Community college district 9 highline community college minutes of board of trustees’ meeting

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April 11, 2002


Policy/Resolution Review

Tenure Review Process/Renewal

Enrollment Report

2003-05 Capital Budget Request

International Education Report

2002-03 Budget Discussion

Call to Order

Elizabeth Chen, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.

Invitation to Members of the Audience to Speak to Agenda Items

Elizabeth Chen announced that members of the audience were invited to speak to agenda items as they are considered by the Board and if members of the audience should have other topics they would like to bring before the Board, they were invited to do so under “New Business” later on the agenda. The Board, as and when deemed necessary, may call an Executive Session.

Roll Call

Members Present: Michael J. Allan

Elizabeth Chen

J. Michael Emerson

Arun Jhaveri
Attorney General Representative: Michael Shinn

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees for March 14, 2002 approved.


  • Lisa Skari, Executive Director for Institutional Advancement, presented Highline Community College’s All Washington Academic Team, Sue Cox and Roger Henderson, with their certificates along with their picture with Governor Gary Locke taken at the March 7 ceremony in Olympia. Sue Cox will graduate from Highline’s Nursing Program and has applied to transfer to the University of Washington to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Roger Henderson will graduate and has applied to Cornell and the University of Washington to continue his studies majoring in accounting and computer science.

  • Lisa Skari introduced Dan Fortin who was the recipient of the University of Washington-Tacoma Next Step Scholars Award for exceptional scholarly achievements. The award is for two years and includes full tuition, fees, books and supply allowance at UW-Tacoma for up to $12,000. Dan is planning to study computer science.

  • Lisa Skari announced two awards received by the Communications and Marketing department from the Admissions Marketing Group for design work submitted earlier in the year. A gold medal award was received for class schedules in Extended Learning and silver medal award for a Highline Community College ad in the Mariners magazine were presented to Highline Community College. Lisa thanked Cherie Crowley, Helen Buller and Michelle Hatley for their teamwork in creating these pieces.


Associated Students of Highline Community College

Jewel Fitzgerald reported.

  • Congratulations to Sue Cox, Roger Henderson and Dan Fortin for the awards they received.

  • Student Government had their quarterly meeting with Dr. Bell where funding options with the Student Union Building were discussed.

  • Dan Fortin, Roger Henderson and Jewel Fitzgerald went to the Phi Theta Kappa International Conference in Nashville the first part of April.

  • The S&A Budget Committee referred some requests for funding to Ivan Gorne, Vice President for Student Services, to purchase a $3,000 digital camera for the Thunderword and $5,000 for lighting equipment for the Drama Department.

  • Approximately 2,000 fifth graders attended a Water Festival on campus during spring break.

  • Four students from Student Government attended the Foundation Gala at Emerald Downs on April 5.

  • The last blood drive for this year was held on April 9.

  • A committee is working on getting funding for a defibrillator for the campus.

  • Student Government is working to get some representation in the College 100 classes to promote student involvement in upcoming elections and to get representation for commencement.

Washington Public Employees Association

Gerie Ventura reported.

  • Ms. Ventura commended classified employees, Michelle Hatley and Helen Buller, for their excellent work on campus.

  • On March 22, classified staff met with Dr. Bell to discuss campus and budget issues.

  • On March 23, a group of classified staff went on a trip to Tillicum Village.

  • April 2 is the next meeting for WPEA leadership to meet with the Executive Staff.

  • April 17 is the next classified staff meeting with Dr. Bell.

  • Ten classified staff members will be attending the WPEA convention in Wenatchee on April 26-28.

Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.

  • HCEA continues to meet with administration to discuss budget issues. Limited contract negotiations are in process.

  • Ms. Windhover will be attending the HCEA Higher Education state meeting on April 13 in Bellingham. A number of issues including a review of past legislation and planning for the next one are items on the agenda. The State Board is suggesting some WAC re-writes for the professional technical programs. Bob Bonner has been attending these task force meetings.

  • Ms Windhover will attend a Critical Issues Seminar in Washington D.C. sponsored by the National Education Association. This seminar deals with the new generation of faculty who might be coming onto campus as baby boomers retire and also the campus response to the increasing non-traditional generation of students.

Faculty Senate

No report.


No action items.


Satisfaction Survey - Patty James, Institutional Research

As part of our strategic planning process, a climate survey was initiated in two phases. This survey was done to demonstrate to the accreditation board and College how the College is doing by measuring what is important to people and the satisfaction level in a variety of areas.
A PowerPoint presentation was given with the results of the survey.

  • The Institutional Priorities Survey was the instrument delivered to employees at two different time periods. In the spring 2001, 389 employees were surveyed, 227 responded for a response rate of 58.4%. In the fall 2001, all employees not surveyed during spring 2001 (plus the Board of Trustees) were given the surveys with a response rate of 23.4%. Combined responses was 40.1%.

  • For the Student Satisfaction Inventory, administered to students in classes sampled through a procedure designed to extract a student sample representative of the student population-89 classes surveyed—2,037 unduplicated headcounts, 1,465 students responded for a 71.9% response rate.

