Azuma, Shoji University of Utah, "Conversational Analysis of Counseling in Japanese" Brandon, James

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Reviews in both Japan and the United States for 1998-1999 awards are complete, and The Japan Foundation is pleased to announce that approximately $3.0 million has been awarded to individuals and institutions in the United States. Awards are made on the bases of scholarly and professional quality, the project's contribution to a better understanding of Japanese culture, arts, language and society and to the promotion of Japanese cultural relations between Japan and the world.

Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships allow scholars, researchers and professionals in the humanities and social sciences to conduct research in Japan for periods ranging from two months to a year. The total budget for the program is $619,032. For the 1998-99 funding year, thirteen fellowships have been awarded to:


Azuma, Shoji University of Utah, "Conversational Analysis of Counseling in Japanese"

Brandon, James University of Hawaii, "Translation of Representative Kabuki Plays"

Feldman, Mitchell University of California-San Francisco, "AIDS Prevention Policy and Practice: Mandatory Reporting of HIV/AIDS in Japan and the U.S."

Jones, Stanleigh Pomona College, "Creating an Anthology of Plays from the Japanese Puppet Theatre"

Jones, Sumie Indiana University, "Toward a Canon of Edo Literature: Research for an Anthology"

Kainuma, Yoshiko "A New Approach to the Buddhist Sculpture of the Kamakura Period--Centering on the Significance of the Cult Practice"

Lee, Sophia California State University-Hayward, "The Japanese Presence and the Transformation of Wartime Beijing, 1937-45"

Miller, Stephen University of Colorado-Boulder, "A Social and Literary History of the Senzaishu"


Pasterich, Emanuel University of California-Berkeley, "The Reception of Chinese Vernacular Fiction and the Development of Narrative in Premodern Japan"


Ruppert, Brian University of Tennessee, "Ocean of Debt and Flows of Chattel: Religion and Society in Medieval Japan"


Santiago, Rowena California State University-San Bernardino, "A Comparative Study of Factors Influencing Women's Role in Computer-Related Programs in Higher Education in Japan and

the U.S."


Shin, Susan Inter-University Center for Japanese Language, "Global Migration of Labor: Low-Wage Work and Human Rights"


Torrance, Richard Ohio State University, "Literature and Literacy in Osaka, 1880-1940"


Doctoral Fellowships

Doctoral Fellowships give doctoral candidates in the humanities, arts and social sciences the opportunity to conduct research in Japan for periods ranging from 4 to 14 months. The total budget for the program is $806,746. For the 1998-99 funding year, fifteen fellowships were awarded to:


Britting, Jane Princeton University, "Rage and Reconciliation in the Works of Nakagami Kenji"

Chung, Erin Northwestern University, "National and Ethnic Identities in the Boundaries of Citizenship: The Case of the Korean Minority in Japan"

Dennehy, Kristine University of California-Los Angeles, "The Memory of Colonial Korea in Postwar Japan"

Drogin, Melanie Yale University, "Images for Warriors: Unkei's Sculptures at Ganjojuin and Jorakuji"

Eastwood, Michael University of Chicago, "Genroku Benevolence and Legitimate Military Virtue"

Han, Nina University of Washington, "The Kyoto School and its Critique of Modernity"

Harrington, Lewis Cornell University, "Colonial Poiesis: Production, Technology, and Subjectivity in Prewar Japanese Philosophy"

Iezzi, Julie University of Hawaii, "Kabuki Voice: The Art of Speech"

Lippit, Yukio Princeton University, "Tan'yu's Copies: Authentication and Painting Practice in the Tokugawa Period"

Lurie, David Columbia University, "A Genealogy of Japanese Inscription: Man'yoshu Writing Systems and their Scholarly Reception"

Makimura, Yasuhiro Columbia University, "Between Beach and Bluff: Negotiating Nation and Culture in Yokohama, 1859-1899"

Margolis, Abby University of Pittsburgh, "Un-homing Japaneseness: Assertions and Locations of Personal and National Identity Among the Homeless in Ueno Park"

Obermiller, David University of Iowa, "Bittersweet Victory: The Okinawan Reversion Movement and the Emergence of an Okinawan Ethnic Nationalism 1945-1972"

Vesey, Alexander Princeton University, "Buddhist Temple Practice in Early Modern Japan"

Weiner, Robert University of California-Berkeley, "Party Collusion in Competitive Party Systems"

