Approval of the 8/10/02

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Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club

Board of Directors

Open Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Carla Bangert, Bob Yoder, Kinton Fowler, Kathy Whitney, Gary Rinehart, Barbara Way, Heather Berg, Don Kane, Vera Davidson
President Carla Bangert called the meeting to order at 8:33 am.
Approval of the 8/10/02 meeting minutes:

  • Gary’s motion that we approve the August Minutes passed.


  • Received letter requesting RV dump station be cleared out. Bob will take care of it.

  • Received letter of complaint about condition of property. Bob will view the property to confirm complaint, and discuss concerns with the homeowner if necessary.

  • Received Mist Birkenfeld RFD letter requesting donations for safety awareness program. (We donated last year.) The money pays for packets of information given out at schools. This request fits with the long range planning committee’s goal of supporting the community. Heather moved that we donate $50 this year, out of social budget. Motion passed. Vera advised that we need to write the check by the end of Sept.



  • Received 9 new applications for the month.

  • Chris advised that no more paint colors would be approved without submitting a sample on a piece of siding.

  • Chris requested and received clarification that the guidelines require members to be in good standing to receive approval on an architectural application.


  • No report

Revision Committee:

  • Troy reported that the group had their first meeting, and 8 members attended. The board received a copy of their minutes. They requested permission to talk to our attorney about some of their questions.

  • Gary provided some letters from our attorney that answer questions in their report. He suggested that they also read the Homeowners Assoc. statutes regarding Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s), because our club is treated exactly the same way legally, even though our name and our documents have different titles.


  • No report

Executive Secretary:

  • Dues Payments: As of 06-Sep, Barbara has received dues on 172 lots and special assessment payments on 182 lots.


  • Mike made 1,407,000 gallons of water last period. Ran plant 26 days. Average Turbidity .105

  • High temperature 95, low 40, had .3” of rain.



  • The Club is $46 over budget as of 31-AUG.

  • Cash flow $275,695, since we have begun receiving dues.

  • Dredging payroll: Barbara requested clarification on whether we can use buildings and grounds payroll to pay dredge operator. The board could vote on moving the money.

  • At fiscal year end, Vera is going to sit down with Jack and go through reserves for detailed information, especially the affect of the special assessment.

Legal & Special:

  • Four lots left on last year’s unpaid dues list, for total of $4,610.40,

  • The owners of Lot 14, block 3, Div. 1, have been unable to sell the property, and want to give it the Club. Gary moved we accept. Need to check if there are any liens. Chris believes there is an easement for a driveway, and it is build-able. The motion passed.

  • Steve Butsko wrote to Gary that he had assumed ownership of the lot next to him. He needs Vera to send him the tax bill.

  • A member requested an update on the REO committee. They have not begun sale activity yet.


  • Fun Day was a great success.

  • Potluck coming up on Sept. 23 (Autumnal Equinox). Kathy would like the people that plan to attend to contact her.

  • Planning for October Halloween Party on 10/26.

Long Range Planning:

  • Don reported on the meeting last night of 6 members. Tightened up planning of who is responsible for what next year. Subcommittees assigned.

  • They need help on Ken’s recreation plan. Don will submit an article for the newsletter listing the projects and asking for volunteers to take responsibility for individual items.

  • Don moved that the board approve two more bathometric studies (GPS/Sonar readings of the lake). One this fall (result of dredging) and one this spring (result of runoff silt) for $1700 total. $850 can come out of operational budget and $850 out of reserves. We will look into buying our own equipment for next year. Motion passed.

  • Troy reported on a meeting regarding watershed with fish and wildlife representatives. They have some willingness to let us get the hatchery operational again. Their inspection turned up three observations: The check dam that provides water to the hatchery is impeding the Coho fish runs up Boxler creek. They recommended areas where two trees be dropped into the creek to provide fish habitat. An abandoned road up the creek that provides access to some lots is no longer passable, and the culverts plug up each year. Troy will explore options to resolve the problem with the lot owners.

Building & Grounds:

  • Bob reported that everything is running smoothly.

Dredging & Weeds:

  • Barbara reported that Bob Yoder and Bill Smith have been a big help with the hydraulic problem on the dredge.

  • Barbara is heading the long range planning subcommittee on lake health/chemicals/ dredging. She has several volunteers for the subcommittee.

  • The dredge extension was granted, but restricted to shut down at noon (or 10:00 am if forecast is over 90 degrees). We will be done dredging next Sunday.

  • Met with Kevin from Aquatechnics regarding the weeds. He looked at the lake, and agreed to work with us on a year-round, managed approach to weed control.

  • A member requested an update on Oregon Lake Watch: This organization that the lake belonged to, lost it’s funding, so they are no longer meeting.


  • High Speed Internet Access: Heather reported that CenturyTel will be unable to provide DSL, with the number of users we have. Individuals can order a T-1 connection.

  • Other options are Wireless Broadband Internet Service: Jason Rinehart is available today to demonstrate the reception of his equipment/service. Will ask him if he can also demonstrate next month after the board meeting so we can put a notice in the newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 am.

FLRC Secretary,

Heather Berg

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