Conditional Pre-Recruitment for Foreign Students

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Application Form
of Conditional Pre-Recruitment for Foreign Students

Full Name

(Native Language) Mansur Ilhomov

3cm × 4cm

(English) Mansur Ilhomov

Date of Birth

05 / 13 / 2004 (Month / Day / Year)

Identification No.
(Passport No.)

AC 2946479

Freshman /



Uzbekistan, Jizzakh, Gallaorol district, Khanymkurgan Saroy,72


High School
(Lyceum, college)

Date of Graduation

06 / 2022 (Month / Year)


Umid’ boarding school


Uzbekistan, Jizzakh city, ‘Qassoblik’ street, 130100





(you want to apply)

Integrated System Engineering


Full Name

(Native Language) Ilxom Musayev

(English) Ilkhom Musaev




(Home) +998945752175




Contact Information
during the Application Period

Current Address
(in detail)

Uzbekistan, Jizzakh, Gallaorol district, Khanymkurgan Saroy, 72



Cellphone 1


Cellphone 2


※ If the contact interruption happens during the application period,
applicants should be responsible for all of the disadvantages.

I apply for conditional pre-recruitment having required documents.

03 / 13 / 2022 (Month / Day / Year)

Applicant's Name: Mansur Ilhomov (Signature)

Dear President of INHA University

【외국인 조건부 사전선발 지원자용】

Field of Study

Integrated System Engineering학부(과)(Faculty/Department)

지원자 성명
Applicant’s full name

Ilhomov Mansur

Country of birth


신분증 번호
Passport Number

AC 2946479



Date of Birth

05/ / 13 /2004
월(Month)/ 일(Day)/년(Year)


( + ) 남(Male), ( )여(Female)

항 목

내 용

(가정교육,성격,취미 등)
(family upbringing,
personality, hobby, etc.)

My full name is Mansur Ilhomov and I was born on the 13th of May in 2004 in Jizzakh region, Uzbekistan. I live in a place which is near the evergreen hills. I can certainly say that my hometown can be considered as a source of fresh air. Because there are more trees than other regions. I have been studying at boarding school for 7 years. As I have thirst for acquiring knowledge, especially learning languages, my core subjects are Mathematics, English and Informatics (information technology). I am quite affable person and I always try to be a benevolent one.
My school years were awesome and I met very cheerful classmates who have become my best friends. I started school at the age of 7 at the school which is ranked 182 in our region. After studying there for 4 years in primary school, I entered my current boarding school passing the entrance exam with flying colours in 2015. This boarding school which is called “Umid” is ranked 1st in our region in terms of education quality.
At the boarding school we spend most of our times to study. But after lessons, sometimes we did extracurricular activities and projects with group. We had some sport competitions as well. For example we won boarding school football championship three times in a row.
I live in a family which consists of 5 members. They are my father, my mother, my brother, my sister and me. I should certainly say that my father is a role model for us with his hard-working and resilience. My father is a teacher and my mother is a housewife. My brother and my sister are students at the university. Because of our education, we have no much more time to spend gathering together with all family members. But when we gather together, we spend most of the time to discuss our future plans and interests with my parents. Then, my parents give us valuable advices which they concluded from their lifetime experiences. I have several hobbies such as playing football,training with table tennis and visiting museums and historical places on holidays.

Application motives

I have been studying at boarding school which is situated far from my home. I had to live far away from my parents for most of the times during the academic years. For this reason, I think I became somehow independent and self-decision maker. When I was in my 9th grade, I realized that I should choose my future path. First of all I clarified the branch which I am good at. It is IT. Because I am son of a teacher of informatics, I was born with the natural desire to work on computer. Then I decided to find a country where IT is well developed. Immediately, I chose South Korea, as historical curiosity of mine, culture of South Korea, the number of highest ranked universities, new language, low crime rate and especially the high quality of study. Next, I found some popular universities of South Korea. And I looked through the social media to get information about that universities. However, Inha University was different from others for me because of its campus life, teaching methods, its modern buildings and technologies, professional tutors and lectures. I decided to study at the faculty of “Integrated System Engineering”. Because I think everyone should do something not only useful for himself/herself, useful for also community and humanity. I believe after graduating this major I can help children who are not able to gain knowledge to fulfil their dreams because of poor financial conditions throughout the world, by using my knowledge which I gained from this major..

항 목

내 용

Personal Philosophy

The most important thing in my life is my family. My family members are the people with whom I feel myself very happy in life. As we are all human beings, I hate discriminating people because of their skin color or financial condition. Being equal to everyone is my innate character. Also, I always try to work with time management, because without it the productivity decreases. As the world’s future is on the hands of modern technologies, I am trying to be aware of news about technologies. Buying new clothes according to the fashion is not my business, instead of this I prefer to buy new books. Because for me, the second meaning of the book is lifelong wealth.

(외국어수준, 실제구사능력)
Language abilities
(level of competency)

Firstly, I was born in Uzbekistan and I grew up there. So, I am native speaker of uzbek. Secondly, as I abovementioned, I have been studying at boarding school. In my school there are classes which are oriented for pupils whose first language is Russian language. It is hard to deal with all using only uzbek. After only practicing Russian language with my surroundings for 7 years, now I can easily talk to Russian language now. In my school, teaching English is well developed and one year ago I heard about IELTS from one of our English teachers. I was interested in it and after 8 month of hard-working and deep learning of English, I got 6.5 from IELTS which means I can write and speak in English properly.

Study plan

I am very happy to get the opportunity which allows me to write a few words about my desire program and my future prospects. I will graduate my current school in June. This is a starting point of my future career, and I think Inha university can offer me a sufficient higher education and practice to get the steps to my future dreams.

기타 특기사항

Download 32,68 Kb.

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