Visiting Professorship Grants

Visiting Professorship Grants assist American academic institutions wishing to invite guest scholars or artists-in-residence from Japan to teach at their institutions. The grant covers round-trip airfare and up to 75% of the visitor's salary. A total of $32,439 went to two universities for visiting professorships in the following fields:

University of California, Irvine, Yoichi Komori, Japanese Literature

Emory University, Richard Emmert, Japanese Theater

Staff Expansion Grants

Staff Expansion Grants extend financial assistance over a 3-year period for the creation of new teaching positions in Japan-related areas at American academic institutions. The awards cover up to 2/3 of the appointee's salary and fringe benefits. The following universities received staff expansion awards:

University of Kentucky, Japanese Cultural History

Oakland University, Japanese History

University of Oklahoma, Japanese Political Science

Research/Professional Conference Grants

Research/Professional Conference Grants provide limited support to research and academic institutions for Japan-related research and professional conferences conducted in the United States that are the result of collaborative efforts rather than the work of a single individual. Grants were awarded to three American institutions for research conferences, and to three institutions for professional conferences totaling $203,683:

Research Conferences support conferences by scholars and academic researchers. Grant awards are for up to $40,000 per project over a period of 24 months or less.

University of California, Los Angeles Japanese Hermeneutics: Current Debates on Aesthetics and Interpretation

University of California, Santa Barbara The Role of Japan in the Transmission of Modern Western Ideas to China: The Case of Liang Qichao

Columbia University The Culture of Convents in Japanese History


Professional Conferences support conferences for Japanese Studies professionals, including librarians, to enhance their professional expertise, share information and/or discuss methodology. These awards range from $15,000 to $20,000 over a period of one year or less.

American Council of Learned Societies Regional Seminars on Japan

Cornell University Workshop on Kambun Reading, Part II

Social Science Research Council Japan Studies Dissertation Conference

Library Support Programs

Library Support Programs promote research on and understanding of Japan through donations of Japan-related books and other materials to American research and educational institutions above the high school level.

Seventeen institutions received a total of $139,007 in Library Support. Eleven institutions whose Japan Studies programs are in the early stages of development received Library Support grants for Japan-related books in English. Applicants are given a list of selected titles in English from which they may select a basic set from all fields (Category A1) or request individual titles from the list (Category A2) up to a value of ¥1,000,000. Of those institutions receiving support, two were in Category A1 and nine in Category A2.

Category A1

  • Morningside College

  • College of San Mateo

Category A2

  • University of California, Santa Cruz

  • DePaul University

  • Eckerd College

  • Hastings College

  • Lehigh University

  • University of Misssissippi

  • Morgan State University

  • Portland State University

  • Temple University Law School

Institutions with established Japanese-language collections compile their own lists of Japanese-language titles up to a value of ¥2,000,000 in Category B1 (specific project) and B2 (reference materials). Support for Categories B1 and B2 can be in the form of donations of books and materials or monetary grants. Six institutions received grants in this category, five were in Category B1 and one in Category B2:

Category B1

  • University of California, Irvine

  • Cornell University

  • Freer Gallery of Art/Arthur M. Sackler Galleries

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst

  • Ohio State University

Category B2

  • North Carolina State University

Publication Assistance

Publication Assistanceprovides publishers with subsidies to help cover one-quarter to one-half of the production costs of high quality, Japan-related books in the humanities, social sciences and the arts in languages other than Japanese. Five grants totaled $22,040:

Cornell University Press for Nimby Politics: Managing Environmental
Conflict in Japan

University of Hawaii Press for Matabei: From Shadow to Substance

M.E. Sharpe, Inc. for Sandakan Brothel No. 8: A Prologue to the History of Lower Class Women

State University of New York Press for Don Juan East/West: On the Problematics of Comparative Literature

Princeton University Press for The Diary of Darkness 1942-1945: The Ankoku Nikki of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi

Artists Fellowship Program

Artists Fellowship Program gives artists and specialists in the arts the opportunity to pursue creative projects in Japan with their Japanese counterparts for periods of two to six months. Four awards totaling $55,027 were granted to:

Dalby, Liza for "The Tale of Murasaki"

Hammer, Barbara for "A Study of the Collective Process in Ogawa
Shinsuke's Films"

Janisheski, Jeffrey for "In Praise of Shadows & Flowers: A Comparative Study/Performance of Butoh & Noh"

