Blountstown Rotary Goat Day jabga show Judge: Troy Veal, Ambrose, ga

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October 21, 2017

Blountstown Rotary Goat Day


Judge: Troy Veal, Ambrose, GA

Exhibitor Name___________________________________

Premise ID_______________


City__________________ State___Zip____________

Phone_____________________ Email___________________________

Show Rules available at:


Junior Show

Registration Name of Animal

Registration #

Birth Date

L Tattoo

R Tattoo

Make Checks Payable to: Blountstown Rotary Club

Send to: Linda VanCleve, 16860 NE MorganTucker Rd., Altha,FL 32421

Entry postmarked by October 1, 2017 , After this date entry fee is doubled.
Number of Head -_______ $10/head, ($20.00 after Oct 1, 2017)

total Enclosed $________



I have read the 2017 JABGA show rules and agree to abide by said rules

** Barn Yard Olympics to follow Show. Compete for fabulous prizes.

Does your 4 person team have what it takes to be the next

Barn Yard Olympic Gold winner....

Blountstown Rotory Goat Day JABGA
The Specifics: October 21,2017

Show is in conjunction with Goat Day

Open to public 9 am and goes till 3 pm.

Show Grounds at the Sam Atkins Park, Blountstown Florida

approx 2 miles West of Downtown Blountstown off SR 20

Clearly marked with a permanent sign, follow signs for Goat Show

Trailer Show, no pens provided

Water to wash animals, however please note, no wash rack

All animals must have current health certificate

Check in Starts at 7 am to 8:30 am ** Central Standard Time

9:00 am PEE WEE show will start for the first 20 youth entrants who are not entered into the show.

Youth Exhibitors are encouraged to mentor and share their animals with a youngster who is under 8 years of age to help encourage and share their love for goats and exhibiting goats. This takes about 20 minutes.

**All class winners are expected to walk in the Goat Parade after the shows. **
After the Boer goat Show there will be a Non Sanctioned Milking Goat Show .
After that show we will have the Ever Popular Barn Yard Olympics Where Teams of 4 compete for Fabulous Prizes. It is a timed event in which each team will have to do Their “Barn Yard Chores”. Best time wins fabulous prizes!!
Your “Chores” consist of:
Feed, Hay, Shavings stack em up


Water Bucket Brigade
And what about those fabulous Prizes you say?????
The prizes are the bags of feed, bales of Hay (regular and P-nut), shavings, water buckets and small trough. (Ms. Linda dragged this stuff to the show and is not going home with any of it.) So start training now.
Other info: Plenty to do at Goat Day that is Free. Greased pig and chicken Chase. Wonderful vendors. Great food. Pioneer Settlement is open for free. A great time after the show.
Questions?? please Call/text Linda VanCleve Show Chair 813.317.0707
Oh and did I mention there will be a Scholarship awarded for Best Junior Showman???

It is never too early to start collecting college Scholarships.

This is from the Blountstown Rotary Club and can be used at any Jr or Regular College or Trade School.
We would like to thank Blountstown Rotary and Tractor Supply for making this the best yet

Goat Day!!!

Download 15.92 Kb.

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