Are you a slave to your mobile? Plan: Introduction. Mobile phone in our life

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Are you a slave to your mobile

Are you a slave to your mobile?

  1. Introduction.

  2. Mobile phone. Mobile phone in our life.

  3. A mobile phone is a luxury or a necessity.

  4. The role of a mobile phone in the life of a modern person.

  5. Pros and cons of a mobile phone.

  6. Conclusion.

The mobile phone is an important invention in the life of mankind. Development does not stand still. Now it’s hard to surprise someone with new technology, but a few years ago the average person could not even dream of such an invention as a mobile phone. A mobile phone allows you to always be in touch, share the latest news with friends and tell your parents that you are all right. Mobile phones have made our life easier. Now there is no need to be tied to a certain place if you want to talk to another person. A mobile phone allows you to call anywhere in the world.
Now the mobile phone is not only a means of communication, but also a means of leisure. On a mobile phone, you can play games, watch movies, write a message, surf the Internet and chat on social networks. Now a mobile phone is not a luxury; both schoolchildren and pensioners have such a device. Each person buys a mobile phone according to his desire, appearance, and the necessary set of functions.
Mobile phone. Mobile phone in our life.
Mobile phones are a huge achievement of scientific and technological progress, a leap forward in the field of communication, which truly helps humanity. Also, many scientists say that mobile phones are very dangerous. They emit magnetic waves that are harmful to human health, excessive use of the device is fraught with a decrease in visual acuity. There is a lot of information about this, and whether this is so or not, everyone will decide for himself. You need to use the phone not only to your own detriment, but also to your advantage, then the mobile phone will become an indispensable friend and assistant who will faithfully help in all areas of life.
Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. This is very convenient, because they make it possible to talk with relatives, friends at any time, regardless of distance. Previously, when mobile phones did not exist, it was difficult to get through to a person if he was not at home, but to call other cities, people went to the post office and made long-distance calls.
Now everything has completely changed. Mom can call her son and find out how he feels, if everything is in order. You can also always stay in touch with elderly relatives and help them in difficult times.
If you are in a hurry and late, you can always warn about it. Using mobile communication, you can contact anyone in the world in a matter of seconds, and this is a huge advantage of a mobile phone.
But mobile is not devoid of negative features. If a person is driving a car and they receive a call, they may become distracted and cause a traffic accident. If you do not pick up the phone in time and do not answer, the person calling you may be offended, saying that no one wants to communicate with him. Often people call out of boredom, as they say, just to chat. We are also so accustomed to our phones that not noticing the beauty around us, every free moment we look at it. Mobile phones also limit real communication between people, which is why people see each other less and prefer to communicate using the phone.
People begin to give themselves completely to mobile phones, and life passes them by.
Already today, absolutely every person, both an adult and a child, has a modern cellular connection, since this is a necessary and irreplaceable connection that helps us stay connected regardless of the time of day, and location, even when far abroad can be contacted by mobile phone. In the absence of mobile phones, it was quite uncomfortable, because, in order to contact your loved ones and relatives, you had to walk several kilometers on foot, or even travel by public transport, not a single stop, in order to get to the post office and order a conversation with certain person and city.
Today, everything has changed and become much easier. Since you can easily get through, and find out how things are with your relatives, regardless of their location. And also thanks to the mobile phone, it became possible to report at any time about the changed future plans.
And to this day, the mobile phone is of great relevance and demand, has become the most common in use and is available to everyone.
Yes, it is impossible not to mention the unpleasant side of the existence of mobile phones. Since they appeared and entered public use, people began to call just like that and distract each other over trifles and trifles. And they can, at the same time, be offended at each other, because they did not want to talk to them. The mobile phone began to practically replace the "live" communication of mankind. And every year people more and more disappear into their phones, and they began to communicate and walk on the streets less.

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