Taylor,Billy for "Japan/U.S. International Cultural Exchange Residency"

Monteith, Clifton for "Research, Documentation, and Collaborative Work with Contemporary Artists using Urushi and Kakishibu"

Film Production Support

Film Production Support of up to ¥5,000,000 is provided to experienced individuals or organizations for the production of films, TV programs and/or other audio-visual materials that further understanding of Japan or Japanese culture. Grants totaling $80,000 were made for the following four projects:

Ellis Productions, Inc. for Small World

Komatani, Yo for Pictures

Media Production Group for University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for Makiko's New World

Schaefer, Judith for Youth: Samuel Ullman's Life and Legacy

Exhibitions Abroad Program

The Exhibitions Abroad Program provides funding to museums and galleries for exhibitions introducing Japanese art and culture. Grants totaling approximately $63,830 went to:

At the End of the Century: One Hundred Years of Architecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art (CA)

Contemporary Japanese Textiles at The Museum of Modern Art (NY) and The Saint Louis Art Museum (MO)

Contemproary Photography of Miwa Yanagi, Exhibition and Exoplorations in Digital Technology at the 18th Street Arts Complex (CA)

Salary Assistance for Full-Time Japanese-Language Teachers

Salary Assistance for Full-Time Japanese-Language Teachers provides assistance over a three-year period to educational, cultural or public affairs organizations for the creation of full-time Japanese-language teaching positions. Support is on a cost-sharing basis, with the Foundation contributing up to 2/3 of the appointee's salary and fringe benefits. Awards given to three grantees for the first year period were:

Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

The Boston Public Schools (Boston, MA)

Portland Public Schools (Portland, OR)

Japanese Language Training Program for Graduate Students

Japanese Language Training Program fr Graduate Students provides intensive Japanese-language training to enable participants to improve their proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing. Courses are for either two or four months and are conducted at The Japanese Language Institute in Kansai, Japan. For 1998, three awards were given totaling $15,330.

Johnson, Eric W., University of Chicago

Obermiller, David, University of Iowa

Yuen, Troy, University of Hawaii

Training Program for Teachers of the Japanese Language

The Training Program for Teachers of the Japanese Language gives grantees an opportunity to improve their language-teaching skills and deepen their knowledge of Japan. Universities, colleges, secondary schools, and nonprofit educational institutions apply on behalf of their Japanese-language instructors for this program of intensive lectures on language and teaching methodology at the Foundation's Language Institute in Urawa, Japan. A total of 49,837 was awarded to nine recipients:

Arcadia High School (CA) for Jessica Summers

L.C. Bird High School (VA) for Joanne Shaver

California Polytechnic State University (CA) for Yoshiko Tachibana

University of Hawaii (HI) for Patrick Woo

John F. Kennedy Middle Magnet School (FL) for Marcia Muench

Menomonie High/Middle School (WI) for Todd Williams

Northport High School (NY) for Elizabeth Roberts

Pleasant Grove High School (UT) for Sherilynn Shinsato

Punahou Academy High School (HI) for Jan Hiroko Asato

Japanese-Language Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Program

The Japanese-Language Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Program provides support for regional teachers' workshops and symposia on teaching methodologies. One grant totaling $5,171 was given to:

University of California, San Diego "Developing Guidelines for Japanese Language Teaching in California"


Japanese-Language Teaching Materials Donation Program

The Japanese-Language Teaching Materials Donation Program provides teaching materials at the college and pre-college level for colleges and universities, schools, and nonprofit institutions offering Japanese-language courses. 155 institutions received materials valued up to ¥250,000 for a total of $98,142:

Colleges and Universities

University of Akron (OH)
University of Alaska, Anchorage
Antioch College (OH)
Baylor University (TX)
Birmingham-Southern College (AL)
Boston College (MA)
Bowdoin College (ME)
California Polytechnic State University
California State University, Fresno
California State University, Monterey Bay California State University, San Bernadino California State University, San Marcos
Carleton College (MN)
Chabot College (CA)
University of Cincinnati (OH)
Collin Community College (TX)
Colorado College
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado State University
Concordia College (OR)
The Cooper Union (NY)
Cuesta College (CA)
University of Delaware
DePaul University (IL)
College of DuPage (IL)
East Tennessee State University
Eastern Michigan University
Emory University (GA)
Flathead Valley Community College (MT)
Franklin & Marshall College (PA)
Furman University (SC)
Indiana University
Kalamazoo College (MI)
Kauai Community College (HI)
Knox College (IL)
Le Moyne Owen College (TN)
Leeward Community College (HI)
Lincoln University (PA)
Louisiana State University
University of Massachusetts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michigan Technological University
Mira Costa College (CA)

