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First name: Lusine

Last name: Sargsyan

Date of Birth: August 25th, 1980

Nationality: Armenian

Marital Status: Married

Phone: + 36 30 482 3333

Address: Tűzliliom Street 3. 3/14, Budapest, Hungary

E-Mail: slussi80@yahoo.com

Motivated, personable, professional with University degrees and a successful track of work experience

Accustomed to handling sensitive, confidential records

Flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure

Thrive in deadline-driven environments

Excellent team-building skills
Professional Experience:
04/2001 Present Freelance translator, interpreter and teacher (English, Russian and Armenian)

09/2009 10/2010 Personnel Senior Agent, responsibilities:

  • Registering, maintaining & archiving CVs, checking CVs already on file

  • Distributing applications to relevant departments, liaising with the Heads of Departments to arrange interviews.

  • Posting staff related announcements

  • Preparing and updating job descriptions

Labour Legislation Studies

  • Preparation of Employment Agreements, hiring, position change and resignation orders

  • Periodic records, changes in the registry book

  • Consulting the staff within the frame of the Labor Code of NKR

  • Processing military form (T2) for new employees and executing their registration at the Military Offices.

  • Providing reference letters to employees and processing applications

Policies & Procedures

  • Reviewing the Company HR processes

  • Studying any changes or innovations in Law

  • Handbook elaboration (soft and hard versions)

Organizational Analysis

  • Updating job descriptions


  • Make salary calculation on monthly basis by AS system

  • Maintain all payroll-related information into computer AS system

  • Compute current staff remuneration related calculations (overtime, on-call, differences from previous month, final payment, sick leaves, annual leaves)

  • Conduct business trip procedure

  • Conduct employee leave procedure

“Karabakh Telecom” CJSC – Stepanakert, Armenia www.karabakhtelecom.com

03/2005 01/2009 Personnel Agent, responsibilities:

          • Develop and implement HR policies, procedures and forms

          • Write and update job descriptions of the employees

          • Maintain awareness and knowledge of RA Labor Code and provide interpretation to the staff within organization

          • Post announcements

          • Manage employees’ records

          • Payrolls (AS-Accounting 4.0)

“Karabakh Telecom” CJSC – Stepanakert, Armenia www.karabakhtelecom.com
09/2003 03/2005 Lecturing English at law, economy and management departments.

“Russian–Armenian Academy for the Humanities”, Stepanakert, Armenia

09/2003 03/2005 Lecturing English (lexis) at the department of Foreign Languages

“Mesrop Mashtots” University, Stepanakert, Armenia

09/2003 06/2004 English language teacher and cultural events organizer

Secondary School 11, Stepanakert, Armenia

Trainings and Courses:
06/2009 HR Training in Vivacell “K-Telecom”

Yerevan, Armenia

10/2008 Human Resources Competence Management

CSP Middle East, Stepanakert, Armenia

04/ 2008 Certificate in RA Labour Code

“BSC” LLC and “Aharon Paradigma” CJSC, Yerevan, Armenia

04/2008 Driving License (B, C)

Stepanakert, Armenia

Volunteer Experience:
08/2004 08/2005 French Club (CLEF, France-Armenie)

          • Head of the Administrative Council

          • Editor of the magazine “FAREX”

          • Volunteer at project “Joie de Lire” (teaching small children, attending kindergartens, translating children’s books from French into Armenian)

Stepanakert, Armenia

2001 2003 Romance-Germanic Philology Faculty, English Philology Department (MA)

Yerevan State University – Yerevan, Armenia

1997 2001 Department of Foreign Languages (English, German) (BA)

Diploma with honors, Artshakh State University – Stepanakert, Armenia


Armenian & Russian (native), English (fluent), French (intermediate), German (intermediate), Italian (basic), Hungarian (basic)


Microsoft Windows, MS-Office, Internet and E-mail

SDL Trados 2009 SP3, SDL Multiterm
Hobbies and Interests:

Learning languages, playing volleyball and table tennis, swimming

References are available upon request

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