  • Both instruments asked for responses within two dimensions—importance and satisfaction. All items were rated on a 7-point scale: very important to not important at all, very satisfied to not satisfied at all, strongly agree to strongly disagree.

  • Items aggregated within 12 scales: Academic Advising and Counseling Effectiveness, Academic Services, Admissions and Financial Aid Effectiveness, Campus Climate, Campus Support Services, Concern for the Individual, Instructional Effectiveness, Registration Effectiveness, Responsiveness to Diverse Populations, Safety and Security, Service Excellence, and Student Centeredness.

  • Mean Scale Scores reflect overall score for each scale.

  • Performance Gap describes the extent to which expectations are being met—0.50 or less considered low (expectations being met); 1.50 or more considered high (expectations are not being met).

Highline students report that we’re doing a good job of meeting their needs in the following areas: student centeredness, academic services, service excellence, and campus climate. Students report moderate needs for improvement in the areas of instructional effectiveness, registration effectiveness, admissions and financial aid, academic advising and counseling effectiveness and concern for the individual. They are least satisfied with safety and security but that has to do with the lack of adequate parking.

This survey serves as a baseline and in three years, this survey will be re-administered to see where Highline has made improvements and/or changes and this tool will be used for decision-making.



Marie Zimmerman reported.

  • Relationship activities for Highline Community College faculty with area high schools include:

    • Math and science faculty from Highline and Federal Way School District is meeting in May to begin discussing curriculum at both institutions

    • Federal Way School District has a program titled environmental pen and faculty will be meeting with them on ways to get involved with their students.

    • Highline faculty will be observing a Math camp at Auburn.

    • Highline has been accepted as a member of the NASA’s Globe Project, a project that NASA has developed to interest students in becoming scientists, where Highline will train high school teachers in that program.

  • Two successful sessions with pre-employment training have just been completed. One of them was a 22-week session which was training for careers in child care for individuals with limited English speaking ability and 19 out of 20 finished that course. The second course was a 12-week session on medical billing with 18 students finishing that course.

Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

  • Recently there have been a couple of articles about international recruiting, in the Wall Street Journal and in South Sound County Journal. It was mentioned that Highline’s second major population of students right now are from the Middle East. Michael Gruberg is credited with establishing good relationships with those students at Highline fall quarter from the Embassy to the Middle East, especially when UAE is encouraging students to attend four year schools instead of community colleges

  • Mariko Fujiwara and one of Highline’s Korean students went to student recruitment fairs in Korea and Japan and are following up with contacts made for student enrollment from those countries.

  • Career and Employment Services are moving into more electronic kinds of portfolio options where jobs are listed and resumes posted.

  • April 22-26 is the Annual Unity Through Diversity Week.

  • Outreach department welcomed 300 high school juniors to campus for the annual Washington Council Junior Tour. As part of long-term recruitment strategy, the Outreach department recently hosted 40 Gear-up junior high students on a grant program designed to work with younger students to encourage them to start thinking about college. This program brings students on campus to show them programs and why they should consider a community college in their future.

General Administration

Laura Saunders reported.

  • The last couple of months have been busy with budget discussions.

  • Interviews for the Executive Director of Human Resources position are midway through and hope to report employment at the next Board Meeting.

  • Pete Babington has been participating with public and city members from Des Moines regarding developments at the Redondo Dock area. The dock has been closed due to earthquake damage. Highline is in the process of doing repair work and the City of Des Moines is also interested in other kinds of developments.

  • A presentation was made to Executive Staff regarding the possibilities of building housing on campus primarily for international students. This information will show up in the master plan as a possibility for some future development.

  • One of our maintenance mechanics salvaged some lumber from the swimming pool and has constructed a beautiful bench down by the Pavilion.

  • There will be a contract developed with the Department of Corrections to remove the asbestos from the swimming pool. The city of Des Moines wants to use the swimming pool as a fire exercise for training their fireman this summer. So the pool will be burned and then demolished.

  • The plantings at the water retention pond are now well developed and it has become a real haven for wild life. A killdeer and bufflehead duck have been recently spotted along with some quail and a couple of turtles in the pond.

Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • The Gala held on April 5 at Emerald Downs was successful with proceeds from auction items totaling $32,750. In addition to the sponsorships and ticket sales, there is a net profit of between $48,000-$50,000.

  • Lisa thanked Mark McKay, Rachel Catalusci and Melissa Sell for their hard work in putting together such a successful event.

Unscheduled Business


New Business

  • The Board expressed their appreciation to the entire campus for working so hard under the budget cuts. They wished Jack Bermingham a speedy recovery and thanked Marie Zimmermann for assuming the extra responsibility in his absence.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:29 a.m.
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be May 9, 2002.

8:00 a.m. Study Session Building 25, Room 411

10:00 a.m. Meeting Building 25, Board Room

Official Minutes signed May 9, 2002

______________________________ _________________________________

Elizabeth Chen, Chair Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary

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