University of Montana-Missoula
Monterey Institute of International
Studies (CA)
Murray State University (KY)
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of Nevada, Reno
College of New Jersey
New Mexico State University
New School for Social Research (NY)
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
North Central College (IL)
Northern Marinaras College (Guam)
Northwestern University (IL)
College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Oakland University (MI)
Oakton Community College (IL)
Ohlone College (CA)
University of the Pacific (CA)
Pikes Peak Community College (CO)
Purdue University (IN)
Rhodes College (TN)
St. Lawrence University (NY)
St. Mary's University (TX)
Salem-Teikyo University (WV)
City College of San Francisco (CA)
Shippensburg University (PA)
Skidmore College (NY)
Smith College (MA)
University of South Carolina
Stephens College (MO)
Syracuse University (NY)
Temple University (PA)
University of Texas, Austin
Truman State University (MO)
United States Air Force Academy (CO)
University of Vermont
Virgina Military Institute
University of Washington
Washington and Lee University (VA)
Wesleyan University (CT)
Western Washington University
Whittier College (CA)
College of William and Mary (VA)
Yale University (CT)

Pre-Collegiate and Public Organizations

Abraham Lincoln High School (CA)
Alicia R. Chacon International (TX)
Anaheim Union High School District (CA)
Annie Wright School (WA)
Aragon High School (CA)
Arvida High School (CA)
Beck Academy of Language (SC)
Bellaire Senior High School (TX)
Berkner High School (TX)
Bethel School District (WA)
Boston Latin Academy (MA)
Carmel Clay School (IN)
The Caitlin Glabe School (OR)
Centennial High School (ID)
Central Kitsap School District (WA)
Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Clarkston High School (MI)
Clearwater High School (MI)
Damien Memorial High School (HI)
Eckstein Middle School (WA)
Everett Alvarez High School (CA)
Franklin High School (WI)
Franklin Pierce High School (WA)
Fulton County Schools (GA)
Gavilan View Middle School (CA)
George Washington High School (CA)
Grove's Senior High School (MI)
Hall-Dale Elementary School (ME)
Harding University High School (NC)
Henry High School (MN)
Henry Gunn High School (CA)
Inter Cultura Foreign Language Immersion Montessori School (IL)
Interlake High School (WA)
J. J. Pierce High School (TX)
J. L. Mann Academy (SC)
John F. Kennedy High School (MD)
John F. Kennedy Middle Magnet School (FL)
John H. Francis Polytechnic High School (CA)
Kailua High School (HI)
La Jolla High School (CA)
Laguna Creek High School (CA)
Lake Highlands High School (TX)
Lincoln High School (CA)

Lone Peak High School (UT)
Los Alamitos High School (CA)
Mt. Spokane HighSchool (WA)
Mapplewood Middle School (WI)
Menasha High School (WI)
Menlo High School (CA)
Menomonee Fall High School (WI)
Mills High School (CA)
Mineola High School (NY)
Moanalua High School (HI)
Nathan Hale High School (WA)
North Side High School (IN)
Novi High School (MI)
Orange County Japanese School (CA)
Oswegeo Free Academy (NY)
Paint Branch High School (MD)
Palau High School (Guam)
Pine Crest High School (FL)
Pleasant Grove High School (UT)
Presidio Middle School (CA)
R. L. Turner High School (TX)
Richardson High School (TX)
Roosevelt High School (WA)
Roslyn High School (NY)
St. Margaret's Episcopal School (CA)
Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (CA)
San Dieguito High School (CA)
Scripps Ranch High School (CA)
Sedro-Woolley High School (WA)
Shaler Area School District (PA)
Sheldon High School & Valley School (CA)
Sheridan Japanese School (CA)
South Eugene High School (OR)
Tampa Bay Technical High School (FL)
Thomas Jefferson High School (TX)
Thurgood Marshall Academic High School (CA)
Townsend Harris High School (NY)
Trinity Christian School (Guam)
Watkins Elementary (FL)
West Linn High School (OR)
West Linn-Wilsonville School District (OR)
Westwood high School (TX()
Whitman Middle School (WA)

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