal Power Pool 3,825.00, NPPD 763.17, O’Reilly’s 209.10, Robert Peters 57.33, Pitney Bowes 200.00, Robertson Implement 110.94, S. Jans 532.00, Service Master 225.00, Signs by tomorrow 60.00, Sioux City Ford 124.38, Siouxland Humane Society 220.00, South Sioux City Schools 1,100.00, Thiele Geotech 5,658.50, United Healthcare 782.59, Verizon 85.02, Wal Mart 96.61, Williams & Co 550.00.
Combined Utility Fund: Ameritas 857.90, Bomgaars 86.55, BWMA 7,417.57, Central Transportation 3,718.26, City of South Sioux 494.06, DC State Bank 2,653.85, DC Food & Fuel 149.70, EMC Insurance 719.01, Fibercomm 63.80, Gill Hauling 6,982.00, Great Plains One-Call 21.03, Hawkins 433.00, Jackson Pumping Service 385.00, Joe’s Dept. Store 106.77, Linweld 609.40, Mastercard 291.21, Menards 40.23, Mississippi Lime 2,638.44, NE Dept of Rev 1,548.09, NE Public Health Lab 18.00, NPPD 3,100.31, O’Reilly 45.99, Share Corp 154.56, Speedy Rooter 340.00, Standard Bearings 555.24, USA Bluebook 952.10, United Healthcare 2,289.72, Verizon 28.32, Wal Mart 115.21, Wigman 249.19, Williams & Co 550.00, Wilmes 51.67.
Library Fund: Barbara Stansberry, 4.57, Barnes & Noble 36.78, Computer SOS 112.50, Fibercomm 31.53, Gale 110.83, IA-NE State Bank 371.60, Jackson Glass 12.74, Micro Marketing 27.55, NPPD 4.58, Barb Willoughby 14.28.
Capital Improvement Fund: FEH Associates 2,191.00
Customer Deposit Fund: CU Deposit Refunds 381.10.
The Council reviewed a proposed item to be included in the utility billings regarding the cost of paving of streets. Move by Larson, seconded by Cahill, that the note be approved. Roll call vote. Ayes-Larson, Schovance, Cahill, and Carson. Nays-None. Motion passed.
The council discussed an option for a special election regarding the issue of mandatory fluoridation of water. Mr. Boyd will review the legal parameters that may exist.
The Council discussion utility rate adjustments and agreed to meet December 22nd, at 5:30 P.M. to hear of the outcome of the meeting with Papio Rural Water and the impact on rates.
Plaques were presented by Mayor Cantrell to Charles Carson for the ten years of service as Mayor and Council person, and by Council President Carson to Mayor Cantrell for four years of service as mayor.
Wayne Boyd, City Attorney, swore in Mayor-elect Roberts and Council persons Schovanec and Rasmussen.
Moved by Cahill, seconded by Schovanec, that the appointments and designates as recommended by Mayor Roberts be approved. Roll call vote. Ayes – Cahill, Larson, Schovanec, and Rasmussen. Nays – None. Motion carried.
Moved by Cahill, seconded by Schovanec, that Mr. Larson be president of the Council. Roll call vote. Ayes – Rasmussen & Schovanec. Abstain - Cahill and Larson. Mayor Roberts voted Aye. Motion approved.
Moved by Cahill , seconded by Rasmussen, that the Employee Agreement with Robert Peters as City Administrator be approved. Roll call vote. Ayes - Schovanec, Rasmussen, Cahill, and Larson. Nays – None. Motion passed.
Move by Larson , seconded by Rasmussen that the resignation of Cheryl Copple, from the Parks and Recreation Board, be accepted with the Council’s thanks for her service. Ayes – Larson, Schovanec, Rasmussen, and Cahill. Nays – None. Motion passed.
The Council deferred action on Resolution 2009-17, placating a stop sign on the south bound intersection of 16th and Vine and recommended stop signs for both southbound and northbound traffic. Larson moved to defer, seconded by Schovanec. Roll call vote. Ayes-Rasmussen, Cahill, Larson, and Schovanec. Nays-None. Motion passed.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
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