Contact: Sarah Dempsey, Executive Director

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Wenatchee Downtown Association


May 10, 2009


Wenatchee Downtown Association

Contact: Sarah Dempsey, Executive Director

Ph: 509.662.0059



Peoples Bank

Claudia Cockerham

Ph: 509.667.8822



For Immediate Release:  Wenatchee Downtown Association Honors Two Downtown Friends with Memorial Bench Program


Downtown Wenatchee—The Wenatchee Downtown Association (WDA) plans to install two benches downtown in honor of two highly esteemed downtown friends—Kathy Allen and Grover Collins.

“Our WDA Design committee created this project to honor two special people who helped make downtown the unique place that it is while increasing the amount of seating in the downtown core,” said WDA executive director Sarah Dempsey.
Allen, who served as the executive director of the Wenatchee Downtown Association from 1999 until 2006, was highly involved with downtown enhancements. Most notable of her achievements, Allen helped downtown Wenatchee earn the National Main Street Award. Kathy’s

bench will be placed on Wenatchee Avenue just south of Caffe Mela.

Collins served as a prominent downtown business owner. He, along with his wife Marci, opened Kids Count Too, later converting the business to Collins Fashions, which is now located at 2 South Wenatchee Ave. Collins influenced many business owners and customers downtown. Collins’ bench will be placed in front of Collins Fashions.
The WDA design committee is seeking both business and individual donations to go toward the purchase of the benches. Contributions can be made to the “Memorial Bench Fund” at Peoples Bank at 29 South Wenatchee Ave. More information about the project can be found at the WDA’s website,
The mission of the Wenatchee Downtown Association is to promote and enrich the downtown experience.



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