Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Level: A1 and higher

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Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Level: A1 and higher


Good thing about this activity is that it’ll likely keep your students occupied for 20-30 minutes. Bad thing is that it requires some preparation from you. 


Prep time: 10 minutes. Cut few sets of the alphabet letters + hide them around the classroom.




You need one alphabet set for each group doing this exercise. I recommend around 3 groups. You’ll make sure that all letters are cut into individual paper slips. 


Note: You may want to take out the X.


Before the lesson when students aren’t in the classroom hide all the letters in different places in the room. It doesn’t matter if you put more than one letter in a certain spot. 


If you cannot afford to do it alone in an empty classroom but have a Teacher’s Assistant then occupy your students with a game of Shark Hangman or English Bullseye while your TA is hiding letters around the room. 

The procedure:


1. Every group needs to complete the full alphabet set.


2. For every letter they need to write 3 words on an A4 sheet of paper. 

3. The group which completed steps 1 & 2 the fastest wins the activity.

Body Parts Collage

Level: A2 and higher


What you’ll need: a stack of magazines, make sure they have plenty of pictures of people. 

What students need: glue & scissors

The procedure:


1. Place the magazines in the middle for everyone to use (or distribute a handful to each group to avoid vulture fights).

2. Instruct your students to cut out different body parts from each picture (but be careful not to destroy body parts someone else might want to use) and glue them in their notebooks to complete a full image of a human. 

3. Each body part they add must be spelled in English somewhere on the side. 

4. This isn’t a competition but you can mention that the student with the most body parts wins. 

You want them to learn/review the basics: arm, head, legs, but also learn more advanced vocab such as lips, cheeks, elbows, ankles, calves. If your students are on an advanced level already then you may even use this exercise to teach vocab such as nostrils, eyelashes, palms, earlobes, etc.
Download 16,2 Kb.

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